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Panasonic ES2216PC: Best Wet Dry Shaver For Women

With the equality of the sexes now firmly established at least in western countries, certain problems that used to be synonymous with men are now afflicting women to a greater degree.

One of the biggest issues that do not discriminate involves rapid body hair growth, In fact, I have seen some women with mustaches and beards, and I pray it does not become the new fashion trend.

I am sure the women that want to remain feminine are bothered by body hair growth, and how to determine the best wet dry shaver for women.

Panasonic ES2216PC: Best Wet Dry Shaver For WomenPerhaps you should consider the Panasonic es2216pc as a viable alternative to the famously expensive NO NO hair removal tool.

The Panasonic wet dry shaver for ladies is designed to be fast, gentle and efficient as it goes about removing unwanted body hair.

This all in one grooming tool for women, is perfect for sensitive skin, and can help deliver longer lasting smooth skin all in the comfort of your own home or while on the road.

With Panasonic close curves es2216pc features, a lady can use the device in both dry and wet conditions to great satisfaction.

For women reading this electric shaver reviews, it’s obvious the choices of good shavers for women are limited.

While I refuse to say its prejudice, the skin care manufacturers have certainly dropped the ball on this aspect of women hair removal care.

While men shavers are more expensive, at least the available choices cannot be called limited.

Ladies be patient, for Panasonic has taken the step in correcting this anomaly and the es2216pc electric shaver is a step in the right direction.

Panasonic es2216pc features and benefits

Shaving System with Pivoting head – As you know, our body is not created the same. In fact, most people have curves and angles, and this electric razor is designed to move with the skin rather than against it.

If you’re tired of the bumps and nicks caused by other razors, this feature in the Panasonic wet dry shaver should negate such issues.

This unique shaving system allows for quick and efficient removal of all unwanted hair while also been gentle to your lovely skin.

Sharpest blades – The essential ingredient to any shaver is the blade design. Located within the pivoting head of this electric razor are four sharp blades.

While the sharp blades perform independently of each other, they all have a better synchronicity that helps the tool perform hair removal in the quickest most efficient manner.

You should also know that the blades are hypo-allergenic, thus nipping in the bud any worries about skin irritation, abrasions or rashes.

Trimmer – It has a tool that’s popularly referred to as the bikini trimmer. Not only does this pop-up trimmer remove unwanted hair from that delicate spot, it can also be used to trim long hair, or remove permanently stray hairs.

Wet/Dry Model – One of the best selling points of the electric shaver for women is the fact that you can safely use it in both wet and dry conditions.

best womens electric razorIf you like shaving your body hairs in the shower while singing along to the latest Beyonce songs, you can do it safely with this electric lady shaver.

Other notable features are:

Easy cleaning routine! Just run it under running lukewarm water to remove all excess hair. The Shaver for Ladies comes with the following dimensions 4 x 5 x 9 inches, and weighs just about 5.8 ounces.

It has a rechargeable battery, that’s designed to perform flawlessly for at least twenty minutes or more on a full charge.

Panasonic close curves es2216pc comes with a two-year limited warranty against any factory defects.

This best wet dry shaver for women is indeed lightweight and portable! The Panasonic ES2216PC all in one grooming tool is very affordable.

It might be missing a few features or “bells and whistles” but it’s a great entry level shaver for women looking to try an electric shaver without going broke.

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