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Known Causes of Teeth Grinding and Good Mouth Guards to Use

Teeth grinding symptoms can be mild or severe, and it is a condition that can make your jaw move laterally or obtrusively without the sufferers okay. This condition can manifest itself both day and night and if left unchecked or properly treated can colossal damages to the structure of your teeth.

Based on the volume of searches conducted on Google, most people want to know what Bruxism is and the known causes. It is a condition that involves the grinding, gnashing, clenching, or gritting of teeth without the voluntary participation of the person experiencing the condition.

While the occasional grinding of teeth is not considered harmful, the reverse is the truth with severe cases of Bruxism. Involuntary clenching of teeth can lead to oral health complications, not to talk about the social embarrassment it can create for the sufferer.

Unless you have the right mouth guard for teeth grinding, it can lead to loss of teeth due to the destruction of the vital muscles holding them together. In severe cases, the condition can affect your look by altering the face of the sufferer.

If left unchecked, teeth clenching can increase tooth sensitivity while also creating the ideal condition for tooth decay to manifest itself.

Symptoms Attributed to Teeth Grinding

You can also refer to the symptoms as the real effects of living daily with the condition. Sufferers might experience all or some of the following symptoms:

It is quite possible that the integrity of the gums holding your teeth together could be affected negatively.

Your partner might not stick around too long if your teeth grinding at night is too severe. It is quite possible that the clenching noise generated by the condition might prevent your partner from getting a good night’s rest.

If the condition is left untreated the right way, it is not out of the question to experience loss of teeth or some becoming fractured as the grinding intensifies.

Regular grinding of your teeth will definitely wear down the durability of your enamel, which ultimately can result in receding gums.

It is not uncommon to constantly deal with aching jaws. Those with severe cases will have to cope with recurring headaches, which might indicate the need to see a medical professional for the right treatment options.

Known Causes of Teeth Grinding

Despite numerous studies about Bruxism, it is quite difficult to find total agreement about the causes of teeth grinding even among scientist. Since in severe cases, teeth grinding occurs during the sleeping stage, the following factors do contribute immensely to the progression of the condition.

It is true that high anxiety people do suffer more from teeth clenching than the rest of the population? The argument among scientist if this is true or not is on-going, but just using common sense, the assertion cannot be scientifically proven.

On the other hand, it is true that people that consume caffeine, alcohol, and smoking represent a higher percentage of the people with teeth grinding symptoms.

From the available facts from industry-supported studies, those that snore or suffer from sleep apnea issues are more likely to engage in teeth grinding during sleep without even realizing it.

After researching and writing other health related articles you know when researchers have no conclusive proof as to the main cause of a health condition.

The reasons listed for teeth grind requires more studies to be conclusive, but there are some home remedies one can implement to eliminate or lessen the symptoms.

Do-Able Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding

Before we get to some of the best mouth guards for teeth grinding, you can implement a few steps to see if the symptoms lessen.

If you work in a stressful environment, or you’re one of those that dislike what they do for a living, consider making meaningful changes to improve your quality of life. If you find yourself grinding your teeth when you’re stressed, seek meaningful counseling sessions to help reduce or eliminate the habit before it gets worse.

If you’re lucky to find a truthful partner that would confirm you grind your teeth during sleep, perhaps reducing your intake of alcohol, caffeine, or other stimulants might help lessen the symptoms.

It is quite reasonable to conclude that consuming any type of “intoxicant” would not be helpful if you’re trying to do away with teeth grinding issues.

The Best Way to Control Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is not a condition that should be ignored or wished away, for it can progressively get worse if not properly cared for with the right mouth guard for teeth grinding.

If you have the right funds you certainly can consult a medical expert to have a custom made mouth guard created for you, or you can save a bundle by buying one of the best mouth guards for teeth grinding reviewed below.

1 – Review of Mouth Guard from ProDental

Bruxism does not get the required attention it deserves as there are limited products to keep the condition in check and one of them happens to be made by a company called ProDental. The manufacturer claims it is designed by a dentist and has one of the highest support from dental professionals all around the world.

The mouth guard itself is made to conform fit. You get a set of three ProDental mouth guards, and you’re able to trim or customize each one to the size of your mouth with ease. It is made with materials that guarantee not only good sizing but also best comfort and retention.

It is made from polyvinyl material and comes with FDA approval, which means the mouth guard from ProDental is made in the USA. Your purchase entitles you to a thirty-days no questions asked money back guarantee.

2 – Dr. Song Dental Guard Review

The best-selling features of this product from Dr. Song can be traced to the inclusion of an athletic and night time teeth grinding mouth guards, plus a whitening tray one can use to make the teeth sparkle. The no questions asked guarantee for this product is one hundred days, and it is fully manufactured in America.

Each of the three mouth guards can be trimmed and custom fit to your mouth size. The manufacturer claims all of the materials used in this product are free of BPA. Dr. Song also makes several other products for good dental hygiene.

Apart from the longer product warranty, the inclusion of a teeth whitening tray makes it the best mouth guard for teeth grinding with value.

3 – J&S Dental Lab Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Another product for curtailing or stopping teeth clenching is made by a manufacturer called J&S Dental Lab. It is customizable to reflect different thickness, and the manufacturer claims the mouth guard can last up to five years depending on the severity of the condition and usage.

It is made in the USA and Germany with materials that are BPA and Latex Free. Based on the feedbacks from some of the current users, the mouth guard fits way better than the over the counter boil guards. Your purchase entitles you to unlimited free adjustments until it fits just right.

Keep in mind that this product will be custom made just for your mouth and teeth. First, you’ll be sent an impression kit to record the measurement of your mouth. Once the kit is received, you mouth guard will be manufactured for the best custom fit.

4 – Armor Guard Custom Professional Dental Pro-form Mouth Guard

This mouth guard is both free of allergen and BPA materials. It is not only child-friendly but can also be worn both night and day if your teeth grinding is that severe. This is also custom fit teeth grinding mouth guard that requires you record your mouth and teeth dimensions in an impression kit.

You have a choice of how hard you want the mouth guard material to be. The clear color of the material used makes it appropriate to wear the teeth grinding mouth guard during the day. This product is made in the USA and comes with the approval of the American Dental Association.

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