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How to Lose Your Belly Fat Fast in 10 Easy Steps

If you have any doubt that you’ve gained some weight just take a good look at your belly without any clothes on. The modern day fats in the foods we consume are now powerful enough to alter body shape, in the most grotesque form. It is also a fact, that the disfiguration happens slowly over many months and years.

Contrary to what some might think, most weight gain occurs slowly over a long period of time. We have an internal mechanism that sends us warning signs, but we choose to ignore all of them. It is only when the belly fat or butt fat becomes too noticeable that most people become interested at losing the extra weight.

Just go on Google and you’ll find millions of searches by overweight Americans looking for ways to shed those pounds. During the beginning of every year, the most common resolution is to lose a few pounds and stay in shape. Why is it that most Americans are getting fatter, despite the desire to lose weight?

You can search for how to lose belly fat fast online, and get hundreds of blog postings by so-called experts, but my approach to this obesity problem will proof more effective if you follow it through. If you’re looking for a blog posting to massage your ego and make you feel good because the weight gain is not your fault, then you’re reading the wrong article.

The best way to lose your belly fat is by admitting you made a big mistake in the past with your dieting and lack of physical activities. Admitting your errors is the key to taking back your power over the foods you eat on a daily basis. Also, admitting your mistakes when it comes to what you ate in the past is a good way to follow the weight loss steps provided in this article.

Despite the availability of many exercises to lose belly fat, the beginning will be tough, and you’ll experience some uncomfortable pains all over your body. When the pains occur, know that you’re on the right track to rebuilding your physical shape to the way you desire.

Steps to Eliminate Your Belly Fat

1 – Weigh Yourself Naked

Weigh Yourself Naked

In the comfort of your own home take off all your clothes and get on a scale to find out exactly how much you weigh. You need to know you the exact weight because guessing the numbers is detrimental to belly fat reduction success.

You promised to follow this belly fat reduction steps, and this first step is the key to getting you moving in the right direction. Your exact weight might scare you, and if that happens it is a good thing because we’re going to use it as motivation to get you focused and moving in the right direction.

2 – Get Yourself a Notebook

Give your notebook a cute name and make it personal to you. Write your exact weight down, and also, write down the ideal number you want your weight to be. If you have a partner at home, you’ll have to make some tough decisions in the coming months, especially if you’re both obese and he or she refuses to join you in getting in shape.

While you should encourage your partner to join you in this weight loss journey, the decision to get in shape should be yours to make. Also, find your current picture and paste it on an empty page, for it will be a reminder of your past obesity once you reach your weight loss goal.

3 – Lets Calculate how long it would take to Lose That Belly Fat

Remember I told you that weight gain is a slow and deliberate process, so will be the steps to shed the extra pounds. Please do not fall into the false idea that it is possible to lose your weight in one week. While it is possible to lose 10 pounds in one week, the tricky part is making the results permanent.

So, if you’re 60 pounds overweight, we need to create a sensible time range plan for how long it will take for you to lose the additional weight. From my experience, it is better to start with a weight loss goal you can easily achieve.

An easily achievable weight loss goal is to lose 7-pounds every week, which translates into one pound every day. As you get more comfortable with the steps, you’re free to adjust the weekly weight loss numbers upwards. So, if you desire to lose 60 pounds, it will take you about 9-weeks to accomplish.

4 – Clean Out Your Food Cabinet

Clean Out Your Food Cabinet

The next step in this belly fat losing steps is to clean out your food cabinet. I am sure that every food item you have in your cabinet contributed to your obesity. I will encourage you to pack everything up and give it to a homeless shelter, or just dump it in the garbage outside to get your power over food back.

This is a crucial step, and must be done with no emotions toward the food you’re about to throw away. Do not save anything, clean the food cabinet bare of all the junk food that have altered your body to your present shape.

While you’re at it, throw all the spices and condiments away too. This is not the time to get weak knees if you want your life back on track. Do not forget to throw out all the junk in the fridge, but try to leave any water bottle you might have.

5 – Clean Out Your Whole Living Quarters

Clean Out Your Whole Living Quarters

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned out your apartment or home? I am talking cleanup that involves moving the refrigerator, stove, tables, etc., to clean underneath and the sides. The junk you discover will inspire you to continue.

If you need help to get it done right, do it, but make sure your whole house is sparkling clean. The point of this exercise is to erase the smell, energy, and presence of the old energy that made you eat too much.

6 – Go Through Your Clothes

If you’re like me, you have a lot of clothes in your living quarters than you never wear on a daily basis. This is the time to go through all of them one by one. Take a closer look at how thin you used to be and let that inspire you to continue with the listed steps in this article that could lead to faster belly fat reduction.

Separate the clothes by sizes and make sure to keep all the smaller sizes, because you’ll soon be wearing them as you lose your present excess weight. Clean all the clothes and arrange them carefully based on the sizes.

7 – Your First Food Shopping

Let me let you in on a few secrets known to the elites and food manufacturers. Every fast food is designed to make you gain weight, and I am yet to find any restaurant owner that would pray for you to lose weight. Over 90% of the food ingredients are carefully engineered to make you gain weight.

Never forget the self-interest of the makers of the food product. It is simple arithmetic, for the fatter you get, the richer they get.

You can find many YouTube videos to open your eyes to how some of our so called nutritious food are grown and marketed. Since this is your first shopping for food with some consciousness of your weight loss goals, you’ll not be buying much stuff.

Before we get to the best foods to consume if you want to lose your belly fat, let’s look at some basic facts about food ingredients. Your body is composed of mostly water, and the oxygen we breathe in is also composed of mostly water.

Any industrial packaged food has been altered in one way or another. Foods you find in cans or concealed packages contain added chemicals to keep them fresh. Contrary to what some might say, the added chemicals are not good for your body.

The fruits that have been altered to remove the seeds should be looked at with suspicion. If you like small grapes, always buy the seeded ones. Do the same thing with grapefruit, oranges, tangerines etc.

I have nothing against eating meat, but try to limit your consumption to once a week and make sure you prepare it fresh. While it is better to stop eating meat altogether, that might be asking too much in the beginning of your belly fat losing journey.

Do keep in mind that not eating animal flesh will make you healthier and happier, as you’ll not be bothered by the deadly toxins released by animals as they’re being led to the slaughterhouse. Do stay away from fast food prepared meat items.

Your First Food Shopping

Food items to buy:

Red or Green lettuce
Green or red grapes with seeds
Yellow bananas
Green or Red Apples
Unsalted Peanuts or other Nuts
Gallons of water
Fresh String Beans
Fresh snow peas
Red potatoes
Grounded black pepper
Sea salt
Fresh mushrooms
Orange with seeds
Very light salad dressing

8 – Stay Away From the Following Food Products

I wish I had a magic wand to give you a complete belly fat burning foods. If you want to lose your belly fat fast, try your best to stay away from the following food items:

Bottled juices
All types of fast foods
Can foods
Soft Drinks
Coffee or any drink containing caffeine
Any type of Drink Containing Alcohol

9 – Prepare all Your Meals for the Day

You have to get in the habit of preparing your own meal and start writing down what you put into your mouth. You should put down the ingredients in that special notebook with your desired weight. The heading for the page should read day one and the date.

Write down what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not leave anything out, as you’ll only be deceiving yourself if you do. As you get into the habit of jotting down what goes into your mouth, you’ll become more conscious of the toxic foods you’re consuming.

Try your best to limit your food consumption to fresh fruits and vegetables. If you feel like having snacks eat some of the peanuts or other unsalted nuts to satisfy your hunger.

10 – You Need Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

If you cleaned your house thoroughly, you must have at least lost two or three pounds with all those activities. You need to engage in physical activities to burn up the new calories you’re adding to your body. For you to witness a dramatic reduction in your belly fat, you must use up more calories than you consume on a daily basis.

The list of exercise you can use on a daily basis to get rid of belly fat is only limited by your imagination, but I came up with a few to get you moving in the right direction. Some of the best exercises to lose belly fat include:

Walking – Every step you take burns up a few calories. If your office is on the second or third floor get into the habit of walking up and down the stairs. Every time you move your legs you use up a few calories, which leads to faster weight loss.

On your way home, get off a few stops from your place of residence and walk the rest of the way. The movement of your legs and other muscles would do your body good, apart from burning up calories.

You can go Jogging – running or jogging is a good way to lose that belly fat you’re carrying around. I know it will be tough in the beginning, but it will get easier as you persevere and continue with the steps to get rid of your belly fat.

Ride You Bicycle – Riding a bicycle is another way to lose weight fast. Bike riding entails using all your body muscles and you’ll be burning large numbers of calories the more you do it.

Take up a Dance Class – Dancing is a good way to lose a few pounds provided you’re not mixing the activity with the consumption of alcohol.

Take up Meditation – It is never too late to learn how to calm your body down, including your urge to eat too much. Take a few meditation classes and see how you like it. It is not the way you seat that is difficult to master, but your ability to relax your body down.

Swimming – Swimming as a form of exercise to help one lose belly fat is vastly under-estimated. It is a physical activity that involves using all your body parts. An hour or two swimming will help your burn a good amount of calories, which ultimately leads to faster weight loss including belly fat.

Ride Stationary Bike – Riding a stationary bike in a spinning class is a good way to lose weight. If your local gym conducts spinning classes, get involved immediately and see how you like it. I enjoyed when I participated in spinning classes during my obesity days of trying to lose my belly fat.

Those are just a few activities you can use to lose your belly fat, but I am sure you can come up with many more. In the beginning, the suppressant products might be needed to help you control your appetite and I have listed a few products to make that it easier to keep to your weight loss goal.

Best Appetite Suppressants

1 – Schwartz Bioresearch Appetite Suppressant Pure Caralluma Fimbriata Extract

This is a good appetite suppressant from a company called Schwartz Bioresearch. It is designed and specially formulated to help suppress your appetite while also burning fat.

The manufacturer claims the ingredients were scientifically tested, and it comes with a money back guarantee. It is made in America, in a facility that is registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

The most active ingredient in this best appetite suppressant is derived from pure Caralluma Fimbriata Extract. The majority of the current users gave it high marks for helping to curb their appetite, which ultimately leads to faster loss of belly fat.

2 – Reborn Labs Best Saffron Extract Premium

Based on the reviews of other good appetite suppressants I examined online, this brand is just as effective. It contains Saffron as one of the most active ingredients.

It is one of the best appetite suppressants recommended by dieticians and comes with active antioxidants that can help boost your mood, as well as enable faster metabolism.

As an added benefit, this appetite suppressant from Reborn Labs is able to detoxify and cleanse your body. It is one of the most powerful natural appetite suppressants that can speed up weight loss with reduction of belly fat.

3 – Pure Results Nutrition Advanced Weight Loss Supplement

Based on several reviews of some of the best appetite suppressant pills one can buy online, this product from Pure Results Nutrition comes with high-performance metrics.

It is one of the top rated appetite suppressants that work. It is also capable of increasing your metabolism as it gives you more energy.

It is not your average fat burner since it contains the green coffee bean and Acai products. It is fully made in an FDA approved facility, and you get a 90-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

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