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Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Own Best Whitening Strips

While brushing your teeth this morning, you suddenly noticed your teeth is not as white as it used to be.

You can certainly run to your local Dentist for professional teeth whitening, or use at home teeth whitening strips or gel.

The dental bleaching will set up back a few hundred bucks while the teeth whitening at home will cost you less than $75. If you’re a high roller, go ahead and give the man your money!

But if you’re frugal with your hard earned money like me, this teeth whitening strips reviews article is loaded with relevant information you can use to understand the process and make the right decision, as to which brand to buy.

Luckily, you don’t need a prescription for the Best Whitening Strips, and most have ingredients that are well formulated to produce a brighter whiter shine to your teeth, thus giving you a nicer smile.

Most times, when you open your mouth to speak, your teeth is what is first noticed before the words.

A set of gleaming whiter teeth would open more doors than it closes, both professionally and socially.

Your basic teeth whitening strips at home can deliver awesome results within just a few days of using the product.

You might notice a difference with just one application, but significant improvement will come after a few applications, depending on how stained your teeth were to begin with.

Do Whitening Strips Work? And How Do They Work?

The resounding answer is, yes! Most teeth whitening strips contain the ingredient called peroxide or bleaching.

This specially formulated solution is what helps to whiten your teeth. Peroxide has enough power to bleach out those ugly stains from your teeth, bringing them back to life you might say.

A great majority of your home whitening strips are made out of polyethylene, a thin plastic with much elasticity.

The thin plastic is then infused with peroxide. Now the exact formulation of the solution coated on the thin plastic is closely guarded by each manufacturer.

The next step is for you to apply the strips to your teeth according to the product directions.

The magic of stain removal begins once it gets in contact with your tooth enamel. The power of the peroxide will remove discolorations and stains from the surface of your teeth.

Be mindful, some best home whitening strips require you remove them after a specified time period while some have no such restrictions.

Because they’re so affordable, and can be used within the convenience and comfort of your abode, teeth whitening at home has exploded in popularity.

Professional Dentist Whitening or at Home Teeth Whitening Strips?

A closer look at dental bleaching and teeth whitening at home, shows two main differences that can be found, and they are; the application of the powerful whitening ingredients, and the cost.

Truth be told, your Dentist is allowed to use a more powerful whitening agent with at least 30% more concentrated power.

At home teeth whitening kits have less power, due to safety concerns.

Also, a good professional dentist will apply the latest in laser and lights technology to help show faster results than the ones you use at home.

I can also tell you from experience, that dental office teeth whitening treatments will wear off faster than at home teeth whitening treatments.

So, if you want an immediate faster result, seek out a professional dentist with its higher cost.

A really good treatment would set you back a few hundred bucks. You can achieve the same awesome results with your best Whitening Strips.

While the whitening of your teeth will appear gradually, the results are more permanent than the dental office one shot treatment.

You’ll also experience more pain with the professional treatment, due to the power of the ingredients used.

You’ll also be weakening your tooth enamel, but I am sure the Dentist would not emphasize that, as he or she wants you back to fix that issue, in the future.

Here are Some Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Own Best Whitening Strips

With millions of consumers are now seeking the best way to have and maintain whiter teeth, thus new teeth whitening products are brought to the market by the dozens yearly.

At-home whitening strips is popular because most are truly affordable and they do work, even with tobacco stained teeth.

Before you rush out to order one now, here are some factors you want to keep in mind so that you can make the best choice.

Will Effectiveness be an Issue? Certainly not, if you buy the right brand.

Most at home teeth whitening strips would start to deliver positive results in as little as three days, depending on the level of the discoloration of your teeth.

You should see significant improvement within about seven days. Based on how analysis, most home treatment for whiter teeth strips will last a duration of 14 days or less.

After treatment, your brighter teeth should at least last from six months to one year. You can prolong your pearly whites, by using a top rated teeth whitening toothpaste.

You should also significantly cut back on your intake of foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

What about Cost? We have seen the multitude of best home whitening strips on the market, and you can find a decent product from about $20 to $75.

This is a wide range in price, and can be attributed to included ingredients, and how long the teeth whitening treatment would last.

The minimum days for an effective treatment is 5 days while we think two weeks is far better for optimal results.

If you’re seeking to go the all natural ingredients route, you’ll pay more for your at-home whitening strips.

Ease of Use. This should not be a problem, as most brands have clear instructions as to how you apply the strips to your teeth.

Most teeth whitening strips would be packaged based on how long it would last. Each daily treatment comprises of two strips, one for the upper, and lower sections of your teeth.

They’re convenient to wear while doing other things, but it might not make sense to eat or drink while you have them on.

Which Treatment Length Should I buy? That my friend is up to you and your budget. You should also consider the severity of your teeth discolorations and the stains.

We think two weeks treatment is an optimal time to witness awesome results, from a top rated home whitening strips.

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