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What is the Best Shower Head? Review of Brands with the Most Impressive Features

It is quite true that the quality of your shower head plays a significant role in your bathing experience. I must confess that there have been several occasions whereby I stayed too long in the shower due to the pleasurable drops from my rain shower head.

Before we get into details about suitable products in this best shower head reviews, it is appropriate for me to express a few words about the quality of our public drinking water supply.

While I am fully aware that you want to have calming fun while taking a shower with the right shower head, your initial efforts should be to determine if your water supply is safe and free of pollutants.

It will make no sense to invest in one of the top rated shower heads found in this article, while you do not have any water filtration system to remove some of the deadly carcinogens that run through your tap.

If you own your own home, I would suggest you invest in a robust water filtering system and position it right where the public water supply enters your property. Afterward, any investment in a good shower head for low or high water pressure would certainly make sense.

What made me Change my Shower Head?

This little story is quite appropriate about how I came to appreciate the difference a rain drop like shower head can make. Many years ago, I visited Maui in the state of Hawaii and stayed at one of the finest 5-star resorts in the world.

The bathroom in my hotel room was completely covered in marble. It had a glass enclosure wrapped around the old fashioned bath tub. I soon discovered there were three shower heads (two facing you and one facing your back), and you had the option of engaging all three or just one.

Instead of the usual knobs to call forth the water supply, it had push button settings with a digital control to help set up how cold or hot you want your water to be, while showering. It was also possible to set it up for the water to get progressively hot or cold while cleaning your body.

From my one week stay at that resort hotel, I can testify those were the best-rated shower heads I had ever used. Sorry mother earth, for I did slightly overuse water in my room due to the pleasurable feeling during and after each shower.

You probably guessed right, for once I got home, I implemented a similar shower head setup in my home, minus the digital control setting as that was way too expensive.

The Types of Shower Heads

For homeowners looking for the best type of shower head in the market, some of the reviewed brands are worthy of your consideration based on your unique home needs. Keep in mind, there are dozens of unique shower heads, but our focus will be on the most popular ones preferred by Americans based on sales figures and installation numbers.

Some of the shower head brands reviewed are good for high water pressure settings, while others will work marvelously with low water pressure settings. It is true that the highest water waste comes from prolonging showers and there are brands with unique features to take water conservation to another level.

I have tried to differentiate between shower heads using the unique methods used to output the water. While there are different design styles, it is the way the shower head sprays water that makes it unique.

The most popular type of shower heads in America today are:

Single spray shower heads

Rain Drop Like shower heads

Handheld shower heads

After a brief description of each type, two or more brands are presented for your consideration. My selection of brands to include in this shower head reviews took into account the feedbacks from some of the existing users of the product, and the valuable opinion of my long time plumber, whom later became a very good friend.

1 – Single Spray Shower Head

The single spray shower heads are the most popular ones used in American homes, simply because they’re cheaper and easier to install. Some will have an adjustable nozzle one can use to change the water patterns while bathing.

From my research most tend to be cheaply made and will only last a few years at most. Real estate owners of management companies like this type of shower heads, because they can buy the heads in bulk at discounted prices, and installation can be accomplished with simple do-it-yourself tools.

Best Single Shower Head Brands

1A – Kohler K-10282-BV Forte Shower Head Reviews

Take a look at any type of plumbing features and the name Kohler will be among the top best, and the same is true when it comes to single head shower heads. While they do make cheaper brands for homeowners short on cash, the Kohler K-10282-BV Forte is quite expensive when compared to other brands you can buy for less.

It is available for purchase in two colors, brushed bronze and brushed nickel. It has 72 individual spray nozzles, which allows it to output water that can cover your entire body.

This is one of the best single shower heads due to the use of a special coating to make it resistant to corrosion. Most plumbers can tell you about the durability and longevity of Kohler products.

The unique design of the spray mechanism makes it almost impossible for hard water buildup to occur. Based on the feedbacks from some of the current users it is quite easy to install this shower head from Kohler, and the best reason for you to consider buying one today is the inclusion of a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

1B – Delta 75152 3-7/8″ Single-Function Shower Head

The single shower head from the company called Delta is a very comparable product to the one reviewed above. It comes in a chrome finish and can be installed by almost any type of homeowner, including those new to the do it yourself steps.

This shower head has a 360-degree rotation with the ability to output water up to 2.5 gallons per minute. All the mounting materials you need to seamlessly install this product is included with your purchase.

You’re able to control the volume of the water outputted with the attached volume control lever. Not only is it at least 50% cheaper than the Kohler K-10282-BV, the inclusion of a limited lifetime warranty makes it a worthy product.

1C – Moen 6300 One-Function Easy Clean XL Shower Head

When searching for durable plumbing products, the name Moen will be mentioned. The extra-large single head shower head can be purchased in four different colors; brushed chrome, brushed nickel, chrome, and polished brass.

Regardless of your color selection, this showerhead from Moen will compliment almost any type of bathroom decor. It is capable of outputting up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. There is also a version that is designed to output lower water rate. Despite the cheaper pricing, Moen 6300 comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2 – Rain Shower Head

The name says it all, for this type of shower head is designed to mimic the essence of rainfall. Standing under a rain type shower head it is quite similar to been under a heavy rainfall. Rain shower heads are capable of delivering water to a wider surface area.

It is quite easy to lose track of time once under a rainfall shower head. This type of shower head delivers a more gentle water flow pattern but limited in the different types of spray patterns it can deliver. There are many different installation options, and the high-end models would require the services of a plumber to get it setup right.

Best Rainfall Shower Heads

2A – SR Sun Rise Luxury Rainfall Shower Head

If you want the feeling of being under rainfall when taking a shower, this is the right product to invest your funds in. It is capable of outputting up to 2.5 gallons per minute, and some of the feedbacks from most users said it was easy to install without the need for tools.

Even if you have low water pressure in your dwelling, this head would give you a powerful rain shower to help you completely clean your entire body. It has silicone gel nozzles, which helps to prevent limescale build up, which makes it easier to remove any dirt from the nozzles.

It is made from stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion. The manufacturer claims this rainfall shower head will help you reduce your water bill by at least 30%. You get a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer against any factory defects.

2B – AKDY AZ6021 Rain Style Shower Head

The AKDY AZ6021 rain style shower head is capable of giving you an extraordinary showering experience that will soothe your entire body. The sleek design will compliment almost any type of bathroom decor.

It is quite easy to install, and you can master how to use one in no time at all. This showerhead comes with 100 rubber nozzles, which makes it easier to keep one clean and free of lime hard water build up.

The adjustable angle makes it possible to position one so that the water outputted will cover your entire body. This product from AKDY is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

2C – Thunderhead TH2.5 Shower Head Review

This is quite an appropriate name for a shower head. It can be installed in the same place your old shower head used to occupy. Based on the feedbacks from existing customers, this rain style showerhead from Thunderhead can be installed with no tools.

The design of this shower head is quite unique and can cover your entire body with rain style water drops. The adjustable features found inside this shower head means you can experience what it feels like to be under powerful rainfall as you clean your entire body.

Other Types of Shower Heads

Another widely installed type is the handheld shower heads. The name says it all, for you use your hands to direct the jet water to the part of your body where it is needed the most. Most will come with a hook to rest the unit while in use.

The handheld shower heads are not as popular as the other types due to the additional work required to direct the needed water to your body. Truth be told, you do get the opportunity to direct the jet flow of water to more intimate parts of your body than other types of shower heads.

In Conclusion

Remember to invest in a good water filtration unit before buying a high-end shower head unit. It makes no sense to output dirty and bad water through a highly reliable shower head system. You should also consider the need to have the unit installed by a licensed plumber to ensure it does not leak or fall apart after a few uses.

It is also possible to include installation services with your purchase, which ensures the quality of the installation can be established, thus enhancing your warranty requirements. The best shower head should be the product that allows you to clean your entire body with ease and pleasure.

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