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Dhealthstore Full Body Detox Reviews

As I stated in my blog post here, I decided to go through a full body cleansing regimen and the company’s product I choose was Dhealthstore Full Body Detox. I completed the 20 days program a few days ago, and my experience should help you decide if this total body cleansing product is appropriate for you.

Before picking out the Detox from this company, I visited GNC and Vitamine Shoppe, and their cleansing brands were full of chemicals and additives. I almost bought the Amazing Miracle Cleanse, but the staff refused to honor my discount card.

Dhealthstore Full Body Detox Reviews

First, let me clearly state that I am thrilled to have found Dhealthstore brand and my realistic review of my experience should prepare you for what to expect from the many daily capsules you need to take, to get all the benefits.

I chose the capsule brand, but they do have the same formula in liquid form, but it cost about 15% to 20% more. If you hate popping pills, may I suggest you pay the premium and go with the liquid formula. You’re required to take 30 capsules on a daily basis, at a rate of 5 pills every few hours starting from 7 am.

My Foods During the Full Detox Program From Dhealthstore

My foods during the full Detox program consisted of cashew nuts, apples, oranges, romaine lettuce, seeded grapes, water, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, Ginger, liquid organic oregano oil.

Make sure you eat something or you’ll develop a headache as a result of the hunger pains. I mostly ate salad, cashew nuts, and salad. My only indulgence was the little bit of salad dressing that I used.

Dhealthstore Full Body Detox Benefits

You’ll Lose some Weight – You should see significant weight loss after just a few days of been on the cleansing program. I lost about 20 pounds, and that felt good.

Improved digestive health – You bowel movement will be quicker and smoother. No more straining to get your number “2” out. Be close to a bathroom, because you’ll need to go often.

More Stamina – Amazingly, your daily energy level will be increased. Walking or climbing stairs will now become more enjoyable. I did go to the gym about twice during the full body Detox but found it was not needed as my energy level was at peak level.

Reduced Appetite – Another great side benefit for going through this body cleanse is the reduction in your appetite. High sugar foods will not be so appealing anymore.

You’ll Enjoy Drinking More Water – this cleanse will make you discover the true taste of refreshing water. At the peak of the cleanse, I was drinking at least a gallon of bottled water every day.

Elimination of Toxins from Your Body – The toxins in your body will not stand a chance with the herbs included in this total body cleanse. Your urine will become clear as tap water, and that is a good sign. I used to believe urine should have a stench to it until I started using this body cleanse.

Clearer Vision – I work a lot on the computer and my vision was starting to get blurred. I noticed a huge improvement in my vision after completing the total body cleanse program. I can only attribute the clearer eyesight to the herbs in the cleansing product.

More Glowing Skin – The look and feel of your skin will improve dramatically for the better. You’ll drop a few years from your age, I promise you. Expect a few wrinkles and fine lines to be gone, when you complete this full body Detox program.

Some Negative Effects

Expect some boils – I got about three boils in both of my thighs and that got me worried. Do not try to contact customer service, as that is one of the weak points of buying this program and I will detail why it needs improvement towards the bottom of this article. I soon realized that boils are just a way for toxins to exit your body, so I popped each one and all the puss came out right away. The puss and blood that came out was a huge relief, and I felt much better afterward.

More Urination – You better have a bathroom nearby when you go with this cleanse, as you’ll find yourself constantly needing to urinate. The first 5 days was the worst, as I thought my bladder was going to pop. If you work in a small office setting, you might want to save this full body Detox for your vacation period.

What Needs Improvement

There are two areas of concern, and I hope the owner of this company does not take it as a personal criticism. After watching some of his videos, I get a feeling that he’s a sensitive guy and hate any type of public negative feedback. The two areas of concern, if addressed correctly, will only make him more money.

The Activated Charcoal is not enough – the last product you take at night before bedtime is something called activated charcoal. You’re required to put half-a-teaspoon in a full glass of water and drink it.

Based on the dosage suggested, you’ll not have enough of the substance to complete your 20 days Detox. You should reduce slightly the amount you use daily, to make it last the whole twenty days.

dhealthstore full body detox liquid

Slow Shipping and Lack of Communication – Timely communication from this company is one area that needs tremendous improvement. It took about 7 days for my order to ship, even thou the product was in stock (based on what was on the website) and I also paid priority shipping charges. From my calculation, if I paid for two days shipping and my product arrives about 14 days later, we have a problem.

I would not be so pissed off with the shipping delays if someone had responded to several of the inquiries to the company. After I ordered, all my email to find out what was causing the delay was completely ignored. I sent three emails and got not one response.

In this day in age of instant digital communication, that is very unacceptable for a growing business. Perhaps the workers are over-stretched, or they just don’t care. I did not get one reply explaining why the shipping of the product was delayed.

Personally, I only order items online when they’re in stock and would get to me in a reasonable amount of time. From my slight poking around online, the customer service is one area that needs the most improvement.

In Conclusion

Would I buy the Dhealthstore Full Body Detox again? Yes! But I have taken the advantage of the total body cleanse to alter my diet and lifestyle so that I would not have a need for a body cleanse anymore.

If after you go through the total body cleanse and you go back to eating the junk foods like before, all your prior health issues will come roaring back with a vengeance.

To completely benefit from the full body cleanse, you’ll need to change your ways in both dieting and exercising routines. It’s like clearing out a field you intend to plant crops.

The weeds and thorns will come back if you do not take the tome to watch your crops. Your body is your temple, and it is about time you start treating it that way. This is a great body cleanser for those looking to make a change for the better.

The product will give you a second chance at taking good care of your body again, by helping clear out all the junks, toxins and blockages within your internal organs.

After completing the Dhealthstore Full Body Detox for 20 days, you’ll feel alive again, which will be reflected in the glow and texture of your skin.

Here is a Video from the Owner and Creator of the 20 day full body Detox program

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  • Jen Maves July 29, 2015, 3:04 pm

    I am on day 3 and doing well. I am mostly a good eater and am loving the full body detox. My concern is that my stomach hurts a lot. I understand increased bowel movements, but should your stomach hurt. I don’t take any supplements but make teas of my herbal plants. Any suggestions.

    • admin July 29, 2015, 6:37 pm

      What I discovered with my full body detox is that the type of foods you eat contributes mightily to how your stomach feel. You should try your best to stick to natural foods like vegetables and nuts. Any hard digestible food like meat of any kind could pose a problem.

      Try to stay away from the tea, to see if that helps with your stomach issues. If you can alter your diet to just raw foods, I can assure you the stomach problem would subside. As a side note, If you complete the full detox program, your whole life will change for the better.

  • Tina August 6, 2015, 11:43 pm

    I agree their customer service does stink I ordered my full body detox in july and here it is August the 7 th and still have not heard or received my purchase yet…im very disappointed BECAUSE it’s been well over do and Im truly am pissed off about it…:(

    • admin August 7, 2015, 5:02 am

      Yes I do agree with you, the customer service need improvement. But I get the feeling the owner could care less. I recently ordered another product that they claim is in stock, and 7-days later the order is still processing.

      Just give them time you’ll eventually receive your order. The full body detox is a very good product and will transform your body upon completion.

  • Vonnie September 7, 2015, 4:52 pm

    Loved the full body detox but the shipping is awful. My son is still waiting on some products he order five weeks ago! Also, notice how the shipping fluctuates when you add various items to your order, this includes items that weigh ounces. I’m only complaining because in the US the priority boxes he uses are “whatever fits ships” for that one price. So we’re paying for priority shipping, for what? I don’t know anyone who has received items in less than a 10 days. Other than shipping, I truly enjoy the products.

    • admin September 7, 2015, 6:18 pm

      Unfortunately, the owner is busy touring different states. The company is experiencing growing pains and I wish there was a way to let him know about the customer service issues.

    • Sherry May 14, 2016, 11:04 pm

      I ordered through Amazon and got my product in 2 days. I also live in the same state as the company. I kept forgetting how many pills I had taken. The diet was ruff I would have to find a healthier diet is can live with. I cook for a family and I enjoy cooked meat. I agree there is not enough charcoal. Good luck to everyone. Has anyone tried the liquid? It took me about 10-15 min. & at least 16oz of water to get 5 pills down

      • admin May 15, 2016, 4:59 am

        Based on my recent search on Amazon, the full body detox from this company is not sold on that site. Perhaps you could provide our readers with a link.

  • ZhengJa September 10, 2015, 5:22 am

    I was told when I spoke to a customer service rep that the products have to be put together after the order is placed, unlike most companies, where the products are already assembled and sitting around waiting for distribution. I have not yet used my products but, I’ve been following D’jehuty since his Dherbs association and have communicated with him via i-net, so I look forward to a long relationship with him in this endeavor.

    I’ve already gotten him some more business through my family and they only know of him what I’ve shared, but they know me and my quest for optimal health.

    I support his efforts and appreciate all he has done and continue to do to help us, until I have reason and logical experience to discontinue.

    I thank his staff for returning my calls and expanding my knowledge and understanding as they go through the business growing pains with the owner. Peace, love, blessings and strength to them all.

    • admin September 10, 2015, 12:55 pm

      He has excellent products, but the customer service needs a major overhaul. It should not take two to three weeks to package a product, in this day in age. I have learned to deal with the delays as I like some of his products.

      At a minimum, they should let people know the length of time so most can plan accordingly. Communication and reply to emails are some of the issues they need help with.

      His detox product is absolutely fabulous, but the customer service is a work in progress.