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My 20-Day Full Body Detox Experience (Day 10)

For the past seven years, I have been on a spiritual journey to find myself. After my marriage collapsed, I decided to find some answers to how my mates were attracted to me. I have been through two divorces, and both were costly both emotionally and financially.

The first thing I did was give up my last lifestyle. I completely stopped smoking and drinking. It’s amazing how much clarity comes into your life, once you stop doing those things. I now have a different take on life in general.

The only area I have struggled to control was my dieting. I soon discovered that the best way to advance spiritually is to live according to the rules of nature. In the past, I tried being a vegetarian but always go back to eating meat again. But this time I am taking a different route in my journey to finally get a hold of what I consume on a daily basis.

all natural full body Detox cleanse

Your internal body is like an acre of land with weeds and grass on it. If you want to plant food vegetables, you must first clear out the weeds and other stumbling blocks that would affect the growth of your plants. So In February 2015, I decided to embark on a 20-day full body Detox cleanse.

I would not sing the praises of the product just yet, not until I complete and can detail the results in a longer blog post. As I write this article, it’s now day ten of the body cleanse and my body feels amazingly better in so many different ways. Something inside of me pushed me to write this article.

First let me describe my daily regimen with the full body Detox. In my delivery package were 7 different small bottles. Six of the bottles contained about 100 herbal capsules each. One container has something called “activated charcoal”.

I take five capsules every few hours from the numbered bottles. So from 7 am to 7 pm I have to take about 30 herbal capsules on a daily basis. Before going to bed, I drink half a teaspoon of the activated charcoal stirred thoroughly in a glass of water.

The first two days were the most difficult; as I hated swallowing capsules since I was a little kid. I was that kid that threw his medicine into the toilet bowl while pretending to have swallowed it. This full body Detox regimen also requires I stick to a raw food diet.

I do boil my vegetables for two or three minutes, hope that still makes them raw. Also, you’re required to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. The first six days I was also eating cashew nuts and pecan nuts that I bought from Costco, but I had to stop those because of the included ingredients. I also included avocados in my full body Detox diet.

Here are the Effects on My Body

When you eat sweet foods you get addicted to them, without even realizing it. I soon discovered that all processed foods are not good for your internal organs. Every processed food that you buy has chemicals that will cause you sickness or problems down the road in your lifetime.

The oil you use to fry your food, the meats you buy, the pasta you like to eat, the candy you love, the ice-cream you enjoy so much, the pizza you indulge in, are all loaded with poisons that are killing Americans by the tens of thousands every year.

Now, when you couple this with all the medicines in your cabinet, your body will be fully loaded with all sorts of chemicals that are injurious to the internal human organs. The sweet stuff is more addictive than cigarettes, crack cocaine or marijuana.

full body Detox diet

This sweet addictive can be found in almost all our food stuff. Well, it took some willpower to stay away from my usual food ingredients. My love for fried potatoes and fried chicken had to stop. My love for Hagen-Daz ice cream had to stop also.

My bowel movement has gotten so soft and fast, that I am in and out in just a few minutes. No more straining and wishing for it to come out. No more trying hard for it to come out, without causing me pain. When I come out of the bathroom after doing number “2” it does not smell like somebody died in there. I have soon learned that the bad smell is a sign of toxins in your body.

After a few days, I now actually enjoy drinking my “Smart Water” bottle with joy. My will power to resist sugar drinks is being fortified every day. I do make my own smoothie using only raw vegetables and some fruits to quench my taste for fructose drinks. Sorry, “Tropicana” drinks you had to go if I need my body to be in tune with nature.

My urine is as clear as tap water. The bad smell of my urine is now all gone. Truthfully, my urine has no smell to it, which I never thought was possible. I do find myself going to the bathroom more, which is a good thing.

When I take my daily walks around the block, I actually feel lighter with every step. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted off my whole body. I walk much faster and actually enjoy it.

My energy level has skyrocketed. No more feeling tired after a plate of yellow rice, plantains, and fried chicken. No shrimp with broccoli from my favorite Chinese restaurant. I now realize the foods I used to eat in the past did not give me any energy; in fact they acted like vampires draining my life-force. I could climb several flights of stairs without getting tired.

I feel and look much younger too. Most people would not be able to tell my age. Do bear in mind I stopped drinking or smoking many years ago, so that played a more part. This Detox program helped kick my youthful look into a higher gear. My skin now has a natural glow to it, all without creams or moisturizers.

When it gets too hot, I used to itch in several body parts; that’s all gone too. I am now more able to go deeper into meditation, without feeling like insects are crawling all over my body.

I intend to focus and continue my Full body Detox regimen. The initial results got me excited to enjoy life again. Expect my full review of the best full body Detox cleanser, once I complete the program. So please subscribe to our blog to get the latest daily post into your inbox.

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