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The Many Benefits One Can Get From Spinning

I remember it like it was yesterday, my first spin class at my local YMCA while living in one of the dense cities of New York City. No one explained the benefits of spinning right before I was dragged to my first class. Based on my recollection, there was a long line to participate in this class, and as luck would have it, my friend and I were the last ones to make the cut.

Do not be naive and expect the benefits of spin class just because your friends told you so. Spinning workouts require your active participation and your body would be sore and ache all over unless you’re in shape and used to indoor cycling workouts.

The benefits of cycling class should be clearly explained to newcomers, or out of shape wannabe-pretenders. Before we commenced the spinning workout routines, everyone was encouraged to stretch and loosen sore muscles. I could hear cracking joints from both the legs and arms.

I tried my best to follow my cheerful friend, and as we all climbed on the best spin bike for the commencement of the indoor cycling routines, a booming James Brown song filled the fully occupied spinning class. By now the music got me pumped and ready for my own dose of spinning exercise benefits.

benefits of spin class

If you asked me what are the benefits of spinning after the first ten minutes, I would have told you to save your legs and arms and go shoot some basketball or play ping-pong. The first sign of soreness was felt in my legs and arms.

About 15 minutes into the cycling class, I could hear groans and moans from some of the new participants like myself. During that first class, I could have left early if I sat in the front row. I made a vow to see the exercise through, even if it kills me.

Despite all the aches and pains from all my long forgotten muscles, what gave me the motivation to continue was the funky disco music. Every few minutes a new song was played, and that supplied all the extra energy I needed to see the spin cycling routines through.

Thirty minutes into the spinning workout routines, some of the participants took time off for water and bathroom breaks. Conveniently, half of those that left did not come back for the final workout spinning bike routines. Deep down I knew if I stepped off that bike that would be the end of the session for me.

With all my inner self-talk encouraging me to stop the madness and quit, I kept going due to the awesome disco songs. I pedaled away to “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson, “You can’t touch this” from M C Hammer, and many other classic tunes that touched my soul.

After the sixty minutes spin bike workout, I was drenched in sweat like I just came out of the shower. Amazingly, once the class and all the music stopped, you don’t feel the aching muscles or any joint pain, which would come the next day. I felt good all over and gave a good thank-you hug to my beloved friend, as I made my way home.

I took a nice hot bath at home and went straight to bed without all my usual pre-bedtime routines. I slept like a baby that night, and the soreness started right away that morning. My legs ached from multiple points, and my elbows gave me sharp pain every time I moved it.

My euphoria from participating and expecting some health benefits from the spinning class was now filled with anger and disgust from all the body pains. I searched online for solutions to spinning class aches and pains, someone suggested I take another warm shower and make sure to participate in another class to fix the pain.

After the morning shower and my usual cappuccino, the pain subsided and I was in my usual morning ready for work mood. My energy level at work was more than I expected, some of my close friends at work insinuated I must have experienced a great love session the night before.

Apart from the initial pains and aches, one of the most apparent benefits of spinning class is increased energy level. I was more productive that day, and most of my colleagues could not keep up with my enthusiasm to get the project completed on time.

Those that know me sensed a change in my attitude and it made everyone more jovial that day. I can tell you the benefits of spinning is real and not exaggerated, but you must persevere through the initial aches and pains all over your body.

I participated in other spinning bike workouts for the next several days, and within two weeks I could walk up several flights of stairs without getting tired.

Here are some of the benefits of spinning classes:

Spinning and Weight Loss – After a week, I searched for spinning shoes for women and bought a good pair. The good spinning workouts made me lose over 15 pounds within two weeks. Best of all, my weight loss was from the most appropriate body parts.

I could feel my tummy becoming firmer and my thighs and legs became stronger and sexier. I can tell you that one of the benefits of cycling class is true weight loss stories.

Less Appetite – Within two weeks of my initial introduction to spinning classes and all it has to offer, I observed my desire for meaningless eating was slowly diminished.

Some of my favorite alcoholic beverages just did not taste the same. So another good benefit of a spin bike is the fuller stomach feeling after my indoor cycling workout routines.

More Energy – My energy level after just one month was more than I could describe with words. Every step I took was more pronounced and intentional. At work, I was more than comfortable to take the stairs when the elevator was acting up. My fourth-floor office did not feel so far up after all.

Better Glowing Skin – One of the more noticeable health benefits of spinning is the improvement in your skin tone and texture. After thirty days of constant indoor cycling, my skin had a certain glow to it, and my need for the latest cosmetics magic cream subsided. Most of my friends thought I switched to a new skin toning cream.

When I told them it was from my spinning class, I could hear and feel the disbelief. If you should experience better skin texture as part of the benefits of spinning exercise, tell only your closest friends thus limiting the sigh and gossiping.

I broke up with my Boyfriend – With all the health benefits of spinning, my boyfriend was stuck in the old ways of doing things. With my newly found better health, I started to notice he ate too much and needed to lose some weight.

I tried everything to get him to come with me to one of the spinning classes with the hope that he would experience the benefits of spin bike cycling, but he was just too stuck in his ways to change.

To make matters worse, he started to belittle me to change my increased confidence derived from the spinning classes I was attending. After I bought my own best indoor cycling bike I broke-up with him. It was the best move for me, as I met my true soul mate a few months later and we got married.

The spinning benefits you experience might be different from mine, but you’ll become a better person for trying. Do remember, to fully get your own spinning class benefits, you’ll have to fight through the initial aches and pains.

I still do spinning to this day, and most people are surprised when I tell them I have three kids and in my late 40s. The benefits from exercise bike workouts are real, and you’ll feel better as you stick to the spinning class program.

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