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Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Review

So you look in the mirror, and the beard and mustache you thought would make you debonair and masculine has now become a problem of maintenance.

You only look good, if you can take excellent care of the facial hairs that are now turning some men into “bush doctors”. Your manliness would come roaring right back if you have the right product to trim it just a little, or perfectly shaped.

While there are many Beard and Mustache Trimmers you can buy online today, the one to be reviewed, is made by Wahl Groomsman.

With the Wahl trimmer, you can accomplish excellent facial hair maintenance, and it also comes with an affordable price.

If I told you this grooming tool cost less than $15, you probably would laugh at me, but it’s the truth. Apart from the cheap price of this trimmer, the features do help get the job done the right way.

If you’re just starting to grow your beard and mustache, this is the right model to start out with.

This rechargeable mustache and beard trimmer comes with a durable brushed housing, that’s made of chrome.

The blades are made from steel blades, that are also precision grade. This Wahl trimmer can be operated corded or cord-free.


Here are the Features of the Beard Trimmer Wahl that Would Excite You

The Blades Are Real Good. This Wahl Trimmer is made with self-sharpening blades. The blades are individually grounded, which is better than the stamped blades.

The blades are derived from hardened steel, that also comprises of high-carbon. With this type of manufacturing process, the sharpness of the blades would remain incredibly sharp for a very long time.

If you currently have issues of snagging and pulling with your present beard trimmer, ditch it, for the cheap Wahl Groomsman trimmer.

Perfect Design. For those expecting a cheaply made product, you would be greatly disappointed. The ergonomic design features a chrome handle, that has a shiny look to it.

You’ll not have any problems with uncomfortable positions or awkward angles. Most reviewers are very happy with the soft touch.

It comes with a gripping pad that’s located at the bottom and front, which helps guarantee a much more secure grip during your trimming process.

Rechargeable Battery is at Your Convenience. You can operate this beard and mustache trimmer with the aid of a battery, or you can use it plugged into an AC outlet.

It is estimated that the rechargeable battery would last at least 5 years or more. This is the ideal travel companion for men on the road. This device can be completely charged in just a few hours.

Wahl Beard Trimmer Adjustable Features. You can easily get a custom trim with the embedded individualized guides, that comes with the beard trimmer.

With your purchase of this product, you get an attachment called six-position beard guide.

To use it, you attach it to the head of the trimmer for the best consistent custom cut. The positions of the guide can range from 1/8-inch for fine trimming to 1/2-inch long-hair-trimming.

Your daily maintenance needs for your stubble can easily be satisfied by this product. If your desire is to have individual guides, it’s included in the trimmer.

How You Store the Beard Trimmer Wahl. The charger is like a stand, that can hold all the included accessories. If you intend to travel, the snappy pouch has enough room for the included accessories.

About This Company Called Wahl

This has been a growing company, and it’s still family owned. The Wahl Clipper Corporation was founded in 1919, the fifth generation of the same family still have total control.

You should know, that this American firm created the first cordless beard trimmer that was widely accepted by the consumer. This clipper manufacturing company is based in Sterling, Illinois.

Your purchase of the Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer entitles you to a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Main Complaint

Some users complained about the trimmer’s guide design and durability. Some users mentioned that the plastic that the guides were made out of, is not sturdy enough, and can easily be broken if dropped. Some users of the Wahl beard trimmer also experienced the guides falling out during use.

The Reviews

Thousands of men all around the world have tried this product, and the vast majority loved the power of the beard and mustache trimmer. You can click the link Above, to read some of the reviews online.

At least reading some of the existing customer reviews, would provide you many more reasons why the Beard Trimmer Wahl is a good and durable product.

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