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Be Careful What You Eat During the Holidays

You might be surprised to learn that most massive weight gains occur during the festivities of the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Now you know why most weight loss and diet programs are heavily marketed right after the holidays.

The amount of foods and drinks consumed by Americans during this holiday period contributes mightily to our present obesity problems.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you stick to your weight loss goals:

Better Portion Control

You have to be your own person and not follow what others are doing. Just because your cousins, sisters and brothers are present for this thanksgiving holiday celebration should not be used as an excuse to over-indulge in foods and drinks that will make you fat.

Try your best to use a smaller plate for your food portions. Larger plate creates unneeded temptations to eat more than you want to. With the smaller portions on your plate, try your best to eat slowly and masticate your food thoroughly, before you swallow.

Be Careful What You Eat During the Holidays

Stay Away From the Drinks

You should also know that most addictions begin during the holiday celebration season. The temptation to drink wine, hard liquor and other alcoholic beverages is at the highest level during the holiday festivities.

It would be nice if you stayed away from drinking alcohol of any kind. But if you do need a glass of wine to fit into the party atmosphere, use moderation techniques to ensure you do not drink too much.

Use a smaller glass if you want to partake in wine drinking. For hard liquor, try to add other non-alcoholic beverage to ensure you do not drink too much. Try to take just a sip of the alcoholic drink, rather than drinking it like it is a glass of water.

Serve Other Guests

One of the best ways to shed your excess pounds is to exercise while enjoying the holiday festivities. One can assume that you’ll eat less if you’re too busy serving others delicious meals.

If you try to stay on your feet while providing meals and drinks to other guests, you’re bound to remain neutral in the weight gain department.

Make Water Your Drink of Choice

You can be assured that regular water contains almost zero calories and will not contribute to your gaining weight. Cool refreshing water is also the fluid that can flush out any toxins from all the foods and drinks consumed during the holidays.

To eat less, try to drink a full glass of water before any meal. You should also be drinking more water to flush out any toxins consumed while drinking alcohol.

In Conclusion

You can have a good time without stuffing yourself full of foods and drinks that make you feel tired. Be yourself, and try not to imitate what others are doing when it comes to eating or drinking.

From our writers at Atcemsce.org, we wish you a happy and safe holiday celebrations. Moderation in all you do should be your guiding light during this festive thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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