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Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Bike Reviews

If you’re seeking a good way to stay in shape in the comfort of your own home, the Diamondback fitness 510sr recumbent bike is one of the best fitness equipment one can find on the market. Some might call it expensive as compared to other cheaper recumbent bikes, but the quality construction of the product and industry best warranty cannot be disputed.


The Diamondback recumbent bike model 510Sr offers you quiet performance, that’s both smooth and enjoyable. The rugged and solid frame can withstand the rigors of most workout routines.

Included are 20 workout programs one can use for low impact workout, that’s both comfortable and yet effective at keeping you in tip-top shape.

As you workout, you can view your stats through the Scrolling message center. Meaning you can adjust your pedaling steps to increase or decrease your workout goals.

Unlike other recumbent bikes that require you strap a chest device to get accurate heart rate; this one has handgrip sensors built-in to do the job most effectively.

Included are specific programs geared towards your heart rate health. Not only does it track your heart rate, you can use the embedded programs to create a healthier one.

Diamondback fitness 510sr recumbent bike has 16 Electromagnetic resistance levels, and all can be adjusted in specific increments.

This best recumbent indoor cycling bike has an integrated speaker system.

Not only do you get a headphone jack and MP3 connectivity, the included USB port can also be used as a charging station for your digital devices, including your smartphone.

If you’re worried about the temperature in your workout area, it has an integrated cooling fan system to help keep you cool as you pedal away those unwanted pounds in your body.

Not only does it come with a water bottle holder, the included magazine rack comes in handy when you’re intensely focused on your workout goals.

The entire product weight is about 125 pounds while the maximum user weight is limited to 300 pounds.

If you’re still in doubt about the durability of this recumbent bike, the awesome warranty might make you buy one now. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame and brakes, 3 years on the electronics and other parts, plus one year on labor.


With all the impressive features of the Diamondback 510sr, few users had a negative experience on the product details. Few complained the backlit feature was not bright enough in poorly lighted rooms.

While the recumbent bike has an onboard computer system, it cannot keep a log of your workout details over time.

If you want to keep track of your distance, heart rate and calories burned over time, you’ll have to transfer the info after each session before it is erased by newly generated ones.

Is it a Good Buy?

When you look carefully at the embedded features and design metrics, the Diamondback fitness 510sr recumbent bike is as solid as can be. The pre-installed 20 workout programs guarantees you’ll never be bored with any cycling routine, as you have many to select from.

It is also possible to customize your own workout programs using the included “quick keys” which makes it easier to switch between resistance levels.

The water or beverage cup holder is an added fine touch, thus making it easier to continue your workout without the need to stop for water breaks in the kitchen.

You cannot ignore the power of the embedded cooling fan system to keep the heat down in your workout area. This is an ideal must have feature for those that like to pedal for hours at a time.

If your past experience with a recumbent bike involved distracting annoying sounds as you pedal, this model from Diamondback exercise bike is as quiet as can be. It has the right amount of weight to withstand the rigors of pedaling workouts.

The features found in the Diamondback 510sr fitness recumbent bike makes it comparable to those found in gym bikes costing much more.

If you enjoy your personal music as you workout, the integrated iPod/MP3 features will bring joy to your workout routines.

The integrated speaker system and headphone jack provide more comfort, which you’ll come to appreciate once you own one. Not only does it have the latest USB charging technology, the 16 different levels of resistance will guarantee you never get bored with any workout program you choose to work with.

Other Notable Features of the Diamondback fitness 510sr Bike

Wide and Easy to Read Display

The large screen embedded on the Diamondback exercise bike guarantees you’ll be able to read the outputted data. The LCD screen has backlit feature, which makes it easier to view the information even in poorly lighted environments.

Just by holding the handlebars, you can get the latest readout of your heart rate. Other vital statistics you can track through the screen includes elapsed exercise time, your current calories count and distance traveled.

Better Seating

The fun you have riding your indoor recumbent bike can only be made possible if the seating system is comfortable to your butt. The comfort offered by the seating system on the Diamondback 510sr is made possible because it has a sculptured backrest.

So while you enjoy the comfy feeling of the seat base, the backrest is designed to take the pressure off your back during your workout routines. The unique position and design of the seating system protect the joints during vigorous aerobic exercises.

You can use this indoor recumbent bike for some amazing low impact workouts, thus making the product an ideal fitness tool for those suffering from chronic back pain, or those trying to recover from joint injuries.

This is an ideal cycling bike for pregnant women looking to maintain healthy heart rates for the benefit of both the baby and mom to be.

Most importantly, the seat and the backrest can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, which makes it the ideal bike for the different type of users.

Is it Easy to Assemble?

Definite yes, provided you can follow simple, concise and clear instructions. You can find the latest Diamondback 510sr manual – here. All the tools you need to properly install the fitness equipment are included in your delivery package. In the manual, there are diagrams telling you exactly the steps you need to take to assemble each part correctly.

Final Thought

Your decision to own your own Diamondback fitness 510sr will be based on your finances. This recumbent bike from Diamondback is a solid product in every category used to measure good fitness equipment.

Just to prove that the indoor bike is solid and well built, the warranty is probably the best you can find within this niche industry. Currently, the Diamondback 510sr fitness recumbent bike is on sale, and can be purchased through the link underneath the images and video.

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