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Amazon Prime Day Deals on Beauty and Skin Care Products 2016

Regardless of how you feel about online shopping, there is no denying the fact that most Americans love Amazon and how it tries to promote the fast shipment of ordered products. Last year, the online site started a tradition to promote Amazon prime membership deals, and the one for this year is just around the corner.

The will occur on Tuesday, July 12, and if we can go by last year’s sales figures, it promises to be a sales bonanza for consumers looking for the best deals on beauty products, electronics, pet supplies, home gym equipment, flat-screen television sets, and much more.

What is Amazon Prime?

If you find yourself ordering dozens of products every year from Amazon, it might make sense to sign up for Amazon prime, which guarantees to deliver your ordered products to you within two days. As a prime member, you also get to watch your favorite movies and listen to latest songs free or at a much-reduced rate.

If you love to read eBooks, joining Amazon prime will make sense for it has over one million titles in the Kindle library, which you can read for free. Based on some of the leaked numbers from last year prime deals, we take a look at some of the top beauty related products that might be on sale prime day 2016.

The yearly cost of membership if you pay it all at once is $99, or $10.99 if you choose to pay on a monthly basis. You can try out Amazon prime membership sale for the first 30-days, which is free. If you can prove you’re a student, Amazon offers the same membership deals at a fifty percent discount.

You can always try the Amazon Prime free trial membership benefits for 30-days and calculate how much you can save on a monthly or yearly basis.

Amazon Prime Day Deals Review 2016

To entice more people to join the program with all the good features it has to offer, Amazon created a special day where thousands of products are heavily discounted. The biggest problem with the deals on prime day sale 2015, was the time limitation of product offerings.

Some of the prices were so low that people snatched them up within minutes. A friend of mine bought a brand name flat-screen 32-inch television set for $99, but that deal was gone in five minutes with thousands of units sold.

Keep in mind that the Amazon prime membership deals available on that day will come with limited quantities, so you have to push the buy now button once you find what you like. We are going to focus on some of the best Amazon beauty products that could be on sale on this day.

1 – Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

You might be able to fulfill your desire to whiten your teeth if you find the Crest 3D whitening kit on sale this Tuesday, July 12, 2016, during Amazon prime day sales event. You can buy one with 20-treatments, 24-treatments, or 25-treatments.

This whitening kit from the same company that brought you Crest toothpaste can whiten your teeth in as little as 30-minutes. The strips are designed to stay in place as all the old, ugly stains get removed permanently.

The complete list of Amazon prime sale 2016 products is not yet available due to the limited quantities, but you should consider yourself lucky if you find these best teeth whitening kit from Crest on sale.

2 – The Best Dead Sea Mud Mask from Pure Body Naturals

Another durable product for beauty is the Dead Sea mud mask from a company called Pure body naturals. This product is the ultimate treatment to use when wanting to reduce wrinkles or minimize pores.

This mud mask from the Dead Sea region is powerful enough to get rid of pimples, acne, and blackheads, while fighting against the elements that could cause more breakouts to occur on your skin.

This mud mask product is also capable of melting away cellulite, which ultimately leads to better blood flow. Do not hesitate to push the buy now button if you find this beauty product among the Amazon prime membership sale this July 12, 2016.

3 – Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor with Flexball Handle Technology

For men looking for a good manual shaving razor, the ProGlide from Gillette is as good as it gets. During the Amazon prime deals in 2015, I was lucky enough to get one while it was on sale. In fact, I was able to buy several, before the sale concluded in less than one hour.

Forget that cheap manual razor you’re presently using for this one comes with something called Flexball handle technology. The razor has the ability to follow the contours of your face for the best close shave any man would want.

The inclusion of a precision trimmer on the back of the razor guarantees you can perform accurate edging. This product is usually on sale on this big day, the question will be can you move fast enough to get your desired quantity before it runs out.

4 – Art Naturals Lavender Essential Oil 4 oz. 3pc Set

If you’re into aromatherapy, this lavender essential oil from a company called Art Naturals is one of the best. The oil itself is 100% pure with therapeutic grade qualities. The lavender smell is calming and will reduce stress as soon as it hits your living quarter environment.

This oil is undiluted and unfiltered, and completely free of additives, toxins, or preservatives. There are many ways to use this essential oil, but you get the benefit by using a few drops in a well-designed oil diffuser machine.

Search Amazon for prime day sale, for this is the type of aromatherapy product that is usually offered for sale. Most products offered this prime day sale are discounted tremendously, which means you have to move very fast before the limited quantity is depleted.

5 – Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100

For those looking for a facial hair cutting kit be on the lookout for the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100. The kit includes a nose trimmer, mustache and beard trimmer, full trimmer, detail trimmer and a stubble comb.

It is made to be 100% water resistant, which makes it easier to keep it clean. This Multigroom kit from Philips Norelco is just as popular like the hundreds of deals on pet supplies this Amazon prime day 2016.

6 – Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face

This is a Retinol moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic acid. This cream you can use on your face also includes green tea and vitamin E. It is the ultimate product one can use to make the human skin soft, toned, glowing, and smooth.

This Retinol moisturizer is manufactured with no harmful fragrances, parabens, fillers, or dyes. You can use it to reduce the appearance of aging signs on your face, provided you’re also engaging in sensible lifestyle choices.

The beauty product for reducing wrinkles or aging signs was on sale last year during Amazon prime day sale 2015, for my wife was able to buy several bottles at an incredibly low price. Do pay attention this prime day 2016, for product sales tend to repeat.

7 – Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor

I have noticed that more women are growing hairs in all the wrong places. If you pay careful attention when in public places you’ll notice more women shaving. This razor from Gillette is built for the needs of women and can be used to shave all body parts.

The Gillette Venus Embrace is designed to curve your body as you eliminate body hairs for the most comfortable close shave. Not only is the handle designed to enhance the grip, most of the feedbacks from existing users love the performance metrics of this shaving tool.

Final Thought on the Amazon Prime Membership Deals

Some of the products found on Amazon will not be offered for sale this Amazon prime sale 2016. You can always try the membership deal for 30-days free, before deciding if it is worth the asking price. It will be hard to be aware of all the products on sale this day, but keep an eye on the items you desire the most.

Based on last year’s stats, electronics were big sellers just like beauty products. It might be better if you shopped early morning Tuesday, July 12, 2016, for your Amazon prime deals before most Americans wake up.

Some of the discounts might appear to be a trick, so push the buy now button once you find what you like before the limited quantity is sold out.

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