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Here Are Some of The Most Popular Shaving Mugs

Shaving mugs enable the shaver or the user to stimulate a creamy and thick lather, for the best most comfortable close shave.

The use of shaving mugs can vary based on culture, but please do not use it to serve coffee if you have too many guests in your home.

This plays a significant role in the life of shavers dating back to the year of the first ruthless razors. These mugs are created for those seeking a creamy and thick lather in order to have a perfect shave.

Depending on the style, some mugs allow the trimming brush to be positioned securely while utilizing the razor to trim.

Various Kinds of Shaving Mugs

Shaving mugs are available in a broad selection of styles, sizes, shapes, and designs. The most popular design is the Victorian mug.

The typical Victorian styles of shaving mugs have a durable handle, and can accommodate hard soap trimming refill. Other kinds of shaving mugs accessible come with simple ergonomic style.

This plain mug design comes with an ideally molded handle on the side, which allows for safe holding and fine balance while applying lather.

The most popular materials used in manufacturing shaving mugs are porcelain and ceramic. Other materials utilized for trimming mugs are bone china and pewter.

Collectibles Shaving Mugs

Nowadays, antique shaving mug is a common collectible that can fetch a large amount of money in an auction.

Their extensive selection of designs as well as craftsmanship makes these sought-after by collectors of metal works, porcelain, fraternal organizations, and shaving memorabilia dealers.

The shaving mug is frequently collected through style, the most common being the work related mug depicting the trade and the name of the owners.

Other collectible styles of shaving mugs include:

> Marketing mugs with business logos and name
> Decorated porcelain shaving mugs from famous manufacturers
> Character mugs that are shaped like objects, people, and animals
> Scuttle shaving mugs, with their exclusive brush wetting tank
> Shaving mugs made of metal, particularly in silver plate or sterling silver
> Commemorative, souvenir and fraternal society shaving mugs
> Mugs that depicts a favorite sport and a form of transportation

Promotional Tool Shaving Mugs

Some manufacturers use the mugs in order to promote their products such as soap. Aside from this, they also use it as a giveaway, depicting the name and the business logo.

This strategy can lead to improvement in their sales. Commemorative and souvenir shaving mugs continue to become popular.

In fact, some mugs are depicted with holiday places and public events such as the grand opening of a hotel and other businesses. This is also utilized by some politicians in order to become popular with the voters.

Where to Get Shaving Mugs

Shaving mugs these days are available from specialty shops and grooming supply stores for men.

If you are looking for antique shaving mugs, you can visit resale shops, antique stores, online bidding websites and anywhere else.

Some of the most top rated shaving mugs are:

Shaving Factory Shaving Mug, 12 Ounce

If you’ve been searching for a high-quality shaving mug, look no further than Shaving Factory’s 12 Ounce Shaving Mug.

Unlike other shaving mugs currently on the market, Shaving Factory’s 12 Ounce Shaving Mug is constructed from the highest quality stoneware. This allows for a much more durable mug than most.

If ease of use is a concern for you, Shaving Factory’s 12 Ounce Shaving Mug comes with a handle, which allows for a cleaner grip and makes the mug a worthy travel companion.

Shaving Factory’s mug recognizes that the user enjoys heat retention. The design of Shaving Factory’s 12 Ounce Shaving Mug is specifically contoured for maximum heat retention.

The mug’s perfect size and easy to use features make this a must own.

It has the ability to hold the right amount of soap and durability, which makes the Shaving Factory’s 12 Ounce Shaving Mug the perfect addition to your old fashion style shaving ritual.

Marvy Shaving Mug Rubber Green

Some might call it the King Of Shaving Mugs! I received my Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug in the mail as a gift, and I must say that I simply love it! It is the best gift that I have received in a long time.

In fact, I had not ever considered that there would be a shaver cup that is rubber, unbreakable or noise free when I’m mixing my shaving cream onto my brush. A simple but genius product!

I also really like the depth of the Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug. It has a deep base and the ridges in the bottom help control the mixture of my shaving cream, creating foaming bubbles, covering my brush.

The Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug is suited well for the bathroom because it will not break. So there’s no worry of broken pieces of porcelain lingering around.

Therefore, the Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug is safe to leave around children just in case you are in a hurry and you forget to put it away.

Lastly, the Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug fits comfortably into my hand. The handle is large enough that I can fit my fingers through and hold on to the cup without losing grip.

I highly recommend the Green Rubber Marvy Shaving Mug. Thanks to whoever had that “AHA” moment and created this awesome shaving mug.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set

The Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set is made for The Classiest Of Men!

After several years of shaving with cheap disposable razors, I decided that cheaply made products are not worthy of my face.

I searched for a better product, something manlier and classier. Then I came across the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set. I was not disappointed.

With the apothecary mug, the wonderfully smelling soap, and the soft badger hair brush, I fell in love.

The Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set, is made for the classiest of men. Never have I been so excited to lather up my face with soap and feel a soft brush across my chin.

On top of the wonderful daily experience, it didn’t break my wallet, either!

If you are looking for a classy, inexpensive, well-made gift, the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set is the perfect gift to give to any guy. It’s not just a shave set, its class!

Marvy Shaving Gift Set Contains Mug, Brush, and Soap

There’s No Feeling Like been fresh from the Barbers Shave! Shaving is an everyday routine for most.

While there are an abundance of different types of shaving creams and razors, most are lackluster and not really helpful for your skin.

The point of shaving cream was to make it more convenient to shave at home, cutting out the hassle of taking a trip to the barber.

But unlike back then shaving creams can be really harsh on the face and dry out one’s skin causing irritation which contributes to bumps and ingrown hairs.

There is a way to get that fresh barber like shave in the convenience of your bathroom without the use of generic over the counter shaving creams with Marvy Shaving Gift Set, containing shaving mug, brush, and soap.

The mug, with its cool retro design, is plastic which is really nice for those of us who are clumsily inclined. It’s unbreakable, and a nice size to create a nice rich lather.

The 100% natural boar bristles on the brush are sturdy enough to gather a nice lather yet gentle on the skin when applying to the face.

The soap has moisturizers, unlike most generic over the counter shaving creams, which soften the skin and face for a smoother-closer shave.

Not only does this set give you a nostalgic look back into the days of going to get a shave with its turn of the century design, it also provides the same feel and richness as going to a barber in the convenience of your own home.

If you like a smooth face, you will like Marvy shaving gift set.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle Review! The Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving soap bowl with handle makes the perfect gift for a wet shaving man.

It is ideal for hard to find shaving soap refills and it’s an essential item for those who use a shaving brush.

With its classic black porcelain surface and logo, the Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving soap bowl with handle is the ultimate in style.

Pair it with the Edwin Jagger soap as an accompaniment. Reviews show that the Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving soap bowl with handle is a classy and practical soap bowl for the wet shaver.

It’s 4.8 X 3 inch size is unobtrusive and can be easily stored in a bathroom cabinet.

When looking for a compact yet classy shaving soap bowl with handle, look no further than the Edwin Jagger porcelain shaving soap bowl with handle.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (Soap, Bowl, Brush)

The Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set comes with Soap, Bowl, and Brush! Really love this set that I got as a Father’s day gift.

I had been using regular body soap or generic shaving creams to shave that were causing skin irritation on my face. I soon developed ugly red rash-like spots all over my chin and cheeks – occasional ingrown hairs.

Switching to this shave soap has made a big difference in making my skin look better after shaving. I think the amount of moisturizers in the soap/lather helps.

Plus there is something about the process of lathering up the soap and brushing it on that makes you feel a bit debonair!

Makes you want to whistle a swift tune and put a flower in your button as you get cleaned and dressed.

There are certainly pricier and finer sets, but this one looks good, smells good, and lasts for quite a few shaves (I’ve done a dozen and still going). So why pay more?

Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl with Ball Grip Handle

Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl With Ball Grip Handle; This is a Quick Review! The Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl with Ball Grip Handle is an interesting concept.

It is almost four inches tall and the top is wider than the bottom. It has a flat base rather than being rounded out like traditional shaving bowls.

Also featured is a ball-shaped handle designed for a better grip to get a good lather going.

The Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl with Ball Grip Handle is nice, but not ideal. It’s pretty solid, without being too heavy or fragile.

The handle, while easy to grasp under dry conditions, is harder to hold with wet hands.

The bottom is flat, making it sit well on the counter or shower ledge. However, this can be either good or bad, depending on your personal preference of a rounder bowl versus a flat bowl.

Overall, the Ceramic Shaving Shave Soap Mug Bowl with Ball Grip Handle is a good buy for its price.

The design is a bit unconventional, making this an ideal shaving mug based strictly on personal preference.

Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup with Soap

The Santa Fe Shave Cup & Soap makes for a handsome and effective shaving set.

The ceramic bowl is just the right size and shape for creating a good lather.

The bowl is perhaps hand-made or looks handmade. Either way it looks good enough to stay out on a bathroom counter and keep for a long time.

It has a nice weight to it – not too flimsy or clunky or delicate. The soap had a pleasant light smell and did not bother my somewhat sensitive skin.

Overall this wasn’t the cheapest shave set, but if you’re looking for something that is unique, well-crafted, and looks a bit more grown up, that you’ll use for a long time, this is a good buy.

I only wish that maybe the soap had been a bit larger or more than 1 piece had come with the set.

William Marvy Shaving Mug

This is a brief description For The William Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug! The William Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug is perfect for men that shave in the traditional way.

It is made of rubber, which prevents noises when accidentally struck by straight razors.

The William Marvy Shaving mug is also indestructible because it is made of rubber, rather than ceramic.

This also prevents breakage and damage in the bathroom, where it will just bounce around if dropped rather than shatter or cause damage.

The William Marvy Shaving Mug is very large and holds a large amount of warm water! It was designed for just shaving, so the bottom of the cup securely holds standardized packs of shaving soap in place.

The shape of the cup makes building up a lather much easier than other tools, saving time and shaving soap.

The William Marvy Shaving Mug is a great gift for any man that loves traditional shaving, and one of a perfect tool for men new to the world of old style classic shaving method.

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