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Try the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades for Razor Bumps

As a man, when you look in the mirror at your face what do you see? Do you walk around with shaving bumps and hope all day the ladies would not notice them? Better yet, if you were a fine lady would you date someone like you with a face full of stubble and looking like the cavemen from generations past?

The way you answer those questions is your personal prerogative because no one will be around to judge you except your lonely self. Believe it or not,

You can consider me a friend due to the information you will learn about this cool double edge razor blade that is sharp enough to get rid of your shaving bump issues, provided you eat right and also get your butt off to the gym once in a while.

The Wilkinson Sword classic double edge blades are made to be utilized in a safety razor, and the brand I would recommend you get is the Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor.

Don’t get me wrong, you can rush out and buy a cheaply made brand from your neighborhood dollar store and then watch as your face reacts to the poor treatment you’re giving it.

Better yet, you can invest in the DE razor blades from Wilkinson and get that manly face your lady would love to touch all day long. Before getting to the things the Wilkinson Sword double edge blades can do for a clean shaven look, a brief history of how this company developed is appropriate.

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Wilkinson Sword Historical facts

In 1772, a guy named Henry Nock founded this company to produce swords, which was the weapon of choice for the many wars fought in those days. As the company grew and prospered they also started making bayonets, guns, and other products like gardening shears and typewriters.

The first safety razor blades by Wilkinson was introduced in 1962, and it became an instant hit with consumers all around the world. It immediately became known as the go to double edge razor blades for men looking for the most comfortable close shave.

This brand is currently owned by Edgewell Personal Care, and the Wilkinson Sword double edge blades are now all made in Germany. {1}

The company claims that despite the fact that these DE blades are not made using stainless steel it will maintain its sharpness far longer than brands made from that material. I use this blade in my safety razor on a daily basis and my personal opinion will be towards the end of this post.

Features of the Wilkinson Sword Razor Blades

I am not a fan of gun manufacturers, and discovering Wilkinson used to make guns, swords, and bayonets, some of which help foster atrocities all around the world was a bit disturbing. But who am I to judge, for many of the manufacturers of different products have shady past activities that might shock some of you.

These double edge razor blades are triple coated, which helps with fighting off corrosion forces.

The triple coating process is also what gives the blade better durability, which also guarantees less irritation as you get a clean shave.

Due to the unique combination of several materials used to make this shaving blade, it is guaranteed to remain sharper far longer than most high-end blades made from stainless steel.

Feedbacks from Real Users

While I am a user of this double edge blades from Wilkinson, I thought it would be nice to summarize some of the reliable features and negative feedbacks from real users of the product that can help any man get rid of stubble quickly.


A long term user with coarse, heavy beard gave it high marks for ensuring a smooth shave all the time, without any redness or burns.

I chuckled when I read a feedback from a lady that bought it for her grumpy grandpa who has almost nothing positive to say about most products, except for this razor blades from Wilkinson.

A long-term Army Vet said this blade has served him well in both good and bad times. He said it was the preferred de razor blades by the troops during the Vietnam War.

There are hundreds of feedbacks lauding the ability of the WilkinSwordword classic double edge blades to enable a clean and comfortable close shave for any man, and you can read more of them here


Just like any product or service, there will be unsatisfied customers with issues. Some are legitimate, but some are pure hogwash if you asked me, especially when it comes to this, product.

A guy complained he did not receive the right number of blades in his order, which is quite a legitimate reason to gripe and give it three stars out of a possible five stars. Do keep in mind, he confessed it was one of the sharpest DE blades he ever used in his lifetime.

Someone actually gave the product three stars because it did not exceed the performance of the higher priced brands. Common people, am I the only one seeing the idiocy in this gripe?

The most annoying negative feedback was from several current users pissed off because the Wilkinson sword classic double edge blades were too sharp.

Sharpness is one of the features you want in a top brand of double edge razor blades, and Wilkinson blades deliver this feature flawlessly.

Above is a YouTube video with two guys explaining what this safety razor blades can do to help you quickly get rid of your stubble on a daily basis.

My Personal Experience with the Wilkinson Sword Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades Review


It took a long time before I started to take my personal grooming seriously. Unfortunately, many years ago, a fine chick broke up with me because she thought I was not up to date with my grooming steps.

Ladies, it is not true that men don’t cry, they just do it when no one is around. That breakup woke me up to the essence of what I needed to do on a daily basis. I completely changed my whole routine when it came to shaving and dressing.

One of the habits I adopted was wet shaving, as I discovered it made it possible to shave without getting any burns or redness on my handsome face. The problems must new wet shavers discover is the lack of sharpness with even some of the top brands of razor blades.

A buddy pushed me to give the Wilkinson Sword double edge razor blades a try, and it was a marriage made in heaven from then one. All jokes aside, this is an excellent product with an uncompromising sharpness to it, and I would urge you to take it easy, and not rush your morning shave routine.

Other evaluations found online called this product one of the elite safety razor blades one can buy for less. Will the Wilkinson Sword razor blades give you the ability to get a comfortable and clean close shave? Absolutely yes!