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What Causes Constipation? Some of the Natural Home Remedies to Cure the Symptoms

It is only when humans feel sick do they realize that good health is the true wealth in this world. What good will money be if you’re not well, or confronted by one of the many diseases known to render even the toughest human helpless? While constipation is hardly fatal, the symptoms can make life unbearable for the sufferer, if the right home remedy or medicine is not utilized.

What is Constipation?

When you have fewer bowel movements you might be constipated. In severe cases, it is possible to go several days without any bowel movement. The most annoying aspect of dealing with constipation is the feeling that you need to poop but nothing comes out while you’re seating on the toilet seat.

In severe cases, you might feel a constant need to go and nothing comes out, or the little that comes out is dry, hard, or too small. It is also possible for any little excrement that comes out to cause pain in your butt hole. Before you go searching for the home remedies to alleviate the symptoms, it is appropriate to know the main causes of the condition.

What Can Cause Constipation?

What Causes Constipation? Some of the Best Natural Home Remedies to Cure the Symptoms

Wish we could give you a straight answer to the question of what cause constipation? The root cause of the condition can vary from person to person, but there are similarities that have been identified over the years, which makes it possible to list some of the constipation causes.

Before you rush out searching for the medicine for constipation or natural remedies you can use at home, constipation is just a way for your body to communicate with you that some of your lifestyle choices need to change.

So, to cure constipation permanently you have to identify what caused the condition in the first place. The most common reasons for constipation are:

Toxic Lifestyle and Lack of Physical Exercises

The number of Americans lacking in daily or weekly physical exercise regimen is quite astounding. The type of food you eat can create havoc on your digestive tracts, which can lead to the manifestation of constipation symptoms.

Unfortunately, most of the foods to help constipation are the ones humans shy away from. The common foods causing constipation include the ones that are highly sweetened with questionable sweeteners and the types sold by most fast food restaurants.

Foods that are high in fat and low in fiber contents can and will slow down your digestion, which ultimately leads to the development of constipation symptoms. When you’re constipated, cut down on your intake of eggs, meat, and other high fatty foods, to alleviate the condition.

Also, try to masticate your food properly before swallowing, to make it easier for your digestive system to process the ingredients. You should chew your food into liquid form before swallowing, or you’ll be creating more work for your intestinal organs. Properly chewing your food is also a good way to eat less and stay in shape.

Take every opportunity to engage in physical activities to loosen up key muscles that would make going to the bathroom easier to bear. It is only when you use up more calories than you consume would you experience any permanent weight loss.

Reduce Your Dependence on Laxatives

I have a friend that take a laxative at least once a week. While laxatives can be looked at as an effective stimulant that can restore your bathroom regularity, the chance of getting addicted is quite high.

Laxatives function by tricking your body to process the stored waste right away, which bypasses the natural mechanisms responsible for such functions. You need to address the root cause of your constipation instead of using laxatives, which can lead to acute addiction and waste of your money.

Be Careful of Medications

It might come as a shock to many, that one of the common side-effects of popular over-the-counter and prescribed medications is constipation. If you notice a drastic change in your bowel movement regularity after commencing a medication, you should let your personal physician know right away, before the symptoms get worse.

Some of the most common medications that can cause or increase constipation symptoms include antacids, anticonvulsants, diuretics, and blood pressure medicines. Read the side effects of your medications carefully to make sure constipation is not one of them.

Constipation Due to Pregnancy or Childbirth

It is quite common for pregnant women to experience some form of constipation. A slight change in diet might help to alleviate the condition. Some of the anesthetic drugs administered during childbirth might also cause the condition by creating sluggishness within the abdominal muscles.

The type of constipation caused by childbirth is usually temporary and should subside with the resumption of regular dieting and physical activities.

Other Health Conditions

There are quite a number of health conditions that can cause constipation symptoms to manifest. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, chances are high you’ll experience constipation symptoms in one form or another.

Any health condition that requires the use of prescribed medication can cause the condition to show up, so be mindful and ask your physician the right questions ahead of time.

Types of Constipation

It is quite hard to classify the condition, but the symptoms do give us a clue as to what to call your constipation condition. Those suffering from acute constipation are usually dealing with symptoms that can occur all of a sudden without warning, which might be as a result of binge eating or other isolated incidents.

The digestive organs are sensitive and might react adversely to certain foods you eat, which leads to a temporary suspension of its normal activities. Acute constipation symptoms will not last long and you can expect a return to normal bowel movement within a few days, provided the factors responsible are not still present.

The other type is called chronic constipation, which is what your symptoms will become if your stool movement does not get back to normal within a few days. When suffering from chronic constipation you’ll experience more pain, and any poop that comes out will be accompanied by pain in the stomach and anus area.

It is quite common to find the presence of chronic constipation where other diseases are present. It might be a reflection that your colon has stopped eliminating waste and you need the services of a medical doctor to get well again.

Home Remedies for Constipation

Rarely do you hear people talk about the fact they cannot get out the bodily waste on a regular basis? Most people would do Google searches looking for what to do for constipation than ask a friend or next door neighbor.

Constipation is one of those things that happens to everybody, and the key fact is to learn from it and eliminate the symptoms that caused it in the first place. The most effective constipation home remedies are:

1 – Do Some Physical Exercises

It is sad, but also true that most Americans sit for too many hours on a daily basis. If you have a job that requires you move around all day, consider yourself lucky for that is not the case with most professions. Just ask yourself, how many hours do you spend sitting on a daily basis?

When you exercise your muscles, your internal organs would also be going through changes that would stimulate and enable timely bodily waste removal. If all you do is eat and don’t exercise, not only would you be accumulating additional weight, but your bowel movement regularity might also be compromised.

2 – Olive Oil for Constipation

If you can get your hands on natural olive oil, your constipation symptoms might be short lived. Olive oil excites the digestive system to get it to do its original function, which is process the foods you eat on a timely basis so that you can have a regular bowel movement when you’re suffering from constipation.

This home remedy for constipation works better when done on an empty stomach. You can drink one tablespoonful of olive oil, or you can combine it with one tablespoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice to get it to work faster at restoring your regularity.

3 – Drink Warm Lemon Water

Squeezing the juice from fresh lemons into a cup full of warm water is usually enough to get relief from your constipation symptoms. Drinking lemon water can help your body get rid of waste much faster than any other substance.

Just ignore the sour or bland taste, for drinking it will enable your internal organs to get to work faster at removing the toxins that might be responsible for the constipation symptoms in the first place. It is one of the most ideal and cheapest natural home remedies for constipation.

4 – Coffee Might Help Relief Constipation Symptoms

Coffee contains some form of caffeine, and that substance is a well-known diuretic and in some constipation, sufferers might also encourage quicker bowel movement. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant for your digestive system, and one of the side-effects is the need to poop.

Just remember that too much of everything can be detrimental to a healthy body It is also true that caffeine can cause dehydration if you’re not drinking enough water on a daily basis.

5 – You Can Get Relief by Using Aloe Vera Juice

You need the juice from a fresh Aloe Vera plant as it contains more concentrated natural ingredients than the commercial grade Aloe Vera juice. Mix two tablespoonful of the Aloe Vera juice into a cup of orange juice and you’re bound to have a bowel movement within a few hours.

Make sure you’re close to a bathroom facility as the need for bathroom break might be sooner than you think after drinking this mixture.

6 – Employ the Power of Epsom Salt

Drinking 2-tablespoonful of Epsom salt with fruit juice is powerful at alleviating the symptoms of constipation because it will help soften the stool, thus making it easier to come out.

The magnesium present in the substance will cause the right agitation of your bowel muscles, which also leads to easier waste removal.

7 – You Can Use Prune Juice

Just by eating fresh natural prunes or drinking concentrated prune juice your bowel movement regularity can be restored. Do not drink too much at once, for it might make you spend too much time in the bathroom than you want to.

It is never wise to drink prune juice while on the road, for you might get the call of nature faster than you know it. This is one natural remedy for constipation you want to use while at home and close to a bathroom facility.

In Conclusion

There are other foods to help with constipation like spinach, green leafy vegetables, avocados, etc. For the foods to relieve constipation to work right, you need to pay attention to your other lifestyle activities. The fact that your stool is not regular should be a warning that all is not well with your dieting and other lifestyle choices.

Actually, the ultimate cure for constipation is not to have the condition in the first place. While laxatives can offer you relief from the constipation symptoms, the addiction signs should not be ignored if you find yourself using it on a regular basis.

Constipation is just one of the many ways your body communicates to you that all is not well within your digestive organs. What causes constipation is usually known to the sufferer, and it is up to the individual to make the required lifestyle changes to permanently eliminate the symptoms from your life forever.