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What are the Benefits of Black Seed Oil?

Based on all the medicinal studies and blog postings about black seed oil, one can conclude that it is well regarded as a healing product with mysterious powers. The same people that tell you what it can do might not be able to explain why this ancient oil is so well-like by scientist within the medical community.

Truth be told, I have used this oil several times in the past upon the recommendation of a friend who also happens to be a doctor.

While this oil is not as popular as green tea or even castor oil, but it’s gaining popularity on a regular basis as more consumers discover what it can do. Before we get too carried away about the black seed oil benefits, an appropriate introduction is required to give the right context to this black seed oil brand post.

What We Know About Black Seed Oil

What exactly is black seed oil? From all the available information about black seed oil, its use goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. While the way the ancient Egyptians deployed or used this oil is still a mystery, there is no doubt it was widely utilized from the evidence collected from opening some of the tombs of the pharaohs.

The name for the black seed oil might be different depending on your country of residence. Another widely used name in western countries for this healing substance is Nigella Sativa.

What are the Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Other well-known names for this natural plant seed are Kalonji Oil, Black Cumin, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Black Caraway, Nigella Seeds, Habbatus Sauda, Graine De Nigelle, Black Sesame, Black Onion Seed, Onion seed, and Schwarzkummel.

There might be other names out there on the list, hopefully, our readers can chime in the comments section. Some have speculated that the Nigella Sativa plant can be found in abundance in Asia, which might not tell the whole story of how it can be found growing abundantly in many other countries all around the world.

The oil itself is extracted when the seeds are squeezed or compressed. The manufacturing process is the key to determining the quality of the black seed oil you end up with.

Just by looking at the seeds you might not think much about what they can do, but within each tiny black seed are healing natural properties to help with inflammation and bacterial infection.

Just like any natural ingredient that is actually healthy for the body, the total truth about what the oil can do for the body has cleverly been concealed. What we have is a compilation of different studies confirming that the oil is also a good antifungal, antihistamine, antiviral, anticoagulant, etc. and many others.

What are the Benefits of Black Seed Oil?

As we explore the black seed oil benefits, we’ll also take a look at the many ways this ancient ingredient is utilized. The oil derived from the black seeds both have health and beauty benefits, and the sections of this post will feature certain products containing this miraculous natural ancient ingredient.

While it has been established that black seeds oil contain antioxidant properties and may be applied to help reduce inflammation, I will urge you not to suspend your common sense when it comes to analyzing if these claims are accurate.

This will also apply to products for hair and skin care made using black seed oil as the most active ingredient. Let’s first analyze the black seed oil health benefits, because as we all know, the state of your health is your true wealth.

Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Reduction in High Blood Pressure

If you have an elevated high blood pressure, taking the oil internally for several months can help to bring it down to healthy acceptable levels. That was one of the reasons why I started using this oil in the first place.

Mind you, my high blood pressure was also affected by my weight gain, and as soon as I started a good physical workout regimen the symptoms simply disappeared.

Is it true to say that the cold pressed black seed oil solely was responsible for bringing my blood pressure under control? No, because I was also exercising and eating right.

Did it help, definitely yes, but my results can be traced to the combination of all those health altering activities I started doing while also using black seed oil extract?

Can Help Reduce High Cholesterol

As you all know, one of the major health issues with obesity is high cholesterol levels. Mine was going off the chart but came down to acceptable levels once I got my weight under control.

I took a few drops of the Black caraway oil on a daily basis. While the black seed oil did help, it is my belief that losing a few pounds also played a significant role.

Now, would it be possible to reduce high cholesterol levels by just using black seed oil while remaining fat, probably not, when you apply the common sense test?

It’s like killing a bunch of roaches but you never did anything to clean your dirty environment, more of them will probably be knocking on your door faster than you know it.

It is the presence of natural linoleic and oleic acids within the seeds that give it that healing power. So it is true that black seed oil can help bring your cholesterol to healthy levels, but it is the changes you make to your lifestyle choices that’ll make the results permanent.

Other Health Benefits Attributed to Black Seed Oil

I am certainly not a fan of blog postings that try to portray this substance as the ultimate one cure fits all healing product. The following black seed oil claims should be looked at with your common sense lenses on, be use the benefits might not last unless the causation factors for the symptoms are adequately addressed.

Some have claimed that the oil is powerful enough to help elevate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Since it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it is alright to assume the substance can help decrease asthma symptoms. While some test on lab rats have confirmed that black seed oil led to the reduction in the growth of tumors, more testing is needed to establish the link conclusively.

The claim that it might be the ultimate cancer fighter ingredient cannot be adequately established or confirmed due to the nature of the disease and its symptoms. It is also widely claimed that this healthy oil can help heal the liver, which is one of the key most active organs in the human body.

Your liver can be adversely affected by the side effects of medication, alcohol consumption, and other activities. If you’re recovering from liver problems it is certainly within reason to conclude that the properties present within this oil can help fasten the healing process.

Other health benefits attributed to this substance include help with allergies, eczema, digestion, candida, heart health, and immune health.

Now that we have what some of the health benefits of black seed oil are, let’s take a closer look of some of the health enhancing products created from this powerful substance.

1 – Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil aa5ASXZDE2314

This is probably the most amazing name for a product that can help enhance your overall body health. The Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil is manufactured using a cold-pressing technique, which is probably the best way to extract all the properties from the black seeds without the addition of any chemicals.

It is also available in liquid form if you’re not that fond of popping capsules. All you need is just one or two spoonful every day to get all the benefits to your health attributed to black seed extract oil.

This black seed oil from Amazing Herbs contains ample amounts of essential fatty acids that are unsaturated. The oil is presented in the form of soft gel capsules that one can take twice on a daily basis to get all the benefits attributed to the Nigella Sativa seeds.

2 – Health Logics Black Cumin Seed Oil Softgels

Health Logics Black Cumin Seed Oil Softgels


I must confess that the name for this brand is quite appropriate for a black seed capsule that can enhance the overall health of an individual. If you want all the benefits of black seed oil the soft gel capsules from Health Logics can make that happen.

All you need to do to get the properties found within black seeds is to take one of the dietary supplement two to four times on a daily basis. It is better if you consumed the soft gel capsule with your meal.

Please refrain from using this black cumin seed oil soft gels from Health Logics if you’re pregnant. Nursing mothers should seek the advice of a medical doctor before using this supplement made with the active ingredient black seed oil extract.

3 – Keter Wellness Black Seed Extract

Keter Wellness Black Seed Extract


Among the many capsules made using black seed extract, the product from a company called Keter Wellness claims to be vegetarian. The manufacturer claims it is capable of enhancing the functioning of your immune system.

Since it is manufactured in the USA, one of the marketing claims is the fact that it contains no additives or fillers. Even a few users claimed it is the right product to use when seeking a healthy blood glucose level.

The black seed capsules from Keter Wellness is also free of any harmful or artificial ingredients. It is said to only contain 100% of the original Nigella Sativa Extract.

The Beauty Benefits of Using Black Seed Oil

There are many black seed oil beauty benefits but we’ll be exploring just the most important ones. This substance is widely utilized in the formulation of many skin care products, but one has to wonder why.

Let’s consider some of the benefits attributed to using a beauty product with black seed oil as the most active ingredient.

Effective for Acne

If you’re prone to acne breakouts perhaps you should try a product containing at least 15% or more of black seed extract oil to reduce the symptoms. Do keep in mind that most often, acne problems are a reflection of what you consume on a daily basis. So, to make the clear skin last, pay close attention to the type of foods you eat every day.

Benefits the Hair

This substance is quite popular among hair product manufacturers because a fair amount in the formulation will not only help soften the follicles but also create fabulous shine.

Since the oil contains an adequate supply of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties some have speculated that it can help promote new hair growth.

When next you’re shopping for good hair care products, look closely at the ingredients to see if black seed oil is utilized.

Skin Benefits

I might go out on a limb here to say that the properties present in black seed oil can help elevate the symptoms of psoriasis. The oil has also been linked to better skin hydration due to its many moisturizing qualities.

If you want some of the skin benefits linked to black seed oil, find a beauty product that contains the substance to get a softer skin.

Since it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it is quite reasonable to assume that it can help enhance the faster healing of most wounds. Skin care product containing a fair amount of the substance can help your body develop a healthier looking skin.

Black Seed Oil Beauty Products

4 – Madina Black Seed Facial Cream

Madina Black Seed Facial Cream aa5QWERT578

Madina black seed facial cream contains enough natural extract of the seed to ensure your skin is smoother, firmer, and more beautiful after prolong use.

Based on the information we got from the manufacturer’s website and feedbacks from some of the current users, this cream will instantly be absorbed by the skin, thus providing it will all the required nutrients.

The natural oils and the vitamin E present in the formulation will offer the skin some protection from the bright sunlight and environmental pollutants.

Despite the low pricing, it also contains ample amount of antioxidants, which can provide that needed glow to a healthy skin.

5 – Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil

Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil AA5790OLPKJ

Personally, I am not a fan of reality celebrities, but my girlfriend tried this dry oil from the Kardashian beauty collection and she keeps reminding me how great it makes her hair look. Truth be told, her hair is always totally well managed, and she does it all by herself.

It is available for purchase in a three-ounce bottle, but all you need to get your hair smooth, shiny, and gloriously thick, is just a small amount.

Since my girlfriend’s hair is always on point and well groomed, this product must be capable of rejuvenating and nourishing hair follicles to bring it back to life. It will allow you to have that glamorous finish just like she does every day of the week.

How to Use Black Seed Oil

The appropriate way to use any black seed oil product will be provided by the manufacturer on the packaging because it is required by law and makes good business sense.

If you’re looking to ingest the black seed oil for all its health benefits, may I insist you look for one that is purely cold pressed without any chemical extraction, and made from only organic ingredients? It might cost a little more, but your health is worth it.

If you’re seeking black seed oil for weight loss you surely would be disappointed, as the only true way to shed those extra pounds is to eat less and do more physical exercises.

The scant supply of beauty products made from this ingredients will change in due time as more consumers get acquainted with all it can do to enable glowing, beautiful, and glowing skin and hair.

Hopefully, some of the provided information in this posting will help answer the question of what are the benefits of black seed oil. The properties found in the black seeds are powerful, and you can be sure more products will be forthcoming in the next few years.