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TheraBreath Reviews

It is quite difficult to have a good conversation flow with someone with a very bad breath. Even if what they’re saying makes sense, the smell of the halitosis breath permeating every word will not allow you to stick around. Your oral hygiene health can be improved with the use of a powerful mouthwash and one of the elite brands is called TheraBreath.

Before explaining why some have called TheraBreath oral rinse the superior mouthwash for bad breath, let’s look closely at the major contributing factors to the presence of bad breath in some humans.

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Factors that Can Cause Bad Breath

Smoking – I have a friend that enjoys the comfort of smoking cigarettes and weed. He constantly smells like tobacco, despite his efforts to camouflage the stench. Hundreds of different chemicals are used in the making of cigarettes and your breath will suffer, regardless how often you brush your teeth or use a powerful oxygenating mouthwash.

Alcohol Consumption – Contrary to what some media outlets might pedal about how a glass of wine can benefit your body, that stuff is not good for your internal organs. Alcohol is considered an intoxicant, which simply means there are little invisible ants present in the ingredients that would impact your breath negatively in due time.

Severe Obesity – One of the side effects of gaining too much weight is bad breath and foul smelling body odor. When you gain weight it is just an indication that your internal organs cannot process all the junk you’re eating on a timely basis. Nowadays, there are powerful mouthwash brands one can use to camouflage the stench, but that does not mean you got rid of it.

Certain Types of Foods – The type of foods you consume on a daily basis might also contribute to your bad breath. Heavily spiced foods can alter the smell of your breath negatively. You can read about the list of foods that can contribute to your bad breath.

There are my other factors that can be responsible for your bad breath and the following three articles goes into further details.

What the TheraBreath Oral Rinse Can do for Your Breath

What the TheraBreath Oral Rinse Can do for Your Breath


Among all the TheraBreath products, the mouthwash line probably delivers the most amazing results for better oral hygiene health. Here are the features found in the Dr. Katz TheraBreath mouthwash, and how it can help you develop a fresher breath on a daily basis

The Dr. Katz mouthwash is available for purchase in many different flavors and formulated to help one get rid of germs that can cause bad breath for up to 24-hours.

This clinically proven mouthwash for bad breath is highly recommended by dentists all over the world, due to the fact it contains no saccharin or alcohol. This mouthwash that can be used to generate fresh smelling breath is also kosher certified.

Apart from being able to deliver fresher breath in just minutes, it is also powerful enough to get rid of dry mouth syndrome. This oral rinse is also one of the bad breath cures that work, based on the thousands of feedbacks from satisfied customers.

TheraBreath Ingredients

Some of the major ingredients found in this powerful mouthwash by Dr. Katz are purified water, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium benzoate, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil peppermint flavor, sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium EDTA, and Oxyd-8, which is the patented version of Cio2 created by Dr. Harold Katz.

TheraBreath Possible Side Effects

With thousands of feedbacks from current users of this product, some are bound to have negative things to say about this mouthwash called TheraBreath. The biggest side effect that might occur in some users is the altering of taste bud.

Some complained that food and water simply did not taste the same after using the oral rinse. It is also true that severe halitosis creates an altered taste bud, anyway.

The Founder of TheraBreath Dr. Harold Katz

Founder of TheraBreath Dr. Harold KatzMost people that have considered buying the TheraBreath mouth rinse are probably not aware that the creator, Dr. Harold Katz, is actually a dental practitioner. He has successfully created a line of different premium oral care products one can use for bad breath, dry mouth syndrome, tonsil stones, and taste disorders.

Dr. Harold Katz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry and also holds a degree in Bacteriology, from the same university. Before creating the various TheraBreath products, Dr. Katz took care of the oral dental needs of some of the biggest Hollywood stars from his dental practice, located in Beverly Hills, California.

Is the Dr. Katz TheraBreath Mouthwash Right for You?

After we bought a bottle to try out at the office, it was obvious this mouthwash is powerful enough to deliver instant, fresher breath results. The ingredients used in the oral rinse offer relieve to those with dry mouth syndrome.

This formulation is made from Gluten-free ingredients, and the mouthwash will not cause any burning sensation since it does not contain alcohol, and it is sweetened with Xylitol.

This mouthwash from Dr. Harold Katz is manufactured using cruelty-free methods and completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

This oral rinse has the right strength, with a minty fresh taste. It is powerful enough to offer you excellent protection against bad breath all throughout the day.

This is one of the premier mouthwash brands for bad breath that is fully manufactured in the United States of America. Does TheraBreath really work? From our testing among our small group of office workers, absolutely yes.

Even other TheraBreath reviews that we examined online stated that this oral rinse is quite effective at helping one control bad breath. One gargle every morning and at night, is all you need to get rid of the germ that might make your breath smell bad.

You can purchase your own TheraBreath oral rinse by clicking on any of the images or the links found underneath the images. While it is pricey, I have no doubt that this mouthwash from Dr. Harold Katz is good at stopping bad breath at its track on a daily basis.