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The Elite Trash Can Brands for Use at Home or the Office

The most often neglected and abused tool inside your kitchen is not the stove or refrigerator, but the trash can. While you occasionally might clean your kitchen cooking stove or clean out the mess from your fridge, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned out your garbage bin?

This essential home and office tool go by many different names based on your country of residence. Americans will commonly call it the garbage can, trash can, while the British commonly refer to it as rubbish or basket bin. It is also common to hear people call it the trash collection can or bin.

The name you choose to call it does not really matter, but the way you go about finding the most appropriate trash bin to purchase will make a world of a difference in how your waste is collected and disposed of.

You will have to decide if you want a trash can that is made out of stainless steel or plastic materials. I have grouped the finest waste collection cans into several distinct groups to make it easier to find one to assist in your present trash disposal needs.

Trash Can Reviews

To make it easier to find the top rated trash can brand you can use for your garbage, I have divided this post of the most durable products into several sections. The greatest outdoor trash can with wheels can be used either at home or at the office.

I have also included fine garbage cans you can use at home and the top brands that are suitable for office use. The products were selected based on current user feedbacks and the established reputation of the manufacturer.

Outdoor Trash Cans with Wheels

1 – Toter 025548-R1705 Two Wheeled Trash Can

Toter 025548-R1705 Two Wheeled Trash Can Review

The outdoor trash can with two wheels from Toter is strong, durable, and long lasting. I have a friend who is a landlord with several rental buildings and this is the rash can he prefers for several reasons.

This trash can with wheels is made to be compatible with both semi-automated and automated garbage collection systems. It is available for purchase in five distinctive colors, which includes black, bright deep blue, greenstone, navy blue granite, and standard green.

There are four sizes you can choose from 32-gallon, 48-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon. It comes with an axle molded, which makes it easier to push the two wheel garbage can to the trash collection area. The lid is attached to the can itself, which means it will not be flying off with the wind.

My friend loves this trash can because he’s able to attach a locking chain through the axle to make it harder for thieves to steal it. The Toter 025548-R1705 trash can has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to move from one location to another.

This is a tough residential garbage bin that is manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, and it is protected by a 10-year warranty against any factory defects that might show up.

2 – Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Recycler Rollout Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Recycler Rollout Trash Can Review

Rubbermaid is a well-known brand all over the world and one of their specialty is producing stronger plastic materials for various products. The Rubbermaid commercial trash can comes in three sizes 50-gallon, 65-gallon, and 95-gallon.

You can buy one in five distinctive colors. It is designed to function seamlessly, with most garbage collection systems that are automated or semi-automated. You do not have to worry about any leaks from this heavy duty trash can for it is built with one of the toughest plastic materials.

The lid cover is built into the trash can itself, which makes it harder for people to steal it or the wind to blow it away. If I were given a choice between the Toter residential trash can and the Rubbermaid garbage can, I would probably pick the brand with the well-established reputation.

Factors to Keep in Mind in Your Search for the Ultimate Garbage Can

What Will You be using it for?

We all know there are different types of garbage materials and you should keep that in mind as you navigate through the trash can marketplace. The trash can needed for your kitchen garbage would be different from the one that can be used to collect the trash in your office space.

Lately, some municipalities have trash collection rules that require you separate recyclable materials into different containers. I fact, I have heard of towns that require you put glass, trash, and regular trash, into different containers.

Some cities even require that the trash can you use for recyclables should be clearly labeled as such. Within this review, I have selected some of the leading trash can brands one can use for home or office, which means the products have been thoroughly vetted and found to be of high value for the money.

What Trash Can Size do You Need?

The Best Trash Can


The size of the trash can is another important metrics to keep mind during your search. Know your strengths and the limit to how many pounds you can carry to the curb on trash removal day.

Do You Want One With a Lid?

Getting a premier trash can with a lid is a must if you’re going to be using it in your kitchen space. Some have lids that can be opened with your foot, while others require you manually open it.

The most recent trend is trash can lids with sensors, which means you do not have to touch the cover to use it. A garbage can with a cover will at least contain the smell from any rotten food you might have thrown inside the bin.

Do You Want One Made Out of Stainless Steel or Plastic?

Stainless steel and plastic trash cans all have certain advantages and disadvantages. The most advantageous stainless steel trash bin will cost more but last longer. While plastic trash containers can be cheaper they tend to absorb odors over time, even if you’re diligent in keeping one clean.

On the other hand, trash cans that are made out of stainless steel will not absorb odors, neither will it break apart over time. I would not advise you get a trash collector bin made out of wire or mesh materials for your home, because they’re more suited for office use, due to the type of waste generated.

It is also true that some of the plastic trash cans are just as durable, and long lasting, as the garbage bins made out of stainless steel. Plastics materials can be just as hard due to the infusion of other materials to make it stronger.

Office Trash Collector Bins

The following trash cans have the right setup and features to make them suitable for use in office settings. When I worked in a large office, these were the brands most commonly utilized by the maintenance crew.

3 – Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can

It is quite true that this trash can is very popular for use in places where space is limited. I have seen my fair share of this garbage can in high bathrooms all over the country. It is available for purchase in four colors including stainless steel.

I like the fact that it comes with an inner hard-plastic liner bucket that is removable. Your garbage bag can wrap around the inner plastic bucket snuggly tight. Another reason why it is widely used in bathrooms is the fact that it has a strong foot pedal that is made out of steel.

If you’re looking for a suitable stainless steel trash can to fit under your desk or in your bathroom, this would do an excellent job of holding your trash. The manufacturer claims it is fingerprint proof, but then again, you do not have to open the lid with your hands due to the included foot pedal.

Why buy a trash can that would only last a few months or years, when you can have this foremost and strong office trash bin from Simplehuman, which is designed to last many decades. The clever design will allow you to keep your garbage collection area neat and tidy, without any odor issues.

4 – Umbra Garbino Polypropylene Waste Can

Another great garbage holder you can use underneath or next to your office desk is the Umbra Garbino waste can. It is available for purchase in four distinctive colors, but the stylish design and the affordable price might be the leading reason to get one for your home office or bathroom.

Amazingly, the manufacturer claims the design style is patented by Karim Rashid. It is made from recycled polypropylene, which is a tough form of plastic that can withstand abuse dished out by trash and humans.

Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Cans

With technology advancing at an alarming rate it is only a question of time before it touches most of the kitchen tools we take for granted.

5 – Nine Stars Motion Sensor Slim Touchless Trash Can

Nine Stars Motion Sensor Slim Touchless Trash Can Review

If you asked me, having a trash can that is motion activated is just a waste of your hard earned money, but many people are buying this product simply because it is stylish, functional, and does allow you to throw out your garbage with even touching the can.

The Ninestars motion activated trash can comes in five unique sizes 11-gallon, 13-gallon, 13.2-gallon, 18.5-gallon, and 21.1-gallon. It is designed for the lid to open up once your hand is detected.

This would make a sturdy trash can collector for public bathrooms just for the fact that you do not have to touch the lid. This hand motion activated trash can from Nine Stars requires 4 D-size batteries to function the right way, which is not included with your purchase.

The manufacturer claims a newly installed battery set should last through about 10,000 openings of the lid. The lid will self-close in about 3 seconds after you move your hand away from the garbage can. You get a one-year limited warranty to protect against any factory defects.

Commercial Garbage Bins

If you run a restaurant, Laundromat, or other commercial establishments where trash is generated at a rapid rate, you’ll be needing a large trash can.

Simply put, what you need is a clean bucket where customers can place their trash. Depending on how busy the commercial establishment is, it may not be necessary to get one with a lid if only used by the employees.

6 – Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Trash Can Review

Rubbermaid should be called the king of plastic for home and office use products. This commercial trash can does not have any moving parts, and it will not take up that much space in your commercial establishment.

It is available for purchase in two unique sizes 16-gallon and 23-gallon. If you’re looking for a garbage can to match the decor of your diner or coffee shop, there are 8 different colors to choose from.

The handles are molded to the trash can itself, which means firmer grip as you take the trash out. The commercial slim Jim trash can from Rubbermaid is simple to use and does what it does effectively, which is to be a bin for trash collection.

Garbage Cans for Kitchen

If your kitchen is not clean, the food you cook might as well be called dirty food. One of the leading ways to ensure a cleaner kitchen is by having a trash can with all the right features.

Getting a tip-top trash can becomes a necessity if you have other occupants in the apartment. Kids have a mind of their own, so you need a garbage can that will also be easy for them to operate.

7- Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can Review


This is another durable trash can from Simplehuman. The Simplehuman 50-liter semi-round step can come with a very secure slide lock that your pet or rodents would not be able to open.

It is designed to hold 13-gallon worth of trash and will do just fine in high traffic areas or very busy households. The strong foot pedal is made out of steel and the lid has a technology that allows it to close quickly and silently.

If you want to keep nasty odors trapped inside the trash bin this is the unrivaled indoor trash collector to get. This garbage can from Simplehuman is protected by a limited five-year warranty.

Tips for Keeping Your Trash Can Clean

Best Garbage Can for Kitchen

While your garbage can is designed to be a place to throw your trash, there are few steps required to make sure it does not become a place where germs go to multiply and thrive. The following tips will come in handy when trying to keep your garbage can free of disease-causing bacteria.

A – You must use trash bags – The supreme way to protect your trash can from all the junk you throw into it is to use trash bags as a protection force. The trash bag should be large enough to cover the inside of the bin completely. Any spillage on the inside or side of the trash can should be thoroughly washed off right away once detected.

B – Put only non-smelly food items inside the trash can – You should only be throwing non-smelly items into the trash can. If you must throw out food items, first wrap it in plastic before placing it in the trash can. Be aware that even plastic cannot contain the smell from rotten food in the long run.

C – Clean your trash can regularly – Growing up, it was my duty to thoroughly clean the trash can after garbage collection. Use soap, water, pine sol, and any other disinfectants to get rid of any lurking germs both inside and outside of the trash can

It is only when you treat the preeminent trash can that you just purchased the right way will it serve you right. Knowing what you’ll be using one for and where are the key steps to finding the most reliable garbage bin brand to serve your needs.