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Review of the Bath Mats with Excellent Absorbent Materials

The ideal bath mat will be the one that can soak up the most excess water after a shower. The absorbent materials of the rugs and mats must be of very high-quality, which means it must not cause mold and mildew. That is why the bottom of the carpeting you can use in your bathroom must be made from stable and durable tough fabric if it is to last.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy a bathroom rug based on design and looks alone. The beautiful design will soon be gone if it does not hold up well to the rigors of water, dirt, air, and heat.

I have used my fair share of rugs for the bathroom, and this review will be based on my own personal experience. Some of the brands that are reviewed below I have used over the years.

Yes, since your mind is wondering, I am up there in age, so some of the information I am about to reveal will save you from the headache of deploying the wrong kind of carpeting for your bathroom.

Why do You Need a Bathroom Rug?

Unless you’re a clean freak like me, the bath tub you just used is full of germs. It would serve you right to exit the tub once you’re done showering before the bacteria decide to attach back to your skin.

It is far better and cleaner to dry off the excess water while standing on a bath rug. It is also true that your bathroom floor is a huge collector of germs of all kinds despite your efforts to keep it clean.

A bath rug will at least serve as a barrier or protection force against the tile, cement, or wooden floor of your bathroom. If maintained the right way, a bathroom mat will allow you to remain clean right after you shower.

7 Good Quality Bath Mats

Why go through all the trouble of checking if the bath mat will work for your situation when you can just select from the seven brands reviewed below.

The products found in this best rugs for bathrooms have been vetted and found to be durable and will serve your needs if properly cared for the right way.

1 – Momentum Home 5359 Modern Bathroom Rug

Momentum Home 5359 Modern Bathroom Rug Review

The Momentum bath rug comes in 5 unique colors, plus I know one of the colors will match your bathroom decor. It is made from 100% polyester and includes soft Microfiber bristles, plus the back contains non-skid materials.

I am yet to find any reviews that do not include this brand. The surface is soft to stand on, and the Microfiber bristles will tickle your feet the right way if you’re that sensitive.

While it is machine washable on the cold setting, you’re supposed to hang or lay it flat to dry. It is also available in at least two sizes or more.

2 – Superior 100% Premium Combed Cotton Bath Mat

Superior 100% Premium Combed Cotton Bath Mat Review

This is probably the most appropriate name for a bath mat that is made from 100% combed cotton. You get a set with two bath mats with 15 unique colors to choose from.

It might not look like much, but it is a durable bathroom mat that will last you many years if cared for the right way using the included washing as your care guide.

I found this at a spa I went to for my last birthday and I still remember how it felt to my feet to this day. I am constructing another bathroom in my basement and you can bet this will be the only bath mat to ever grace those new tile floors.

3 – Utopia Towels Cotton Washable Bath Mat

Utopia Towels Cotton Washable Bath Mat Review


This is more like a bathroom mat set with two pieces included for your convenience. You should find the color that would work with your bathroom decor since it is available in eight different colors.

From the sales brochure, this mat is carefully woven from spun cotton. It is machine washable and should be dried on low setting.

I discovered this brand at a high-end party I attended a few months ago. It certainly was comfortable to my aching feet from the high heels shoes.

Bath Mat Buying Guide

There are dozens of brands competing in this niche market, and some of the high-end brands have several bathroom rugs and mats competing with each other. Before you buy the best rug you can use inside your bathroom keep the following features in mind?

Measure your Bathroom free Floor Space

You need to get a precise measurement of the available space inside your bathroom before you seek out the brand to buy. You need the exact measurement of the length and width of the unused area of your bathroom. Keep your measurements to the areas you want to use the rug at.

Is it better to Use Full Bathroom Rug or Just Area Bathroom Rug?

I am not a fan of totally carpeting the inside of your bathroom for several reasons. It will increase the gathering of germs and it will be difficult to see all the junk created on a daily basis.

If you have big or little boys in your residence, know that they pee standing up and there measurement is not always very precise, if you know what I mean. It is far better to use an area bathroom rug, for it will allow you to develop cleaner habits over time.

Bathroom Rug Materials

The rug for your bathroom can either be made out of all rubber or a combination of plush fabrics, rubber, and other materials. I am not a fan of all rubber bath mats because they somehow defeat the purpose of having one.

The bath mat that’s made out of all rubber will just collect water, while the bath rugs with plush fabrics will at least have absorbent qualities.

It should be Washable

Best Bath Mat Ever

The bath rug you choose to purchase must be washable using any commercial washer and dryer. If you buy one that requires you only need to vacuum to keep it clean, mold and mildew will soon destroy it in just a few months.

If it is washable, do use only washers you find at a commercial laundry establishment rather than the one you have at home? Bathroom rugs are notorious for shedding and it will clog your home washer and dryer over time.

Over the years, the bathroom rugs I used have impacted the longevity of my washer and dryer negatively. I learned all this from a repair man that showed me how to maintain a washer and a dryer the right way, and it starts by not putting certain items inside.

Public Laundromats have bigger washers and dryers that can handle the shedding the right way. I know some of you younger folks will not listen to this wise advice, but hey, it is your money and you can spend it as you see fit, but set aside a little bit for a new washer and dryer in a year or two.

Should the Rug be Cut?

Bathroom rugs are made from tightly woven materials and once you cut a section of it the whole rug will fall apart faster than you know it.

Get a brand with tight doubled stitched edges that will not easily come apart. This is why you need the exact measurement of your bathroom free space before you shop for one that will effectively serve you the right way.

Reputation of the Manufacturer and Warranty

The art of serving the needs of the customer is slowly been lost to cheap prices and the need to make a fast buck. I can assure you that businesses that cater to the true needs of customers at a higher price will far outlast those built on a low price model.

It is also true that in this niche market, what you pay will mostly determine the quality of the bath rug you end up with. Better to pay a fair price and get one that will last for many years, than to get a cheaply made rug that falls apart after a few months.

I can assure you that if you spend your money with value in mind rather than low prices, you’ll keep more of what you earn because the things you buy will last longer.

Opinions of Current Users

Even if the product is endorsed in any bath rugs review like this one, still take the time to read about what some of the existing users have to say about the bath mat.

Look for the same complaints, which might be a sign of a defect in the design and manufacture of the product.

I am yet to find a bathroom rug with 100% customer satisfaction rating, but the brand you decide to buy must at least be highly rated by most of the current users. I say, 70% and above, is a sign of a good product worth checking out.

4 РNorcho Absorbent Microfiber Bathroom Soft Bath Mat

Norcho Non-slip Absorbent Microfiber Bathroom Soft Bath Mat Review


This bath mat from Norcho is made from Microfiber with high absorbent powers. It will feel soft to your feet and contains anti-skidding materials. It is available for purchase in three unique colors.

The washing care label for this top-rated bath mat calls for machine washing on gentle cycle and should be dried on low heat. This is my favorite and I consider it the appropriate bath rug to use if your tub does not have an enclosure.

5 – Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Rug

Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Rug Review

This product is made from plush Microfiber that is free of latex. It is available for sale in nine different colors, with two size selections to choose from. The surface is incredibly soft with high absorbency powers.

The manufacturer claims it is hypo-allergenic, which means it will not cause any allergic reaction, especially if you have extreme sensitivity. While it says machine washable on the label, please read the washing instructions carefully.

A friend of mine that uses one in her bathroom washes it on cold setting with no heat drying. You can check Amazon.com for the money back guarantee.

6 – Uarter Bath Mat

Uarter Bath Mat Review

This is another brand with many claims like being able to resist bacteria and will not cause you to slip in your own bathroom. This bath rug will dry faster than most other brands. It is not uncommon for it to be dried after just a few hours.

The claim that it is made from materials that are free from chemical colorants might be hard to prove. This bath rug from Uarter is highly absorbent and dries incredibly fast.

The composition of this bathroom mat is a closely held secret, and it is capable of resisting the bacteria that can cause mold and mildew. If you have excellent bathroom floors, this mat will do just fine.

This mat can only be cleaned with a soft brush and should never be put inside of a washer or dryer. While it is durable and capable of absorbing much water, it will fall apart on you if you’re not the careful type.

7 – Magnificent Large Memory Foam Bath Mat

Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat Review

This is also a bathroom mat for any type of floor because the back is made of non-skid materials and will do just fine in both wet and dry conditions. It is available for sale in three different colors.

The manufacturer claims it is made from memory foam that is ultra-soft. You can tell they added memory foam to the fabric because it feels soft the moment you step on it from the tube.

The surface is plush enough to absorb all the excess water from your body as you use the towel. It is machine washable and can be dried on low heat.

I found it is better to use the no heat setting if you’re using a commercial dryer or just lay it flat to dry naturally. Is it the best bath mat to soak up water? It is certainly among the top ten!