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The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

Getting enough high quality and stress-free sleep is more important than most people think. It is only when you’re sleeping can your body’s key organs try to do away with the toxins and other damages created by all your daily activities.

There are different types of durable and most comfortable mattresses, but we’ll be focusing on the merits of using an inflatable bed to get a good night’s rest. With the recent advances in the infusion of different materials, an air bed is just as durable as the permanent ones.

In this air mattress reviews, we will learn how you can use one indoors, for camping, or in your recreational vehicle (RV). A blow-up mattress can offer any household with a guest or limited space, convenience, comfort, and the means to get high-quality sleep without the fuss.

This air mattress article is divided into several sections beginning with the many ways you can use an air mattress. Next, we tackle the myriads of features one should keep in mind when searching for a top brand with established performance metrics. Lastly, we review some of the top air mattress brands with value for the money.

Common Uses for a Comfortable Inflatable Bed

You can use one as your main bed. I used to live in New York City and I have seen apartments that were so small a regular bed would permanently consume all the living space. Most air mattresses are portable and can be rolled up after sleeping time for easy storage inside a closet.

Your guest would be able to get a good night’s rest. It is not a bad idea to have a mattress that can be inflated just in case you have an overnight guest, and you would rather not surrender your king size bed to your mother-in-law.

If you get one of the air mattresses for an everyday use found in this review your guest would sleep comfortably, thus making you an honorable host. Best of all, once the guest leaves you can have your living space back to the way it was.

Despite some of the hazards, camping is still a big outdoor activity in many parts of the country. Whether you’re using a tent, recreational vehicle, or just your SUV, an air bed will provide some of the comforts you’re used to when sleeping on a regular mattress.

As you can see, the many uses for an inflatable bed are only limited by your imagination. If you have kids and they invite their friends for sleepovers, you can always deploy your air mattress to save the day, thus making you a cool parent.

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use AA3097890

Air Mattress Buying Guide Features

Now that you realize you could use an air bed in so many different ways, the question remains how to select the best brand from the dozens that’s available within the marketplace? Below are some of the features you want to pay close attention to when searching for an air mattress you can use on a daily basis.

Is it Comfortable?

While none of the top airbeds will give you the same feel as a regular mattress, some of them come close to simulating the same conditions for excellent night rest. The comfort of the bed might be determined by the thickness of the materials used and size.

The worst thing you can do is invest in a smaller size than your regular bed as that might affect your sleeping style negatively. There are now air beds with different sizes and if you have space, you should get one that can accommodate your body for the most comfortable rest.

Ease of Use

Air mattresses should come with features that make it easier to unpack, inflate, deflate, and put back into storage. The steps needed to deploy or pack up your inflatable bed should only take a few minutes, which means most adults and teenagers can perform them.

The Pump Mechanism

One of the decisions you’ll have to make is if you want one with an attached pumping mechanism or one without. It is far better for the air bed you select to have its own pumping mechanism built-in.

While it might cost a few bucks more, it is also far easier to deploy and pack up than one that requires the attachment of an outside air pumping device.

The Size

It is true that the air mattress you buy will be influenced by the available space to deploy it. Pay close attention to the extra space you have before investing in one. On the other hand, buying one that is too small might lead to sleepless nights, which is not what you need if you want to feel rejuvenated in the morning.

The Price of the Air Mattress

Most humans are under the illusion they can get high value by paying very little. I have learned the hard way that you always get what you pay for, most times. A good air mattress brand will come with comparable pricing.

This is not a product you want to buy based on pricing alone, for value, reliability, and durability will triumph over low price any day. You want a brand you can afford, true. But also make sure the brand will meet your needs before pushing the buy now button.

Warranty Terms

Like any other product, some will come with factory defects, which is why the length of the warranty is so important. While you should not buy based on the length of the warranty alone, the terms should play a role in deciding the air mattress to get. One year warranty is common within this niche market, but I have seen a few with longer warranty years.

Feedbacks from Current Users

In this inflatable mattress reviews, the products listed all have higher ratings from most of the current users. Do not let that stop you from investing a few minutes of your time to read some of the feedbacks from existing customers.

Doing so will give you insights into potential defective products that you should stay away from. Out of a 5-star rating system, you should look for air mattress brands with at least 4-stars rating or more.

What is the Best Air Mattress?

The question that should be asked is who makes the best air mattress brand? That would be based on so many factors that it would be difficult to come to a satisfactory answer to please everyone. Air mattresses come in different designs, styles, and pricing, to make one product the absolute best brand.

To make sure were presenting the right information to the buying public, I have owned one of the brands in this review. Other co-workers have unique experiences with the other reviewed product with input from bedding experts.

Having said all that, the most desirable inflatable mattress should be the brand that delivers comfort while also meeting your sleeping needs. The most comfortable air mattress should be the one that meets your needs because everything else is secondary.

1 – SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review AA51234667

When you search for a good air mattress brand you can use for clients or guests, the name SoundAsleep is bound to be worthy of consideration. The SoundAsleep dream series air mattress comes in only one color, which is made of blue color for the top and beige for the rest of the body.

For this SoundAsleep dream series air mattress review, the manufacturer touted the inclusion of the ComfortCoil technology, which makes it one of the most modern inflatable beds one can find online. Is it the best air mattress? Some of the current users happy with the product seem to think so.


The SoundAsleep dream series air bed allows you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional bed without the rigidity. Meaning when you wake up, you can have your living space back. If this is your primary bedding any guest might reach the wrong conclusion that you sleep on the floor.

It comes with an integrated powerful primary pump that can inflate the bed in less than four minutes. The manufacturer claims the motor for the pump is patented and will be at least 20% quieter than other top brands. With the inclusion of a user-friendly pump, air loss, and sagging issues that might plague other brands are negated.

All you need is the clockwise turn of a knob to get it inflated and the other way around to begin the instant deflation of the air mattress. Once the right firmness is achieved during the inflation, the knob reverts back to the center.

The top of the air mattress from SoundAsleep is made from breathable materials and waterproofed, which helps to keep water, spills, or sweat from penetrating inside the sleeping product.

Apart from the double raised height, the SoundAsleep queen size air mattress is capable of accommodating user weight up to 500 pounds, which means several people can sleep on it with comfort.


It was baffling, to say the least when we read the manufacturer recommend users should not use the bed in place of a regular mattress as that would degrade it faster. They further recommended you use it for the occasional guest that might stay the night.

The warning makes no sense as long as the product is used and cared for the right way. We sent a lengthy worded email to the top manager in the company responsible for sales and we did not get a reply yet.

This sleeping product is mostly suited for indoor home use. Few of the current users reported it was a bit noisy during the inflation and deflation steps.

Bottom Line:

If you base your purchasing decision on design and included features, this brand is worthy of your consideration for many good reasons. I used this air mattress at a friend’s house during a major renovation at my home after a major storm damage, and it was quite comfortable.

The inclusion of a power storage area and built-in air pumping and deflation system makes it a top-notch inflatable bed that could enable comfort and a good night rest. It certainly should be included in any top 10 list of the best air mattress with high-performance metrics.

2 – Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed Reviews AA512789

Another brand that is making inroads within this niche market is made by a company called Coleman. For this Coleman air mattress reviews, we gathered information that proves this product is almost the same height as a conventional mattress when fully inflated.

You can buy one in either queen or twin size, and the soft finish with a luxurious material should allow you to get a good night’s rest. A fast electric pump is capable of inflating or deflating the Airbed in mere minutes.


The area around the valve system comes with a double lock design to prevent air leaks, which ensures the bedding will remain firm all through the night.

As an added touch, you get a convenient carrying pouch, which increases the portability features of this inflatable mattress.

Based on the analysis of some of the feedbacks from existing users, this air mattress is just as comfortable as a regular bed but with the convenience of allowing you to use your living space for other things during the day.


The lack of a built-in air pump was disappointing, and it is recommended you consider using the Coleman 120V electric quick pump since it is made by the same company, but it would add to your cost of owning the air mattress from Coleman.

Bottom Line:

Despite the lack of a built-in pump, it is still one of the top rated air mattresses one can use for a peaceful sleep at night. It is available for purchase in several different sizes and has the look and feel of a plush luxury bedding system.