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Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Review

Whether you love facial hair or not, sooner rather than later you’ll find yourself needing to trim the shrub or eliminate it entirely. Going without facial hair is one of those things I adopted right after college, and I am now used to the clean shave look, especially since old-age is beckoning.

The key to any successful shaving endeavor is the shaving cream you choose to adopt as your personal preference. To keep my face free of stubble, I prefer the different shaving cream scents from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Yes, you guessed right, the manufacturer is based in London, England, but I would not bet my paycheck that the product is made over there in this day of global commerce.

In my personal opinion, I believe they make the premier sandalwood shaving cream any man would love to use on that handsome face. Now, the hardest part with this cream for shaving away days old stubs or grown beard is the selection of the right scent to suit your personality.

I prefer the sandalwood scent, which my girlfriend hates by the way, but hey that is why they call it a relationship because a man got to do what a man loves.

If you think like a real man, the scent of your shaving cream from Taylor of old Bond Street should be the one that makes you want to shave every morning.

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Some of the scents from Taylor can be considered old-fashion and takes a while to get used to it. I have tried just about every type of shaving cream from this company, and I suggest you conduct you own smell experiment to find the one that suits your personality.

Please, do not come screaming at me because your “old lady” now think you’re too debonair, due to the heavy manly scent from the Taylor of old bond street shaving cream scent you adopted.

On the other hand, the right scent just might be what is needed to put that spark back into your relationship or marriage.

What about the Company

You need to get your head examined if you invest in a personal care product without checking out the manufacturer. You never know, for your current shaving cream might be made in a foxhole in China, with all its bad environmental setup.

Taylor of old Bond Street shaving cream is quite the opposite, for the company can trace its root all the way back to September 1854, when a man named Jeremiah Taylor opened his salon in the fashionable and expensive district of London, England.

Those were the days when men of distinction came into salons for a regular shave, while the average Joe used a butcher knife to remove stubble hair.

It is nice to know those days are over, as every man can now enjoy the same shaving cream that used to be reserved for the royalty and upper class of society.

Some have called the shaving cream from this outfit the right one to buy online and I happen to agree wholeheartedly. Having said all that, the price for a bowl of this shaving cream made by Taylor of old Bond Street might find you cheapskates running back to your nasty, ineffective shaving cream.

If you cannot bring yourself to invest in a product that could make your face the object of desire for many females, then you need your head examined. When it comes to sandalwood shaving creams you do get what you pay for, and from this product, you get more than you bargained for.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Performance

This is a shaving cream for men that know what it takes to get a clean and comfortable close shave, right before heading out to hustle for the daily bread for the family. With this high-class brand of shaving cream, you’ll need the help of a shaving brush.

If you’ve decided it is time to start treating yourself to the finer things in life, here is one of the most trusted and awesome shaving brush in the whole world.

With the aid of a shaving brush, you dabble a little bit of the cream in a shaving bowl and add just a little water to create a rich lather. The shaving bowl I would personally recommend you use is the one from Edwin Jagger, just make sure you don’t use it for your morning coffee since it has a handle and looks gorgeous.

The next step is the application of the created paste on your stubble or full grown beard. If you want to use this shaving cream on a full grown beard, I would suggest you first trim it down to just stubble to make it easier for the essential properties of the Taylor shaving cream to penetrate your facial hair follicles for easy removal.

Do you have your own shaving razor or would you prefer to get your hands on the preferred brand used by so called superstars all around the world? The Vikings Blade Chieftain Safety Razor is the one I trust to remove all my facial hair without any hesitation or pulling.

A positive shaving experience can only be acquired if you take you time to do it right. If you’re trying to navigate through facial hairs to create the Hollywood look, then I suggest you tread carefully, as you apply the razor to your face.

While I am not a fan of using a straight razor, some of the guys I know swear it can help any man get a close shave every morning, before work. Whatever shaving tool you deploy to remove your facial hair, slow and steady, should be how you approach the task.

The Different Shaving Cream Scents from Taylor of Old Bond Street

The Different Shaving Cream Scents from Taylor of Old Bond Street


For the experienced wet shavers out there that think sandalwood is too strong for a grown man, here is a list of the other scents made by this company.

Almond Scent – Some might prefer the smell, but I prefer anything called almond to be something I can chew. I stopped using this scent because my beloved dog liked the smell too much and he would do everything possible to lick my face.

Coconut Scent – Another fabulous smell that some ladies might prefer because it might leave your face smelling like a hot passion Jamaican passion coconut drink. If you’re into impressing your chick with your shaving cream scent, try this one first.

Cedarwood Scent – the name alone is not what I want touching my handsome face, but some of the guys I know like this scent because it is not over-powering and it might make your lady cuddle more with your face on her chest.

Peppermint Scent – This is also another favorite of the ladies. An old girlfriend gave it to me as a gift, and once we broke up I had to let the scent go because of all the good and bad memories that it brings to the surface. It is a powerful all-around scent, especially for men just getting acquainted with wet shaving routines.

Grapefruit Scent – This was another scent my dog loved. I had to let this scent go as my dog was madly falling in love with my face every time I shaved. His affection was just too creepy to be encouraged like that. Now, he leaves my face alone when I shave with the sandalwood scent, which is just the way I like it.

Lemon & Lime Scent – I never tried this one and probably will not, unless someone I trust and like give it to me as a gift during the coming holiday seasons. Give it a try and let us know in the comments section if the scent is okay with you.

Avocado Scent – This is another scent that has not graced my rugged face. I am just into routines, for once, I find what works for me, I stick to it for a very long time.

Sandalwood Scent – This is my favorite scent but the smell might be too strong for some of you guys. I like that it conveys power and sensitivity at the same time. The sandalwood scent is more like an acquired taste, either you like or not.

Rose Scent – the only rose I love are the flowers I occasionally give to my girlfriend. She’s more passionate after my delivery of the roses flower, and I am sure your woman might start loving your looks more if you shaved with this scent on a regular basis.

Lavender Scent – Most women would enjoy the smell of lavender. If you value your relationship and would like to get more loving from your woman, try shaving with this lavender shaving cream from Taylor. Now, be sure to come back and give us more social media shares when your lady starts acting like you’re the one and she must keep you from other women prying eyes.

Natural Scent – if you find that your present shaving cream is the main reason you get shaving bumps, perhaps this all fresh natural scent from Taylor of Old Bond Street would deliver better results. It is completely fragrance-free and should be the ideal choice for men with sensitive skin issues.

Organic Aloe & Jojoba Scent – This is marketed as an organic shaving cream containing aAloeand Jojoba essential oil scent. In my opinion, it is just a clever scheme to charge more for the same product like the once mentioned above.

There are a couple of other Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams with higher pricing due to their unique formulation. I would like you to still have money left to take your date out so I left them out of this evaluation.

Which is the Right Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream for Your Face?

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If you send me a picture of your face I would be able to tell you. If you enjoy wet shaving and all the joys and tribulations it can bring, any scent selected from the list above would deliver fabulous results.

It is a shame, for I have noticed for many years how men neglect to make the right investment in their personal care. I have learned to take care of myself, which requires the right investment in reliable shaving products found all around the world.

I can assure you that your lady will be more appreciative if you take your grooming seriously. Do you know that when people first meet you, it is your face that conveys the type of person you’re? If you want the ladies to be seeking your time and affection, try this shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street.