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Can You Boost Brain Health And Memory by Using Supplements?

Your ability to remember or forget things can be traced to how many brains cells you have and if they are functioning optimally. The significant loss of brain cells in this present generation is a cause for concern, for it seems like most of us are getting more forgetful and dumber.

While the digital gadgets are getting smarter, the human mind and brain are certainly getting dumber due to lack of proper usage. It can be argued that the prevalence of digital gadgets has not made people smarter. A good example would be our present school system; most homework can now be Googled for the right answer. Now, how is that helping your kid learn?

Before we get to some of the top brain supplements with high-performance metrics, we’ll be addressing some of the known causes of dead brain cells, and the activities you can do to grow more of them.

It is not our intention to argue about the merits of memory enhancing supplements, but one can point to several activities that significantly contribute to the loss of memory cells among the old and young alike.

You should also know that even the best memory supplements will not help much unless you pay attention to some of the activities you’re presently doing that’s making you lose more brain cells than you can create.

Known Causes of Brain Cells

Scientists are still studying the factors that contribute to the elimination of brain cells in humans. After careful analysis of government records, scientific research, and industries financed studies, the following factors are powerful enough to make you lose brain cells.

The list is by no means complete, for the medical establishment members are on a “warpath” as to the merits of including some of the factors. So it will not surprise us if readers disagree with some of the listed activities, substances, or environmental factors listed in this best memory supplements article.

Any Type of Concussion or Head Trauma

The head is a key part of the human body and damages to sections of it can have significant consequences in your quality of life. As you know bullet wounds to the head can cause instant death, or life debilitating paralysis or death.

If the bullet should penetrate the memory cell section of the brain, it can eliminate a good amount of them, which ultimately leads to forgetfulness.

The NFL is presently battling with the perception that the sport is very unsafe to the head, and prolonged play leads to severe cases of memory loss and forgetfulness. If you want to know about the violent nature of football, this article and video from CBS-news give an in-depth review.

The hundreds or thousands of blows to the head suffered by NFL players takes a damaging toll on key body parts, and loss of memory cells is just one of them. This article from men’s fitness magazine clearly illustrates the plight of former NFL players with multiple debilitating health symptoms, including major loss of brain cells, which contributes to forgetfulness and poor quality of life for the former stars.

Lack of Water

Yes, this might surprise some people, but the lack of water in your body can lead to the loss of key memory cells. A large percentage of your brain is composed of water (at least 75%), and your brain will process information faster with the right amount of water in your system.

You can read about the result of a key study by researchers at the University of East London as detailed in this Dailymail UK article.

If you still have doubt about the power of the right amount of water to help grow better memory cells and make them function better, perhaps this piece on the power of water to improve memory and focus will convince you.

So, try your best not to starve your body of water, for it will have a negative effect on the growth of new brain cells while also limiting the ability of the present ones to function the right way. You can never drink too much water, for every drop will do your brain and body much good.

The Power of Alzheimer’s Disease

Is it the loss of memory cells that leads to Alzheimer’s, or the onset of Alzheimer’s that leads to memory loss? The argument as to which comes first is a heated one among top scientist. What do you think? It might be reasonable to conclude that it is the loss of key memory cells that leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Anyway, you look at it, this disease is bad for the growth of new brain cells and will stifle the functioning of the present ones as it progresses. The following study does a good job explaining how this disease can kill brain cells.

The Effects of Drugs on Memory Cells

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but all of your intoxicants including legal prescription drugs are known to cause the loss of memory cells after prolonged use. Some might get agitated and dispute a few of the included substances, but several studies have confirmed some of the findings.

Smoking Marijuana – It is certainly not our intention to fight for or against smoking weed, but you should know that significant memory loss will occur after prolong use of the popular mood-altering substance. While in high school and college, most of my buddies that were heavy pot users got poor grades.

Please do not tell me you know lawyers and doctors that use marijuana and still perform well, for there are some exceptions to the rule. But exceptions does not make the drug good for your memory, neither will it make you perform at your highest level.

Smoking weed will do significant damage to your body, including hindering the growth of new brain cells while inhibiting the performance of the present ones.

You can disagree all you want, but the smoking of pot will never make you smarter, neither will it improve the health of most of the consumers. For every positive feedback about weed, I can give you, at least, twenty negative ones, which in our opinion makes it an intoxicant to avoid at all cost.

The Use of Cocaine – This drug is incredibly addictive and definitely leads to the loss of key memory cells in most abusers. Most people that got addicted to the substance decided to just try it due to social or peer pressure.

This drug functions by directly affecting the pleasure areas of your brain. The initial enjoyment you feel is what creates the addiction in the first place. Your desire to experience more of the special feeling creates the need to use more, as your body builds up a tolerance for the substance.

This is why most people that use cocaine experience “highs and lows” based on the amount of the substance in their system. Using cocaine will lead to the loss of control in the pleasure areas of your brain, which ultimately contributes to poorer memory due to fewer brain cells.

If you have friends that use cocaine, you should cut them off immediately, for it has a way of recruiting new users through addicted abusers of the substance. We know and have heard of hundreds of stories involving destroyed life’s from cocaine addiction, and we have dozens of references as to why you should not have anything to do with anyone using this substance.

Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

The dangers of smoking cigarettes need no introduction, but billions of people all over the world still engage in this deadly activity. I mean, it states on the packaging that this substance will kill the user. We wrote a significant piece about What Smoking Can Do to You.

You can also find out about the significant dangers of smoking to your memory cells from the American Lung Association. Smoking will eventually lead to fewer brain cells, which ultimately leads to forgetfulness, not to talk about all the other health woes experienced by the user.

Other Drugs that Can Kill Brain Cells

The following drugs have been known to kill brain cells, but some do have few initial benefits to users.

All the medicines that are included in the Anti-psychotics family of drugs.

The Benzodiazepine drugs family, including Valium, Xanax, and others. Not only are they addictive, prolonged use has been known to lead to dementia, which can be traced to the loss of key brain memory cells.

The following substances are not friendly to the development of new brain cells, and numerous studies have confirmed that they play a significant role in the loss of memory power after a period of time.

Prolonged Exposure to lead and Mercury

It is also true that your environment plays a major role in the loss of key memory cells. Unfortunately, most people existing in such toxic environments feel fine, as the toxins accumulate within the body. If you have any doubts, pay a visit to any major hospital in America and witness the debilitating illnesses caused by the above-mentioned substances.

Steps to Grow New Brain Cells

If you’ve taken steps to limit your exposure to the above toxic substances, it possible to grow new memory cells to replace the lost ones. As long as you’re not destroying brain cells with your daily activities, new memory cells can be created through new activities that enhance overall body health.

The following activities can help one develop and build powerful new brain cells;

Try running – Wow! We know some of you are shocked as to how running can help build newer brain cells, but numerous studies have confirmed the correlation. Running allows your brain to create new neurons, which ultimately leads to better and stronger memory.

Try something new that is positive every day. Walk around your neighborhood taking a different route.

Change your bike route or your walking route.

Visit a different part of town while shopping for your food needs.

Try your hands at doing some of the popular crosswords puzzles that are widely available online.

Do a thorough cleanup of your house, or completely change your room colors.

Go out of town on weekends, visiting places you’ve never been to before.

Create new recipes and invite your favorite friends over to celebrate.

Read new books daily to uplift your spirits.

Learn new meditation methods, while doing your best to perfect them over time.

It is a fact, that every time you engage in new activities your brain creates new memory cells. It matters not if the activities are good or bad for your health, new pathways will be created. That is why it is crucial to participate in an activity that enhances your overall health.

The above activities will help you create new brain cells every time you alter them to suit your personal style. Simple as it might look and sound, those activities play a significant role in new brain cell development.

Now if you get your hands on some of the best supplements for memory to be reviewed next, your results will be significantly boosted.

Best Supplements for Memory and Concentration

Just remember that vitamins that help with boosting memory functions will only be effective when combined with an active, positive lifestyle with limitations to the toxic substances you consume on a daily basis.

It’s like leaving your window wide open while having the heating system on, which means you lose the heat as soon as it is created. Same analogy here!

Be mindful that the brain supplements industry is loosely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, therefore, some manufacturers are known to include exaggerated claims about their product. The following best memory pills have higher approval ratings from existing customers:

1 – Nutrition Essentials All-Natural Brain Function Booster

Nutrition Essentials All-Natural Brain Function Booster AA500790

The key ingredients in this supplement that one can use to boost memory power are; St John’s Wort, Super Ginkgo Biloba, and Bacopin. The usage instruction included with your purchase guarantees you’ll have enough memory pills for one month.

The manufacturer claims it is an all-natural formula, which is uniquely formulated to boost focus, mental clarity, and memory functions.

2 – Zhou Nutrition Natural Brain Function Support for Memory

Zhou Nutrition Natural Brain Function Support for Memory


Another key brand of memory enhancing pills is from a company called Zhou Nutrition. It claims to be made from all natural ingredients, which include St, John’s Wort, BACOPA, L-GLUTAMINE, and others.

The manufacturer claims the product can help increase your focus, mental clarity, and memory power.

You get a 60-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer, which is a good thing to help assure potential customers about the effectiveness of the memory booster pills from Zhou Nutrition.

3 – Neovicta Brain Supplement Nootropic

Neovicta Brain Supplement Nootropic AA5556789

This is probably not the best name for a product that claims to boost memory. It is from a company called Neovicta, and it is made using over 40 earth-grown ingredients.

The Neovicta Brain Supplement is uniquely formulated to be fast acting and will provide the needed boost to memory, focus and mood functions.

Among all the memory improving supplements we looked at, this brand got one of the highest approval ratings from existing customers.