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Are You Brave Enough to Try Raw African black Soap?

It is with joy and happiness to find a beauty product that’s directly made in Africa, or manufactured with ingredients sourced from African farmers. Western consumers, especially Americans, are finally discovering the power of the raw African black soap to do away with different types of skin blemishes.

Even a powerful raw African black soap for acne might be too strong for some people that are stuck using diluted soap bars, with all its questionable chemical ingredients. Before we get to the most durable raw black soap, let’s define what the product is.

What is Raw African Black Soap?

What is Raw African Black Soap AA3ASDFG

The rawest African black soap I grew up with in Africa will be hard to find for sale in America, due to importation rules and the structure of the ingredients itself. An authentic and true raw black soap from Africa will be black in color, as compared to brands we find on sale with streaks of whiteness in them.

Truth be told, when it is left inside water it develops a white streak, which renders the raw black soap less soapy and almost unusable. The original raw black soap will not be hard and when touched, will feel almost like hard butter that you just got out of the refrigerator.

The raw African black soap I grew up with will lather really well, and a tiny scoop is all you need to totally wash your entire body clean. An authentic raw African black soap will melt into a mushy mess if left in a puddle of water.

In fact, the way we used it is to scoop the portion we needed onto the washing cloth. A true authentic raw African black soap will not have any fragrance smell. It will have a natural soapy smell if you know what I mean.

The authentic version of the raw black soap will probably dry out your skin after use. If you’re dealing with acne breakouts, you’ll feel the stinging sensation once the soap is applied to that area. It was what we used during those days to get rid of head lice, dandruff, and other skin blemishes.

What About the Raw African Black Sold Online?

Truth be told, some are not authentic enough to be called raw black soap, because of the addition of other natural ingredients to make them palatable to American beauty needs. You can tell the brands sold online are not completely authentic enough like the real thing from the source, by closely examining the color.

The raw black soap that I knew growing up and during visits to Ghana, did not have any other colors streaks in them, just pure blackness. So unless you’re willing to travel into the villages in Ghana or Nigeria where the real raw black soap is made, the brands sold online is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing.

I did try few raw African black soap brands sold online for this post, and they did perform as advertised. Most will not dry out your skin, and the scent of the raw African black soap is quite lovely and not overpowering, depending on the brand you choose to purchase.

Raw African Black Soap Benefits

Raw African Black Soap Benefits

The true raw black soap benefits will probably be based on your skin type. It is effective at clearing out all types of skin blemishes and will give your skin a natural glow. If you have issues with dandruff or head lice infestation, the powerful properties found in this raw soap will get rid of the causing germs.

Contrary to false speculations online, the soap will not make your skin black, neither will it alter your complexion in any significant way. This is not like the action of your regular bathing bar soap, for you’ll feel the raw black soap as it goes about clearing germs from your skin.

If used on open wounds, you should get a stinging sensation, which means it is an effective antiseptic soap. If you have oily skin and suffer from constant acne symptoms, constant use of the African raw black soap will help to eliminate the germs responsible.

For those with a dry skin condition, I would urge you to also invest in an all natural powerful moisturizer cream or lotion, for the raw black soap, might further dry out your skin.

It is one of the bathing soaps one can use to get that true clean feeling, without all the chemical ingredients found in other bar soaps.

Raw African Black Soap Reviews

Just keep in mind that raw black African soap brands presented in this evaluation are the closest you’re going to get to the original real raw black soap from the villages in Ghana and Nigeria. I have selected brands with true authenticity, and all will give you that clean, refreshing feeling after each bath.

The list of skin blemishes this product can help clear out is growing on a daily basis, so feel free to use it on acne scars, psoriasis, eczema conditions, and other types of skin condition.

The natural ingredients used in making raw African black soap will deliver improvement in your skin texture and tone after just a few uses. The reliable African raw black soap brands that can be bought online are:

1 – Incredible by Nature African Black Soap

Incredible by Nature Best Quality African Black Soap


The first raw African black soap is made by a company called Incredible by Nature, and it comes in 5-pound and 1-pound packaging. This is probably the most authentic of all the items critiqued in this article, as it has an unscented soapy smell to it, which is the right adorable smell for a raw African black soap.

From all the blog post about this type of soap, this brand is marketed as an all-natural product since it is made using only organic ingredients and can be effective when used on acne scars, rashes, and dry skin condition. This black raw soap is derived from the country of Ghana in West Africa.

This raw African black soap is my go to brand as it helped with my aging spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. The addition of unrefined natural Shea butter means regular use will leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing. Your purchase is backed by a 30-days money guarantee from the manufacturer.

2 – Rise ‘N Shine Raw Organic African Black Soap

Rise 'N Shine Raw Organic African Black Soap

This raw black soap brand is directly imported from Ghana, a country in West Africa. It is as close to original raw black soap as you’re going to get. The essence of buying your African black soap in raw form is that most will not contain colorings, dyes, or other additives just like this brand.

This raw black soap comes in a 1-pound bar, nd can be easily cut into smaller pieces to make bathing with it easier. The ingredients list also include natural Shea butter for smoothness of the skin after each use.

If you have extremely dry skin condition it is suggested you use a powerful lotion or moisturizer after each use. This raw African black soap for acne can also be used to correct signs of aging and wrinkles. It is guaranteed to work on all skin types.

The inclusion of an EBook explaining the benefits and how to use the black soap gives it an advantage over other raw African black soap from Ghana. It is fully guaranteed for 30-days, during which you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

3 – Plant Guru Raw African Black Soap

Plant Guru Raw African Black Soap

What a name for a company selling authentic raw African black that’s imported directly from Ghana? It is available for purchase in one pound packaging and comes to you in a heat sealed zip lock pouch that is also re-sealable.

This brand is marketed towards the needs of all skin types and can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, and the scars from the breakout. Some of the current users complimented the product for helping them get rid of rashes, eczema, and other skin blemishes missed by a regular bar soap.

4 – Natural Cosmetics African Black Soap 100% Pure Raw

Natural Cosmetics African Black Soap 100% Pure Raw AA5AZXXCDFG667

This raw African black soap brand does not list the country of origin. It is available for purchase in 5-pound packaging and marketed as the right soap to use to get rid of excessive skin oil, which is one of the main culprit responsible for causing acne breakouts.

It is also marketed as the right type of black soap from Africa that will stop skin irritations by eliminating the germs. It is good for all types of skin including those with extreme rough, or dry skin condition.

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