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Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving Brush Review

It took a breakup from a nice girl that I was in love with to wake me up as to how to shave the right way. At one time, I was not always clean shaven and my shaving accessories consisted disposable razors and poorly made shaving creams.

Due to my poor choice of the right shaving tools, I walked around carrying shaving burns, redness, and stubble that could not be eliminated.

In my earlier post I revealed to the world my favorite safety razor and the double edge shaving blade that I consider to be the sharpest in the whole world, now I bring you a pure badger shaving brush from a company called Perfecto.

This is probably only suitable for men that have grown up and moved out of mommy’s basement, after discovering the merit of wet shaving techniques. Just thinking of the steps needed to create a perfect shave brings joy to my heart.

You might consider me crazy for thinking to shave is enjoyable, but it can be if you start investing in the cool hair removal tools I have tested and reviewed on this blog. To do wet shaving the right way, you need the help of a shaving brush.

It is the brush that will be used to apply the lathered shaving soap or cream to your face, before deploying the shaving knife or razor to get rid of the stubble.

It is true that the Perfecto pure badger shaving brush is not the highest priced badger brush on the marketplace, but it will get the job done the right way.

I soon discovered that the higher priced shaving brushes with so-called purer badger hair are all just hype and no sizzle.

Would I call this brand the number one shaving brush, probably not, but it certainly should be included in any top 10 list of the most amazing shaving brushes one can buy online for a reasonable price?

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Why the Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

While I prefer to buy cool shaving tools that would allow me to keep my face cleanly shaven on a daily basis, the shaving brush is the least valuable of all the shaving equipment I own. Come to think of it, the shaving brush does the least work when it comes to getting a comfortable clean shave.

The shaving soap or cream is busy getting your facial hair ready for removal, while the sharp razor will remove the stubble quickly and most efficiently, without any pain or redness during the entire process.

So it did not make sense for me to spend more than twenty bucks on a shaving brush that can complement my other shaving tools. There are other shaving brushes with better bristles, especially this product.

Features of the Perfecto Badger Shaving Brush

You should judge a shaving brush by how well it holds the lather as you apply it to your facial hairs. The Perfecto shaving brush contains real badger hair bristles, which you will enjoy using every day of your life.

As you apply the lather to your face the bristle on the Perfecto brush will exfoliate your skin as well, which makes it easier for the razor and blade to remove the hairs with just one pass.

The brush from Perfecto will create the perfect lather every time you use it. It works better when used with a shaving bowl.

Most important reason to buy this shaving brush for your wet shaving needs today is the fact that it is well-made and would last a very long time, provided you follow the upkeep routine.

How to Care for Your Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes made from badger bristle hairs require certain maintenance steps to keep it working well for a lifetime. To keep your Perfecto Shaving brush in good working condition apply the following upkeep steps after each shave.

1 – After you’re done shaving for the day, run tap water through the bristle of the brush to remove any excess shaving cream. It is better if you use warm water for this step.

2 – The bristle hairs on your Perfecto shaving brush should never be pulled or twisted in any way possible.

3 – To remove any excess water that might remain in the hairs gently flick the brush. Flicking will eliminate most of the water.

4 – If you have a shaving brush stand you should store it upside down, which means the bristles should be facing downwards. You can also rest the brush facing downwards in your bathroom vanity cabinet if you do not own a shaving brush stand.

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Why I prefer the Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This brand is not the premier badger brush you can buy online, but it will do just fine with the right upkeep. In my opinion, it is a waste of money buying the so called purer badger brushes when all it is used for is to apply lather to your facial hairs.

Hopefully, the information in this Perfecto Pure Badger shaving brush review provided you with enough reasons why you should invest in one today.

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