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Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer Review

While the wearing of facial hairs like mustaches and sideburns can be an enjoyable experience, many men are discouraged by the sheer amount of work needed to keep it trimmed on a daily basis. The Panasonic ER-GB80-S body and beard trimmer is the right grooming tool for guys seeking to maintain cool looking facial hairs.

This styling tool for men has so many features that some have called it among the 10 best beard trimmers one can buy this black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days. In this Panasonic ER-GB80-S examination, we look at the most dominant features and the pros and cons from current users.

The fact that this beard and mustache trimmer from Panasonic can be utilized either corded or cordless, which gives it portability like no other styling tool out there. If you want your facial hairs neatly trimmed you have to be cognizant of what you’re doing because the blades in this device are incredibly sharp.

This post about the Panasonic ER-GB80-S will be divided into several parts to make it easier to digest the information before making your decision to invest in one today, or during the holiday shopping season.

First, we look closely at the features found in this men’s hair styling tool, next will be the analysis of the feedbacks from current users of the product. Lastly, I will give you my personal opinion why this might be the greatest beard and mustache trimmer one can buy on Amazon.com this holiday shopping season.

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Features of the Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body Trimmer

The features found in this shaving tool mean it can also be used to remove hairs from your underarm, legs, shoulders, and other parts of your body. Some of the most prominent features are:

1 – Any shaving tool can only be called efficient at removing facial hairs if the blades are sharp enough, and the ones found in this trimmer will not be kind to your stubble if that is what you want.

It uses hypoallergenic blades to sculpt and trim beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades simply mean it will not cause any adverse skin reaction after use, which makes it ideal for men with sensitive skin.

It is the extraordinary strength of the precision blades that make it a tool for getting groomed comfortably.

2 – This cordless beard trimmer is also blessed with three comb attachments, which means you can use it to manage haircut, trim beard, and mustaches, with also the ability to take care of hairs in other areas of your body.

The precision attachments are designed to secure firmly onto the trimmer head, thus giving the user the ability to determine the right trimming lengths.

3 – This shaving tool should be included in the 10 top rated beard trimmers simply because of the masculine and ergonomic design. The Panasonic GB80 trimmer has a rubberized grip, which gives the user excellent control of the shaving tool. Not only is it sleek looking, the trimmer is also durable and lightweight.

Feedbacks from Real Users of the Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer

4 – It is imbued with thirty-nine trim length settings. The quick adjust dial means the trimmer can be used to maintain hair and facial hairs at a faster rate. Since it is located on the handle, you can use the 39 settings to accomplish just about any type of trim length your heart desires.

5 – At first look, one might miss the hidden small trimmer since it is designed to slide up. It is the single best tool for trimming mustaches and sideburns. It can also be used to do away with hairs in the wrong places to help maintain a groomed look every guy would love to have.

6 – This is a beard trimmer and can be used both corded and cordless, which ensures you can take it just about anywhere you go. It uses a Ni-MH battery that is rechargeable for cordless operation, or you can plug into an Alternating Current (AC) outlet if you want unlimited power supply for prolonged use.

It is also noteworthy that the included LED charge indicator feature will display not only the charging progress but also the remaining battery power when used in a cordless manner.

7 – This beard and total body groomer product from Panasonic is made to be 100% washable, which translates to easy cleaning after each use. Just running clean water through the trimmer head is all it takes to remove debris and get it ready for use next time.

Feedbacks from Real Users of the Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer

Despite all the other beard trimmer reviews mentioning the merits and dislikes of using the Panasonic ER-GB80-S shaving tool, the best indication of how a product is doing in the marketplace is from the feedbacks from real users.

I have looked through dozens of feedbacks and listed are notable pros and cons of using this tool from the mouth of current users.

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The most obvious feedback that instantly caught my attention is from a current user that said the tool allowed him to get the same shaving results like the one he gets from his barber, which means more money in his pocket.

Another man that have used this device for three months gave all the credit to the incredible shaving and facial hair trimming results to the sharpness of the blades.

Another current user simply stated the Panasonic beard trimmer is not only fantastic but also easy to use.


The only complaint I found about the blades was from a user that mentioned they were not sharp enough for his facial hairs.

One gave high praise to the beard trimmer but found the slide up trimmer hard to work with.

Lastly, a guy that found the product is effective at maintaining facial hairs also complained about the guides’ lack of performance during use.

Bottom Line:

This is a product you should be on the lookout for this holiday shopping days, for it just might be further discounted especially on Amazon. This trimmer will allow any man to get a superior trim and can also be used by anyone with sensitive skin.

Hopefully, this Panasonic ER-GB80-S critique gave you some of the notable features to justify your investment in this shaving product. Will this trimmer from Panasonic be listed on the Amazon best deals list?

With less than two weeks to go before Black Friday and then followed by Cyber Monday, you can go to Amazon.com to check it out and also read some of the reviews from existing users.