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Why is Obamacare so Controversial?

While I fully campaigned and supported Barack Hussein Obama in his successful election as our 44th President, some of his policies led to disappointment and gave me a better understanding of our flawed electoral and governing system.

During the campaign for the highest office in the land, Obama made promises about how our health care system and promised to make it cheaper and more responsive to patient care needs.

The final legislation itself is neither affordable and have created a huge Federal bureaucracy that might be hard to eliminate. Before we get too far ahead in examining why this legislation that was passed mostly along party lines is so unpopular, a clear definition of what the affordable care act is might be appropriate.

What exactly is Obamacare?

Why is Obamacare so Controversial

The health care reform act that is famously called Obamacare came into existence as law when Obama signed a Federal statute on March 23, 2010. Other reconciliation steps were also passed during the same month to give the legislation the full weight of the United States Government.

During the 2008 presidential election, then candidate Barack Obama was against the inclusion of any individual mandate, which was eventually included in the bill that made it through both houses of Congress.

The bill itself was passed along mostly party line and it created one of the biggest divides among our elected politicians, which still exist to this day. Initially, Americans were enthusiastic about various aspects of the law, until details started to emerge in the print and online news media.

The law is so complex that there are now over 20,000 pages, which makes it one of the most complicated legislation ever enacted by the US Congress. Many years later, it is obvious the law is now so unpopular that Democrats are still losing political offices all across the country to this day.

To make things worse, it was soon discovered that most members of Congress that fully voted for the law did not even bother to read the entire legislation. Many aspects of the legislation were written by health insurance and drug manufacturers’ lobbyist to help quench opposition.

Why are People against Obamacare?

There are many provisions of this health care reform act that are not good for the individual and most businesses. The fact that you’re required to purchase health insurance or face ever increasing penalties by the Internal Revenue Service proved to be its undoing.

Every year, the tax penalty is schedule to keep increasing as a deterrent to force holdout’s to purchase health insurance from the many exchanges all over the country. On top of that, businesses with a certain number of employees are penalized if they did not offer health insurance options to full-time employees.

Those are just the two most important reasons why people are mad about this intrusive legislation that has made health care delivery in America very confusing and not very effective.

Many people ask – is Obamacare good or bad? It will be hard to give you a straight answer, but the pros and cons of the law will give you clues as to why millions of Americans are mad and voting Democrats out of office by huge numbers.

The Pros and Cons of Obamacare

Most of the politicians that voted to approve this legislation simply lacked the foresight to understand the damages it has caused our health care system. Most Americans have come to view the law as rewarding bad lifestyle choices, and not rewarding those that invest in good living.

The most obvious Obamacare pros and cons are:


The mandate that insurance companies cannot discriminate if you had a preexisting condition was a good thing for some. The insurance business functions through risk analysis, and the companies that choose to participate in the exchanges did so because of the individual and business mandates.

Depending on how you analyze the figures, more Americans did get health insurance coverage, but millions of our fellow citizens are still uncovered despite the huge promises made during the debate of the legislation.

Another good thing about Obamacare was the lifting of care limits. With Obama care, your insurance coverage cannot be depleted as long as you’re still sick and paying for coverage. This was a good thing for millions of Americans with debilitating illnesses that become more expensive over time.

The health reform act made it mandatory for health insurance providers to cover more screenings and preventive services. The aim is to encourage more of the insured to seek out preventive care before it is too late.


All the above advantages were true until the law started interacting with actual consumers. The beauty of capitalism is that the consumer will ultimately decide the survival of any legislation, even if it is mandated by law.

The following cons will make you understand why this law is so disliked by growing number of our citizens.

The biggest reason why people hate Obamacare is the individual mandate, which in a way is a taxation on the poor and middle class of our society. So, if you do not have a regular job that provides you with health insurance, you’re required by law to buy one through the exchanges.

The penalty for non-compliance increases every year, which is administered by that dreaded agency called the IRS.

Growing businesses are not exempt from the mandate of this legislation. Private companies with a certain number of employees are now mandated by law to provide employees some type of insurance.

Many businesses simply stopped hiring full-time employees or used temp agencies for staffing as a clever way around the mandate.

When you force people or businesses to do what is unwanted and unpopular, sooner rather than later, resistance will increase. Every passing year after the law passed, the affordable care act becomes more expensive and unaffordable.

Democrats have lost hundreds of political offices all across the country. Republicans now control both house of Congress and more state legislatures and governorships than any time in our modern history.

It needs to be Repealed

The aim of the law is all well and good, but that does not make it a viable or effective legislation to correct the flaws in our ever growing health care system. In fact, since the law was passed, our health care delivery system have been compromised negatively.

It is now common to see signs at doctors’ offices letting patients know ahead of time they do not accept Obamacare, which means millions of people will have to shop around for medical clinics that will accept these policies.

Most of the doctors in private practice complained that the law limits how much they can charge for health services, which is unfair considering other professionals are not burdened with such limits.

What is slowly emerging is a two-tiered system of health delivery in our country, one for those with robust health insurance and one for those with Obamacare coverage.

The entire legislation needs to be repealed. Both the newly elected Republican majority and President-elect Donald J. Trump kill the law or watch as Americans throw them out of office for unfulfilled campaign promises.