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Many Different Benefits and Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the most popular germicidal agent that is composed only of oxygen and water. Just like the way ozone works, this solution is able to kill disease organisms by the process of oxidation.

The use of Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best safest natural sanitizers. It functions by killing microorganisms by simply oxidizing them, which can be best described as a regulated burning process.

Food Grade Certified Hydrogen Peroxide


When an organic material comes in contact with Hydrogen peroxide it is broken down into oxygen and water. Here are some of the most notable benefits and uses that can be derived from the powers of Hydrogen peroxide.

Caution: Try to use only the correct doses and overdosing on hydrogen peroxide can be bad for your health.

1 – Your Health

Our human body as presently constituted can produce hydrogen peroxide and it uses it to fight infections so that our immune system would function effectively.

Human white blood cells are commonly called Leukocytes. Within the Leukocytes, cells are sub-class cells called Neutrophils.

The Neutrophils cell is what produces hydrogen peroxide, and it is the first line of defense against parasites, bacteria, toxins, yeast and viruses.

2 – You can use it to Douche

All you need is to add two capful’s of hydrogen peroxide into a container with warm distilled water.

Use appropriately once or twice weekly to eliminate the symptoms of severe yeast infections.

3 – Can be used to Whiten Clothes

This powerful solution is a viable alternative to using chlorine bleach to whiten your clothes. A cup of peroxide is powerful enough to induce whiteness in your clothing.

Hydrogen peroxide is also able to remove bloodstains on carpets and clothes.

You can apply the solution to the spot with the blood stain of clothes, let it assimilate for about a minute or two, then rub and rinse the spot out with cold water.

Depending on the severity of the stain you might have to repeat the process for best results.

4 – Can help heal Foot Fungus

While the effectiveness of this step is yet to be studied, it is one of the quickest home remedies for controlling and curing foot fungus.

Create an equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, and then spray it on your toes every night before bedtime.

Best to do this hydrogen peroxide procedure after taking a hot shower. For best results, let the solution dry out.

5 – Good for Infections

Just by soaking any infection in this solution, the wounds should start to heal quickly.

By adding hydrogen peroxide to your bath water, fungus and many other types of skin infections are eliminated and proper defenses built-up.

6 – If you suffer From Bird Mites Infections

Other use for hydrogen peroxide AA504

It has been established from numerous studies of patients with bird mites’ infections that using hydrogen peroxide can kill the virus.

It works faster when the solution is sprayed on the body several times a day.

7 – Can Help With Sinus Infections

Best to add 3% hydrogen peroxide to one cup of water that’s not chlorinated, and use it as a nasal spray.

You can adjust the percentage of peroxide used based on the severity of the sinus infection.

Other uses for hydrogen peroxide

This amazing solution can be used effectively as a mouthwash to correct bad breath and tooth decay.

It can be used to clean your meat before cooking it. When applied in certain quantities, you can use hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair.

This helpful and powerful solution is able to correctly stall and remove toxic mold from your home.

So when next you come across hydrogen peroxide while shopping online or in your local store pick up one or two, for it has too many useful benefits that cannot be ignored.