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Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review

My birthday was two weeks ago, and my friends threw me a great party. Let me tell you, it is good to have caring friends because I received over three dozen neatly wrapped gifts, which I am still opening and going through one by one.

My friend from my college days gave me a shaver that can be used to shave back hairs called Mangroomer ultimate pro back shaver.

At first, I chuckled at the name and what it claims it can do, but after several uses, it dawned on me this was the shaver I needed to reach where my regular razor cannot reach.

If not for the flex head, the device might be mistaken for a power tool equipment. Initially, out of curiosity, I opened the gift box and look over the user guide from the manufacturer.

The claim that it can be utilized to get rid of all the back hairs got my attention and I decided to test it out right away. It has a rubberized handle with the right ergonomic features, which makes it comfortable to hold, while also shaving the hairs off your back.

Features of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Shaver

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Before I give you my personal opinion about this product in this Mangroomer ultimate pro back shaver review, let’s examine some of the notable features embedded within this shaver for use to get rid of back hairs.

It took almost ten years of research and development to bring this shaver to the market, which means there are merits to the claim that it is a durable and effective product at eliminating back hairs.

In this age of copycat manufacturers you should know that the design is patented and protected, which means if you want to experience what this back shaving tool can do, you better buy one today.

1 – Let’s begin with the two interchangeable heads, each capable of enhancing the removal of hairs from your back quickly, and most efficiently. One of the head attachment is designed to handle long hairs and can reach a wider area of your back.

The bi-directional head is ideal for use on shorter hairs and it will allow you to get a smoother shave each time you deploy the tool. These two unique interchangeable attachment heads can handle all types of back hairs, including even the bushy ones.

2 – The ergonomic design is made possible by the use of a rubberized handle, which guarantees steady handling during back shaving. The handle is extendable and has a locking mechanism once your desired length is reached. It is also possible to lock in place the right perfect angle that works for your situation.

3 – The most impressive feature, in my opinion, is the shock absorber that is embedded within the shaving tool. The shaving blades can be rotated in such a way that all the back hairs will be removed in a timely manner, all without fear of cutting yourself.

It is the shock absorber that allows the Mangroomer to contour to the ridges of your back easily and effortlessly.

Mangroomer back shaver review

4 – Even if you have sensitive skin the blades in the Mangroomer back shaver will not cause any irritation, simply because they’re made from hypoallergenic stainless steel materials, which ensures better longevity even as you use it in wet conditions.

5 – Another noteworthy feature is power burst capability built into the Mangroomer back shaving tool. If you encounter coarse and stubborn extra thick back hairs during your shaving session you can push the power burst button to increase the efficiency of the cutting blades.

6 – A portable back shaver is only as effective as the power supply mechanism and this one happen to have a quick battery charge feature, which makes it possible to get the tool ready for your back shaving session.

The Mangroomer has a charge light indicator, which the user can use to monitor the charging status. Red light means it is still charging, while green light means it is fully charged, and ready for use.

What about the Opinions of the Current Users of the Mangroomer?

Despite the dozens of Mangroomer back shaver evaluations be found online, the feedbacks that count are the ones from current users of the product.

We know that it is impossible to find the right portable shaver for back with 100% satisfaction rating, but 75% or more of the current users of the beauty product must be happy or it is not worth the asking price.

The feedbacks for the Mangroomer ultimate back shaver leans mostly towards the positive, and I will also list a few of the negative ones to provide a balanced assessment of why you might want to get one today as a gift for a loved one or a dear friend.


Forget all the Mangroomer analysis with biases, a positive feedback that got my attention was from a user that called his back hairs a “thick forest” and the Mangroomer ultimate pro allowed him to get a clean shave.

His only gripe was the shipping package was sealed too tight, which required the use of a scissor to get to the product. He ended up giving this back shaving product 100% satisfaction rating simply because he can now swim in public without fear or shame of back hairs.

Another thrilled user of the Mangroomer called it a super solid product, and worth every penny that he paid for it. He said it is so easy to deploy because he first used the device without completely reading the owner’s manual.

A current user of the Mangroomer ultimate pro that is tired of regular waxing and expensive laser back hair removal is now saving a fortune since he started using this tool. I might add that the purchase price is also less than what a wax or laser hair removal session would cost.

Mangroomer reviews



While this Mangroomer ultimate pro back shaver review leans towards the positive, few users of the device did not enjoy the performance of the product for back hair removal.

A user said the razor was not sharp enough to get rid of his back hairs with just one pass, and therefore gave the tool an average rating.

A few users complained about the high learning curve required to get the Mangroomer back shaver to perform as advertised.

Will Mangroomer Make a Great Gift?

That would depend on many factors like the type of back hairs of the intended recipient of the present. Truth be told, some men could care less about the type of hairs on their back, but those with a thriving love life might be interested in the performance merits of the product.

Regardless of the way you look at it, a gift like this would be remembered by the recipient, which is what a good present is supposed to convey.

After opening my gift and using the Mangroomer back shaver several times, I called the giver to tell her thanks, which by the way, is the only birthday gift giver that I personally thanked.

Where to Buy the Ultimate Pro Mangroomer

The above video shows you the merits of the Mangroomer back hair removal tool and why it would make a great gift for someone you care about.

Apart from the fact that atcemsce.org participates in the Amazon affiliate program, the place to get your hands on an authentic and original Mangroomer back shaver is Amazon.com for many good reasons.

You can read all about the experiences of the current users before making your investment decision. If you have Amazon Prime you can expect your Mangroomer to arrive in four days or less.

With different sellers competing on that giant site, it will be hard to find other sites with lower prices on the Mangroomer ultimate pro back shaver. It is a well-made product that would help you get rid of your back hairs quickly and most efficiently.