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Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Essential Oils Reviews

This article will be about one of the most reputable essential oil companies popularly known as Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals. The company is based in California, in the United States of America, and some of their therapeutic essential oils are made at an FDA approved facility.

While this fast growing company has products for the skin, hair, eye, and sun blocking, we’re going to be examining their line of organic therapeutic grade essential oils. For those of you that are new to what essential oils can do, a brief definition might help.

Essential oils are mostly extracted from plants. The extraction process can be done through cold pressing or careful steam distillation. Based on the type of plant, stems, leaves, flowers, and other parts are utilized to get the most natural essence of the plant.

Can the Essential Oils from Majestic Pure be Called Organic?

Based on the inquiry we sent to the company, the manager in charge of manufacturing confirmed that the oils are considered 100% pure, due to the fact that adulterants or additives are never used in the formulation and during the manufacturing process.

The company also insisted their line of aromatherapy essential oils are considered therapeutic grade, which means they were derived using the highest quality ingredients and made from authentic manufacturing practices.

While the ingredients are sourced from different countries all over the world, the company insisted it goes all out to ensure only organically grown plants are utilized.

Before we get to some of the most popular flavors of majestic pure essential oils, let’s answer some of the most popular questions posed online about this aromatherapy product.

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Facts about the Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Oil

With so much information online about the essential oils made by this company, it is quite appropriate to give relevant and factual answers to popular questions posted by buyers and potential buyers of the product.

Why is it called Organic?

While the word organic is slowly losing its meaning and significance, the essential oils from Pure Majestic Cosmeceuticals are made using only organically grown plants. The final product is free of the following harmful ingredients:

No use of Pesticides during the plant growing phase or manufacturing phase.

The final essential oil product from Majestic Pure is free of alcohol.

It is also free of Sulfates.

You’ll find no Phthalates in this essential oil brand.

The manufacturer claims Synthetic Fragrances are not used in the formulation.

Synthetic Dyes are not used when making this essential oil.

The final product sold to consumers worldwide is free of Triclosan and Paraben Free.

Apart from containing no animal parts, genetically modified organisms are never included in the ingredients list. Also, the Majestic certified therapeutic grade essential oils are never tested on animals.

Is it safe to ingest Majestic Pure Essential Oils?

Despite the claim that it is made from one hundred percent purely organic ingredients that are free of pesticides or plant growing chemicals, ingestion of this essential oil can lead to severe health consequences.

Just bear in mind that this essential oil brand comes to you in concentrated form, and requires dilution for the intended uses. Keep the essential oils from this company or any other brand for that matter out of the reach of little kids.

While it is possible to use truly organic essential oils internally, it is not something we recommend for the average Joe that is not medically trained in the safest way to administer the product.

Uses for the Essential Oil from Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals

Majestic Pure Essential Oils Reviews

Essential oil brands like this one can be used in various ways to lead a high-quality life. Some of the most popular uses for the essential oils from Majestic Pure are:

A – For Inhalation or Using a Diffuser

One of the notable uses for this essential oil brand is to put few drops inside of a well-made oil diffuser. The essential oil diffuser will disperse the therapeutic elements from the natural organic ingredients into your living quarters for the most aromatherapy benefits.

It is also possible to breathe in the essence of the essential oil by holding it close to your nose. You can also apply about two drops of the oil onto your palms while rubbing them together inhale deeply the fragrance from the oil.

B – Few Drops in Your Baths

Another way to take in the aroma benefits of the Majestic pure essential oil is to use a few drop in your hot bath. Apart from the captivating fragrance that would relax you, the therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits are immeasurable.

C – Topical Application

You can also apply the essential oil directly to the skin. Mind you, this oil brand comes to you in concentrated form, so some type of dilution is required.

The essential oils made by this firm are lipid soluble and has low molecular weights, which means easy penetration into the skin texture. Remember to use a well-made base oil for the dilution.

Some of the most popular types of carrier oil used to dilute this essential oil are Fractionated Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, or other choices, to complement your essential oil flavor.

The Use of the Essential Oil

From my personal experience, you get more out of your concentrated essential oil if used in a well-designed diffuser that’s capable of instantly introducing the fragrance and natural healing therapeutic properties into any room or living environment.

Some of the diffusers for use with the Majestic Pure Essential oils can be found in this review. Using a diffuser will also make the essential oil from Majestic Cosmeceuticals last a long time.

Majestic Pure Essential Oils

If you know anything about online commerce, you’ll know that it is quite a feat to have a hot selling product like these essential oils from Majestic, and yet have thousands of positive feedbacks from satisfied customers. Might it be because of the high-quality standards deployed when manufacturing this product?

Currently, there are over 21-different flavors of essential oils for sale from this company, but this evaluation will only be focused on the most popular ones. Clicking on any of the images or the provided links will take you to the complete products page, where you can find all the flavors arranged side-by-side.

1 – Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil Review

This is one of the most popular flavors by Majestic Pure, and it is derived from the oil extracted from the Lavandula angustifolia plant, which is also popularly called English lavender.

The fact that this essential lavender oil is derived from plants grown in the country of Bulgaria might be why it is priced lower than other essential oils.

According to Majestic pure, this natural lavender essential oil comes to you at its finest, simply because it contains no toxins or additives, and it comes to you undiluted and unfiltered, all without the use of any fillers.

This product is packaged in the United States of America and requires dilution with a carrier or base oil depending on how you’re going to use it. The smell of lavender is calming, and when used with a diffuser, you should get all the aroma-therapeutic benefits flowing through your home.

2 – Majestic Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil Review

This is a premium and high-quality peppermint oil and it comes to you in its purest form without any dilution. This peppermint essential oil from Majestic Pure is certified therapeutic grade, and packaged right here in the USA, with natural ingredients sourced from around the world.

From the feedbacks from some of the current users, the peppermint flavored essential oil can be used as a natural repellent against different types of insects including ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, fleas, and mice.

Organic peppermint essential oil is derived from the herb plant called Mentha piperita. If used in a diffuser, the aroma will help alleviate discomfort as a result of stress from everyday activities.

Before using the oil for topical applications it is suggested you dilute the Majestic peppermint essential oil with the right type of carrier oil. The right type of base oil to use for dilution is Fractionated coconut oil.

3 – Majestic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil Review

I am sure everyone is aware of the bible story involving Frankincense oil and you can get a premium version that’s made without the use of any additives or fillers. You get the Majestic pure therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil in its purest form without any type of dilution.

Do remember for topical applications, it is suggested you dilute the oil using a carrier oil like Fractionated coconut oil or any other flavor you prefer. This essential oil is derived from the resin found in the frankincense tree, which is popularly called Boswellia Serrata.

It has antiseptic qualities and can be used as a disinfectant with the power to get rid of germs. When used in a diffuser, the therapeutic properties dispersed will encourage healthier moods in the occupants of the dwelling.

4 – Majestic Pure Bergamot Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Bergamot Essential Oil Review

Bergamot essential oil will one day get all the glory that it deserves. It is extracted from the Citrus Bergamia tropical plant, which is found in great abundance in Europe. It is the right essential oil one can use for soothing the body and mind.

It is suggested you use a carrier oil for diluting, before any topical application. It is an effective disinfectant and contains powerful antibiotic properties. The cold-pressing method is used to extract the oil, which is one of the practical manufacturing methods for getting all the natural properties of the plant.

5 – Majestic Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Rosemary Essential Oil Review

Rosemary essential oil is another flavor that gets left behind in the accolades department when it comes to the therapeutic essential oils made from only organic ingredients. Like the others reviewed above, it is free of additives and fillers.

This is the right organic essential oil for uplifting the spirit, which means it can help one get rid of stress and anxiety. After diluting it with a suitable base oil, it is capable of doing away with muscle aches and pain when rubbed into the affected areas.

6 – Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil for Aromatherapy AA1NMHJKL

If you enjoy the smell of lemon, this essential oil comes with amazing aroma-therapeutic benefits. It is extracted from the Citrus Limonum. When you come into a room containing the essence of lemon essential oil, your mood will be energized.

From the feedbacks, some of the users said it is good at uplifting the mood of occupants if used in a diffuser. It has a very short shelf life, so be sure to use it within one year. It is also suggested that topical use can help one get rid of stubborn skin blemishes.

7 – Myrrh Essential Oil from Majestic Pure

Myrrh Essential Oil from Majestic Pure Review AA5FHJYUI

Myrrh essential oil is another one from that biblical story cherished by Christians all over the world. The resin from the Commiphora Myrrha is derived from the dried sap. It has a smell that is powerful but takes a while to get used to.

This is the right type of essential oil used by the original Egyptians and the Chinese in medicine. It is made from non-toxic ingredients and contains no additives or fillers. Do keep in mind that the Myrrh essential oil is certified therapeutic grade and highly concentrated.