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How to Stop Being a Heavy Sleeper

A good friend of mine called me recently complaining about how his wife can sleep through any type of loud noise. The conversation went back and forth regarding the most effective deep sleep cure until it occurred to me that this is not a problem that requires medication.

What is a Heavy Sleeper?

The true definition of a deep sleeper will vary from person to person, but it is safe to say that anyone that finds it hard to wake up in the morning might be considered a deep sleeper. A deep sleeper can be described as someone that sleeps through any type of loud noise both at night and in the morning.

If you’re a deep sleeper you have to ask yourself why that is so. In most cases, the daily activities of the individual create the tiredness that makes the person sleep too deep.

Heavy Sleeper Cure

The need for sleep cannot be denied, for even soldiers in the thick of battle must get some rest at some point, hopefully when the other side is not shooting at them.

How to stop being a heavy sleeper might sound simple to most people but it is not that obvious to people dealing with the issue.

I promised my good friend I would look into the situation and come up with a sensible alternative to help his soul mate wake up on time. These are the heavy sleeper cure suggestions I came up with:

How to Stop Being a Heavy Sleeper

1 – Go to Bed Early

His wife is an attorney and she’s always doing something that has to do with work. Even at home, you’ll find her reading briefs or writing them. It is suggested she create a cut off time when all work must stop for the day.

The agreed upon time is 10 PM, which will leave her enough time for getting ready for bed. The idea is for her to be fast asleep by 11 PM at the latest. Due to her commute time, she needs to get out of bed by 6 AM and leave the house by 7 AM, which gives her enough time to be at the office early.

2 – Eliminate the Consumption of Foods and Drinks at Night

Depending on your eating habit, every foodstuff you put inside your mouth must be processed by your body. If you’re into consuming contaminants, you’ll find it hard to go to bed early. For those with deep sleeping problems, it might be wise on your part to cut out smoking, drinking, and eating after a certain time.

My good friend’s wife liked to consume wine as she reads or writes the law papers. When she finally gets to sleep her body is working overtime to process all that junk. We came up with a plan for her to stop consuming any type of alcohol after 6 PM, which means dinner must be finished by then.

3 – Remove all Electronics from the Bedroom

All electronic products emit some type of radiation and you should not have any next to your sleeping area, except for maybe an alarm clock. Your bedroom should be conducive to sleep and nothing else.

I do not have to tell you about the hazards of having your so called smartphone in your sleeping area. Those things will alter the natural functioning of your body whether you like it or not. {1}

4 – Get a Loud Alarm Clock

Get a Loud Alarm Clock

A good alarm clock might help a deep sleeper wake up on time provided it is set up the right way. You can read our review of the best alarm clocks that can help heavy sleepers wake up on time.

The worst thing you can do is to position the loud alarm clock where it can be reached without getting out of bed. It is best to get an alarm clock that emits continuous sounds to annoy the living hell out of the deep sleeper.

I have seen a good alarm clock that not only emits loud sounds nut also come with the right accessory that can shake and vibrate your mattress, which hopefully, will annoy you long enough to make you and get out of bed.

5 – Do Some Breathing Exercises

A very good way to calm the body down is to do breathing exercises. When you consciously breathe in and out, you’ll get better at regulating your body’s organs.

The correct way to breathe in is for the oxygen to go all the way to your stomach rather than stop at your chest area. That is, each breath you take will make your stomach protrude out, and when you breathe out your stomach muscles will relax back in.

Pay attention to how babies breathe, for they mostly do stomach breathing, which is the right way to ensure the rich oxygen is reaching all the key internal organs.

Other Tips to Help Deep Sleepers Wake Up on Time

Deep sleeping is not a medical condition that you can medicate away with pills, which might disappoint some. As a heavy sleeper what you do once you get in the morning will determine if you’ll fall back into bed to get a few minutes rest.

You should go straight to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. Splashing cold water on your face is a sure fire way to ensure you’ll remain up and get ready for your daily activities.

Did the Heavy Sleep Cure Tips Work for Her?

I have to admit that the key to solving any problem is to accept the fact that you have one in the first place. Most of us live in denial until the problem manifests in other ways that make it hard to deny anymore.

She implemented the suggestions listed above and I am glad to report that her sleeping habit is slowly getting back to normal. She gave most of the credit to her newly found method of breathing meditation, which has led her to question some of the choices in her daily activities.


I wish I had a magic wand to instantly create how to not be a heavy sleeper solutions. If you find it hard to wake up on time in the morning perhaps you’re a heavy deep sleeper, and your first step should be ways to curtail some of your late night activities.

It is what you do late at night that causes you to sleep too deep. Do not forget to initiate a true breathing meditation program for it will change your life for the better. Contrary to what some might think, the best cure for heavy sleeping problems is within your control, provided you take the time to implement them.