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How to Ruin Your Beautiful Skin

We choose the title for this article to get your attention, as some of the things you currently consume are contributing to your aging skin problems. We Americans always want instant solutions to problems we can solve with the right adjustment to our lifestyle choices.

The two most dangerous behaviors known to man are smoking and drinking alcohol. The damages from engaging in those two activities accumulate over a long period of time.

When you’re young you might falsely believe that the toxic stuff you’re consuming on a daily basis would not have an effect on the way you look, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Just like weight gain, the damage you’re doing to your body and skin takes a while to manifest for the outside world to see. Why did we choose those two substances? Drinking alcohol is a very popular recreational activity and most people falsely believe it makes them more sociable and friendly.

When we refer to smoking, it is not just referring to cigarettes, but also weed and even electronic cigarettes. It is estimated that about 18% of Americans smoke cigarettes, which translates to millions of our productive citizens that would soon clog our hospitals.

How to Ruin Your Beautiful Skin

What Does Smoking do to Your Skin?

It would be futile to list all the health woes coming your way if you smoke on a regular basis. Before we get to some of the horrific skin changes you’ll experience from smoking, let me tell you a short story about someone I fell in love with.

We met at a party celebrating the total cure of a mutual friend that suffered from cancer. The gathering was filled with good food and good people, and the electricity between us when we met could not be denied. We shared laughter and acted as if we’ve known each other for many years.

I could not have imagined she was a smoker until our next date night. She tried to light up in my car and I bluntly told her that was one activity I do not tolerate within my environment. She told me she was on the way to quitting and just wanted a few puff.

I thanked my lucky stars that this deadly behavior was discovered before we got intimate. I told her it would not work out between us and promptly took her home.

She called a few weeks later to let me know that she quit smoking, and wanted us to hook up again, but I have moved on with my emotions and love. I did not want to be the main reason why she quit smoking so that union never took hold.

The smoking effects on the skin might not be apparent while you’re still young, but I can assure you that the damages are accumulating within your body, and it is just a question of time before they start manifesting for the outside world to see.

Many ways your appearance suffers from smoking:

It is obvious from all the studies that smoking damages you lungs, heart, brain, and will impact negatively on your sex life. It is also true that smoking will alter your appearance negatively, and before you know it, you’ll look much older than your age.

It Will Cause Bags Under Your Eyes

Not only will smoking affect your sleep quality negatively, for most times you’ll wake up with bags under your eyes. From many studies, it has been established that smokers experience more toss and turning at night, which ultimately leads to poor sleep quality.

Increases Your Chances of Contracting Psoriasis

While this autoimmune-related skin condition can manifest within your skin without you smoking, you substantially increase the chances of this skin scarring condition showing up if you smoke on a regular basis.

Yellow and Lousy Teeth

Not only will cigarettes make your breath smell bad, you pearl white teeth will suffer the same degradation in due time. Even if you invest in teeth whitening gels, continuing to smoke will override any benefit provided by those products.

Wrinkles and Premature Aging

Go ahead buy all the anti-aging creams you want, for smoking will eventually override the benefits provided by those products. The chemicals found in cigarettes and other products age the user prematurely.

Other negative effects of smoking

Smoking cause yellow fingers, which might not be noticeable to you, but others, will see it. This behavior is not friendly to the growth of thick and stronger hair follicles. Your hair will get thinner and thinner until they start falling off.

Your chances of getting skin cancer are substantially increased when you smoke. Neither will your glowing skin last, as the toxic ingredients chip away at the glow you used to have before you started smoking.

It is one of the most deadly activities that inhibit the quick healing of wounds. It is also true that smokers have more stretch marks than non-smokers.

What Does Alcohol do to Your Skin?

effects of alcohol on skin

This one is even more dangerous than smoking because it is widely promoted through the movies and social gatherings. Rarely do you hear people discuss the negative effects of alcohol on the skin. Why is that?

Might it be because people have come to associate drinking alcohol with increased social acceptance? The joy and laughter experienced while under the influence of alcohol might be the best moment from consuming the intoxicant.

Do not let all the subtle pressures around you convince you that all is well once you start to drink. Not only will you be damaging your liver, but your outward appearance will suffer as you consume more of the dangerous substance.

If you like to protect your skin from the rays of the sun, perhaps you should also take the same precaution from the dangers posed by the ingredients found in the alcoholic beverages popular with the masses.

Remember that alcohol contains toxins capable of damaging the cells you need to filter out the bad ingredients from the foods you eat. If you want to know the true power of alcohol, find someone suffering from liver failure, and you’ll understand why this substance is regarded as a silent killer by most medical professionals.

Alcohol is bad for your skin because it can hydrate your skin. It will leave it dry, bloated, and you might experience redness in different parts of your body. Drinking alcohol puts undue pressure on your kidneys by making them work overtime.

Instead of allowing water to go to your organs, toxins found in alcohol will divert them to your bladder, which ultimately leads to more bathroom breaks. Drinking alcohol will leave your skin dehydrated, which is not a pretty sight.

A dry skin is prone to wrinkle faster and people you meet will consider you older than your true age. Drinking alcohol will rob your body of vital nutrients, which ultimately leads to other health woes.