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FitDesk V2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

When you have a day job that involves making sure your clients remain fit you get familiar with all the excuses Americans have for getting out of shape. With tons of good home or office gym equipment like the FitDesk V2.0 desk exercise bike, the reasons given for the alarming obesity rates in America can no longer be justified with reasonable explanations.

For what some of my high-end client’s pay on a monthly basis to keep fit, most could easily afford to buy this exercise bike from FitDesk, and get the same awesome fitness results?

I got the chance to use this bike at an office complex managed by a client. He wanted my unbiased opinion if this stationary bike can help him keep the unwanted pounds off for good.

If you care about people and you like to exercise on a regular basis, being a certified fitness trainer is a lucrative profession. At present, I have stopped accepting new clients unless through high-end referrals.

After my initial interview with a new client, I have learned how to create key workout routines to help him or her reach fitness goals at a faster rate.

Looking at the FitDesk exercise bike from a distance, you might not realize the impressive features until you actually try one. In fact, there were 15 of this fitness machine inside this office complex, and since it was on a Sunday most of the employees were home, so I had free reign to try out several of this fitness bike.

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The idea behind the creation of this stationary bike machine is that one can do fitness workouts while also doing work on the computer or reading presentation papers. The FitDesk 2.0 is an exercise bike with folding features.

Just by looking at it I can tell it is lightweight, but can it withstand the rigors of fast pedaling from a fitness enthusiast like myself?

While you can surf the web or read the latest news from the daily newspapers while riding this stationary bike, I always urge my clients to concentrate on doing one thing at a time.

The fact that it has several resistance levels ensures you can use it to workout core thigh and leg muscle groups.

I also enjoyed using the included resistance bands to exercise the muscle groups in my upper body area, which should give a significant boost to cardiovascular health if done properly, and on a regular basis.

You can read about my personal recommendation to my client towards the end of this article, with concerns about how it can be effectively used to induce faster weight loss

Features of the FitDesk V2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

While some have called it an ideal stationary bike for use while working, this FitDesk 2.0 review will be based on what it can help you achieve fitness wise, if used the right way.

1 – It has a seat like that found on a high-quality cruiser beach bike and it was comfortable throughout my two hours ride. I did not feel any soreness or irritation in my butt area despite pedaling as fast as I can. I can testify to the fact that the bike feels comfortable and functional as you pedal.

2 – Despite the lightness of the bike, the frame is constructed from powder-coated steel, which provides the needed stability even for fast pedaling. I will agree that it is not only compact but also stable. It was thoughtful of the designers to mount the control knob on the frame, which makes it easier to select the right resistance level for your workout style.

3 – The inclusion of 8 different position Magnetic resistance levels ensures even a newbie can master and enjoy using this fitness bike for the first time. The resistance levels can take you from very smooth to hard pedaling with just the turn of a knob.

4 – This bike will take up very little footprint at home or your office, and the compact folding frame is supported by built-in wheels, which makes it far easier to move the device to storage.

Features of the FitDesk V2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

5 – The desk space is made from non-slip materials and can comfortably hold a large laptop or magazine. Also included is a small storage drawer, which can be used to store things like your cellphone, MP3 players, pens, headphones, and other items.

6 – There is a small digital meter that outputs easy to read digital data, which includes the details about your pedaling time, calories burned, and pedaling mileage.

7 – The manufacturer claims the gearbox components are made from steel and aluminum materials, which should give it better longevity. The flywheel uses a twin-belt design set up to deliver whisper quiet pedaling, even at a faster rate.

8 – I enjoyed using the pull-up resistance bands, which you can use to develop upper body strength as you pedal. Regular use of the bands should help tone your forearm and upper body muscle groups.

9 – Both the seat and the backrest are adjustable, which means you can use the FitDesk V2.0 desk exercise bike in an upright or semi-recumbent position. The provided armrest can also be adjusted to compliment your body height position.

10 – The user weight limit for this bike is 250 pounds, and there is a one-year limited warranty for protection against any factory defects.

Benefits of Riding a Stationary Bike

One of the ways to lose weight or stay in shape is to find a stationary bike that you can use at home or in your office and diligently use it on a daily basis. I can testify to the cardiovascular benefit of adding bike pedaling light exercises to your workout routine.

Apart from helping you to stay in shape, you should be able to focus better thus leading to higher productivity.

Regular pedaling on a stationary bike like the FitDesk FDX 2.0 will increase your endurance, which ultimately translates into higher energy levels as you get more fit.

My Personal Recommendation

While the FitDesk V2.0 desk exercise bike with massage bar is marketed as a fitness tool you can use to get fit and do work at the same time, you’ll get better results if used for workout routines only. When it comes to fitness workouts, intense focusing on what you’re doing is required if you want to experience remarkable results.

Trying to pedal and type or read newspapers at the same time will rob your brain the required blood flow to reach your fitness goals. The reason why many people fail at losing weight after joining a gym is the lack of focus. Some want to talk on the phone or send text messages while working out, which ultimately leads to poor fitness results.

FitDesk V2.0 desk exercise bike


From my rigorous testing of this bike, it will withstand the rigors of fast pedaling, provided you’re within the user weight limit. The FitDesk V2.0 exercise bike is compact and yet lightweight. The foldable features make it easier to put it away after each use.

While some might find it cost more than the DeskCycle bike, the design and features do justify the higher price tag. I have seen clients buy this type of home workout stationary bike and mostly leave it in storage, so I would suggest you leave the FitDesk V2.0 out in the open where you can see it on a daily basis.

Even if you can muster the courage to spend thirty to sixty minutes every day pedaling on this awesome bike, you should see a dramatic improvement in your endurance levels. After buying this stationary bike, remember that it is the consistency of pedaling efforts that will keep you in shape.