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Discover Tiny Drops of Shaving Heaven With the Shave Secret Oil

If you’re interested in experiencing heavenly shaving, perhaps we might interest you in a shaving oil, called secret shave. This oil that can be used as part of your shaving process only comes in an 18.75 ml bottle.

I sense the shave secret ingredients are fully concentrated, thus requiring the usage of only tiny drops at a time.

The company behind the product is based in Dallas Texas, and the secret shaving oil is truly 100% fully created, and manufactured in the USA.

Slowly, we’re discovering more shaving products been made in our great country, again.

The name secret is probably appropriate, as the company has gone to great lengths to keep the formula for this shaving oil, under lock and key.

I mean, do you blame them! With all the copycats based overseas, product design and composition theft is a growing problem.

The shave secret shaving oil not only enables the most comfortable close shave, but will also help negate problems you might have with nicks, shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, cuts, rashes, and dry skin.

Discover Tiny Drops of Shaving Heaven With the Shave Secret Oil


To get the smoothest shave ever, you only need to use 2-4 drops of the secret oil, per shaving session.

With such concentrated power, this shaving oil that comes in a very small bottle should last any man a while.

Shave secret oil comprises of highly absorbing, and a non-foaming natural blend of essential oils.

You’ll experience no dragging with your razor, as it glides smoothly over your skin to eliminate unwanted facial and body hairs. The shave secret ingredients can also condition and moisturize your skin.

The company claims this product can help women get those bikini lines, without much sweat. Ladies, we would love to hear your opinion on this!

We have seen reviews from customers claiming the shaving secret oil allowed them to ditch all other shaving products like gels, foams, shaving soaps, and aftershave lotions.

How To Use the secret oil for shaving

First, you generously wet the desired shaving area.

While your palm is moist, apply about 3 to 4 drops of the oil and vigorously massage it into the shaving area.

It works best if you wait about 5 to 10 seconds before starting your shaving routine.

This secret shaving oil can be used outside or inside the shower.

Since this is a concentrated shaving oil, remember to rinse your razor thoroughly after each use.

shave secret oil ingredients

shave secret oil ingredients AA5112

It comprises of essential base oils, which are cold pressed to extract all the natural nutrients. Also included are some nut and seed oils.

Within the secret formula, is a special blend of natural fragrance oil and Rx grade menthol.

While cold pressing helps to extract most of the natural nutrients of natural products, it can also enhance oxidation if no preservatives are used.

This shave secret oil contains no preservatives, so you’ll be wise to keep it out of direct sunlight exposure.

Also, the product should be used right away, as keeping it stored can make it turn rancid. Meaning, shave with it daily and you should experience comfortable close shaving results.

The online reviews for this shave secret shaving oil are just as impressive, with a rating of over 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Over 95% of customers that have tried the product, love it!

Here is great Video About The Secret Shave Oil