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DeskCycle Review

The first time I saw an under desk exercise bike was when I visited a good friend at her place of work. It was a currency trading floor and they had several desks with workout equipment underneath. When you first see one of this sit-down bikes you probably will chuckle with laughter like I did.

The firm had bold signs explaining how to exercise at your desk. I also noticed the presence of a schedule with the usage time for every employee. My friend confessed that since the installation of the desk workout equipment the staff members’ energy level have gone up, and sick-day absences have dropped over 75% in less than one year.

Truth be told, as a fitness trainer, a sitting exercise bike is not something I would recommend to a client looking to drop a few pounds fast. But after trying it a couple of times, my personal DeskCycle Review opinion about the sit-down exercise bike took a dramatic turn for the positive.

While it can enable higher energy levels and improve your health, it is certainly not for everyone. Towards the end of this DeskCycle under desk bike review I will state my personal observations about the effectiveness of this type of workout, and some of the limitations you’ll encounter.

What is a DeskCycle Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser?

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The look of the under the desk pedaling machine might not be impressive, but it is possible to use one to burn large amounts of calories in a very short time. The pedal exerciser is designed to be installed under your desk with the hope that you’ll be able to pedal as you do your daily duties.

The machine itself is quite small and the included small LCD screen can be moved up to the top of your desk for you to keep track of your pedaling stats. It is quite true that daily use will increase your endurance as you get rid of the excess calories.

It is an affordable solution for those that complain about the boredom of sitting all day with no real physical activity. From my limited experience using one, daily use of the under the desk bike from DeskCycle will work your leg muscles.

It requires very little assembly and the single tool needed to make it ready for use is included in your delivery package.

Features of the DeskCycle under Desk Exercise Bike

When the last time you bought a stationary bike that was almost fully assembled right from the factory? Well, this product only requires you to attach the pedals, legs, and the display screen before using it, which can be done in just a few minutes.

The most notable features of this home or office use bike are:

1 – It is compact and low enough to fit a desk that is as low as 27-inches. With different pedal resistance levels to choose from, this bike can be used to burn calories while you’re working. Within this pedal exerciser machine is 8 resistance settings that can be used to suit your pedaling style.

2 – The magnetic resistance mechanism of any stationary bike is what determines the noise level as you pedal, and the one embedded inside the best under-desk cycle from DeskCycle is as quiet as can be. People next to you will not hear any sound while you’re pedaling away your blues.

3 – The one I used for several days was installed on a carpeted floor, and it did not move around one bit, as I pedaled faster and faster. If you have a different type of flooring, you get a tether that you can use to attach the bike to your desk to prevent any unnecessary movement.

Since the DeskCycle bike has a low center of gravity, the wider base design will keep it grounded, regardless of your pedaling speed.

4 – The bike for use under the office or home desk have pedals that include adjustable Velcro straps. I found the pedals to be quite accommodating for my large feet and the unique design allowed it to stay in place all throughout my pedaling session.

5 – If you’re worried about being able to read the stats from your workout session, the small LCD screen computer that displays the data can be moved to the top of your desk. This is made possible by the inclusion of an extension cable that is about 10-foot long.

The little LCD screen will display your speed, calories burned, distance traveled, and your exercise time. Your workout stats will accumulate as you pedal faster. There is a quick reset button to bring all the numbers to the zero starting position.

The five-function display feature can be enhanced with the use of an online calorie calculator, which is a function normally associated with high-end stationary bikes with higher price tags.

6 – The bidirectional setup of the pedal motion is also a feature that most of you will like. It simply means the pedaling can be conducted in both the forward and reverse directions. The reverse pedaling will result in the development of stronger muscle groups within your legs and thighs.

Some of the Benefits from Using the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser

Benefits from Using the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser


I use dozens of fitness equipment every week while teaching clients how to lose weight or stay in shape, and from the hours I spent pedaling this bike, it is quite obvious the components are derived from high-quality materials.

The design is simple and yet effective at what it does best, which is to help you burn calories at a faster rate.

Losing weight will not only benefit your looks but your health also. Using the DeskCycle bike will help you stay in shape, which is one of the key attributes of people that stay out of the doctor’s office and have longer lifespans.

If you can find ways to exercise during or after work, your productivity will be boosted with a noticeable reduction in your stress levels. The under the table DeskCycle pedal exerciser is the only fitness product I know of that allows you to get work done, while also losing excess fat at the same time.

The Owner of DeskCycle Brand Name

The DeskCycle brand name is owned by 3D Innovations, LLC, a privately held company based in the town of Greeley, Colorado. The firm was started in 1999 and is responsible for creating the MagneTrainer, Total body cycle, and the DeskCycle.

I sense this company will be around for a very long time, and you can be sure they have other unique fitness related products in the pipeline.

Few Limitations

Before I get to the summation of why this bike might be good for most people, let’s address some of the limitations. It will not work for everyone.

While I did not read about any height limitations, it might be more difficult for people with longer legs to pedal effectively under the desk.

Another drawback, in my opinion, is the lack of open desk space in most offices. Most people are used to sitting at a desk with a closed enclosure for the legs, which means ladies do not have to worry about having their legs wide open while working.

Is the DeskCycle Under Desk Stationary Bike Right for You?

With the right setup, this type of stationary bike will help increase office productivity. While it might intimidate obese employees, it will at least give them the incentive and motivation to try to shed the extra fat.

If your job requires you sit for hours at a time, the DeskCycle under desk cycle will allow you to get work done as you also workout your core leg muscles.