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The Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Review

So you looked in the mirror at your naked body and you regret how your body got so out of shape. Why assign blame to the delicious thanksgiving turkey dinner with full trimmings, when you can get back in shape by using a well-designed vibration platform machine like the one from Confidence Fitness.

But before I give you the low-down on this vibration machine, the following thoughtful comments need to be made. As a fitness trainer, I come across different people suffering from obesity, and most of them truly want to lose the excess fat, but the required motivation is not there.

Everyone is looking for the fastest way to lose weight, and I get tired of telling them it is a pipe dream that will lead to more weight gain. The only true way that I know to stay slim and in good shape is to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis.

Most people with too much weight issues are looking for quick weight loss without the need to work hard at it. Now you know why weight watchers, slim fast diet programs, weight loss supplements are fast sellers, but rarely do they deliver permanent results.

I have many clients that have tried different types of quick weight loss schemes with poor results. So in that context, this whole body vibration machine from Confidence Fitness is probably the easiest tool one can use to shed excess fat, but it needs to be deployed on a daily basis to make that happen.

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I do make personal visits to homes of select clientele that want to truly lose weight. One client, I have been working with for the last two months recently took this machine out of her closet. While it was covered in dust, it still looked like brand new.

The idea behind the machine is simple enough, for it is designed to create high-frequency vibrations based on the settings you select, which means the muscles of your body will be affected whether they like it or not.

After a few minutes on the machine, my muscles reacted involuntarily, which created the feeling of doing conventional exercises but without the exertion. I looked at my client and asked her why she never bothered to use the machine after she purchased it.

She basically confessed that she had no time to use it and only tried it out once. She recently became single and her desire to start dating again is what motivated her to want to lose weight.

The Confidence Fitness Platform Machine is designed for those that want to lose weight and stay in shape, but it needs to be used frequently to get the desired results.

It did not bother me one bit that my client might soon realize the benefits of using this vibration machine rather than paying me by the hour for the right exercises to help her hourglass figure back.

Now, let’s discuss some of the features that make this full body vibration machine an excellent investment.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Machine Features

Before listing the amazing features of this product, those suffering from certain medical conditions should proceed with caution. If you have a weak heart or a heart condition, you should seek the opinion of a medical practitioner before using this fitness tool.

Likewise, if you have joint problems or using a pacemaker, it is recommended you get the okay of a medical doctor before using this type of vibration machine. The most notable features of the confidence fitness vibration machine are:

1 – Yoga Straps for Muscle Strength

The inclusion of yoga straps in the power plus vibration plate of this machine means you can use the tool to improve the condition and look of your arms and upper body.

A detailed guide is provided, which shows you the smartest ways to deploy the straps so that different individual muscle groups get the required attention and workout. Based on feedback from current users, regular use of the vibration machine will both grow and tone your muscles the right way.

2 – Faster Results with Less Time

If you can find ten minutes within the day to use this machine, the calories burned will be equivalent to doing one-hour of conventional type exercises. Consistency in your effort is what you need for incredible weight loss results.

While I recommend daily use for faster results, you should start off slow at the beginning to get your body conditioned to the needs of the exercises you can perform on this vibration machine made by Confidence fitness.

To get the most out of the daily use of this machine, you’ll also need to adjust what you eat and how you eat on a daily basis. It is only by eating less and burning more calories from using the vibration machine will you get to your ideal weight.

3 – Easy Controls to Master

The display control is as easy as can be. The LCD digital display shows you the menu for easy navigation to your settings preference. Apart from the three built-in programs, you’ll also be able to monitor and control the speed of the machine. It also comes with a monitor for your heart rate.

Confidence Fitness Platform Machine Reviews

4 – Higher Number of Speed settings

Regardless of your experience at working out on a regular basis, there are speed settings to accommodate your fitness style.

Embedded inside the whole body vibration machine from Confidence Fitness are 50-speed settings, which means any user will find the ideal setting to reach their fitness goals faster.

Do keep in mind that this machine is recommended for use by anyone weighing 300-pounds or less.

5 – Incredible Compact Design

Having a limited space in your apartment will not be an excuse not to get and use this machine on a daily basis since it will take up less space than most home gym equipment.

The machine itself weighs about 62-pounds, but the included wheels make it easier to move it around.

Physical and Health Benefits

confidence fitness reviews

If you dedicate yourself to using this machine for just ten minutes or more every day, amazing things will start to happen to your body and health.

Most people admire celebrities for the way they look, but they ignore the fact that it is hard and consistent workouts that will get one in shape.

Here are the health and physical benefits you should expect if you dedicated yourself to using the machine every day:

The first noticeable difference that will be visible to people you meet is the increased muscle strength. With this vibration platform machine, you have the ability to tone different muscle groups to perfection.

As you lose weight and get into better shape, the way your blood circulates within your body will be boosted positively. It is usually poor blood circulation that causes most sexual performance issues, especially for men.

Since obesity is responsible for the appearance of most cellulite symptoms, you should see less of them as your skin tightens from your daily workouts.

If you fail to do daily exercises and you carry too much upper body weight, eventually your joints will start to cause your pain. As you get more proficient at using this machine, any stress in the joints will be diminished.


Is this the Best Whole Body Vibration Machine for You?

From the few hours I spent testing out this machine for a client of mine, I can tell you it is possible to get a significant reduction in your weight if used on a daily basis. If you plan on using it just once a week please do not waste your money or time in purchasing it now.

Only buy it if you will deploy it at least for a few minutes every day to get to your desired weight faster. It has all the required features to help you build better muscles, while the exercise will help tighten your skin tone.

From the other Confidence Fitness platform machine evaluations found online, it is obvious this is a good tool that can be used at home or the office to get rid of excess fat quickly, and most efficiently.