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Comotomo Bottle Review

The most difficult thing a new mom will have to deal it is how to slowly transition the growing newborn from breastfeeding to baby bottles. As a mom with grown kids, the scream made by a baby used to the feel of mom’s breast is quite piercing, especially when you first give him or her a feeding bottle. Among all the most reliable baby bottle brands, the one from Comotomo stands out for the way it is made to mimic breastfeeding.

While it can be a struggle to wean a rapidly growing newborn from sucking the mother’s milk directly from the breast, the natural feel of the baby bottle from Comotomo can help make the transition a frustration-free experience.

When you look at the top ten baby bottles, very few will claim to have a nipple that is made out of medical grade silicone, which means it is flexible and soft at the same time.

From the feedbacks from thousands of new moms that have tried the Comotomo Natural feel baby bottle, your little one will display less frustration when transitioning from mother’s breast to feeding bottle.

Before we get to the merits of this baby bottle to use when breastfeeding and trying to transition smoothly to feeding bottles, let’s examine the origin of Comotomo from the little information found online.

About Comotomo

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This is a very secretive company when it comes to finding out how it was created and by whom. On the website of the company, there is no about us page, but you’ll find many mentions in the press, and several awards for some of the products it makes.

Our email to the department in charge of public relations has not gotten a reply yet, and most likely this post will be updated when we do get one. Based on the name and some of the press clippings we looked at, it is safe to say the origin of the company is probably South Korean.

The Facebook profile page of Comotomo was created in 2011, which does not give us a definite timeline for when it was created. From the information available on their site, the firm is determined to revolutionize several products like baby feeding bottles and teethers.

The way the Comotomo baby bottle is designed and made is disrupting the business plans of well-established companies like Philips, Dr. Brown, Tippee, Tommee, and others, in this baby products niche market.

At present, Comotomo Inc. operates in several countries including the USA, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, and probably many others to come.

The baby products made by Comotomo is not only sold worldwide by department stores, it can also be purchased online from sites like Amazon.com

What Every Mom Would Love about Comotomo Baby Bottles

From the thousands of feedbacks provided by nursing moms all around the world, this is one of the elite baby bottles one can use for the transition to bottle feeding when breastfeeding. The ultra-wide design of the neck means it can be cleaned without using a brush.

This natural feel baby bottle can be used safely in boiling water, microwave, sterilizers, and dishwashers. I would suggest you refrain from washing the baby bottle from Comotomo or any other brand for that matter inside the dishwasher.

A dishwasher is used for cleaning other household pots, pans, plates, etc., and it is not an ideal place to clean out the little dirt on your baby’s bottle. Dishwashers are notorious for harboring more germs than it can remove. You can read about some of the nasty bacteria lurking inside of your dishwasher from this article from the NY Daily News.

Also, it is not nutritional or safe to put your baby’s feeding bottle inside of a microwave. It is a modern convenience with dangers most humans try to ignore. Give your baby a chance at a better nutritious life by not using a microwave to heat up the feeding bottle.

It will only kill the nutrients in the baby’s food or mother milk inside the bottle. Get more facts about the dangers posed by microwave technology and use, from this informational piece by the Global healing center.

Continuation of the Pros of Using a Comotomo Baby Feeding Bottle

What Every Mom Would Love about Comotomo Baby Bottles

The use of medical grade silicone material for both the body and the nipple of the Comotomo baby bottle is what makes it so popular with moms worldwide. The manufacturer claims this product for feeding babies is free of PVC, BPA, and Phthalate materials.

Each Comotomo baby bottle comes with dual vents, which means better prevention of unwanted air intake, thus leading to reduced colic and gas issues.

It is available for purchase in both pink and green colors, which is good for moms that still believe that certain colors are only appropriate for a certain gender.

The availability of two volume sizes (8-ounce and 5-ounce) is why many moms are clamoring to use the natural feel baby bottle from Comotomo.

Apart from being easy to keep clean, this baby bottle has a soft and squeezy feel to it, which makes it easier to fool your baby into thinking it is a form of portable mommy’s breast milk.

I once saw a baby throw the feeding bottle away once he saw the mom with her partially exposed breast, so use better judgment as your baby might react the same way.

The material used to make the Comotomo baby bottle is resistant to heat up to certain degrees and will not leak. The maximum temperature for this product is 248F.

What Some Moms Might Not Like

Despite this product being one of the top baby bottles that mimic breastfeeding, there is room for some improvements based on the feedbacks from some of the current users.

While it is one of the most natural baby bottles, the absence of handles that your baby can hold on to means it is easily dropped before feeding is completed.

The silicone material used to make this baby bottle is frosted to some degree and it can hinder the easy reading of the measurement marks found on the outside of the bottle.

Another gripe discovered from other reviews on baby bottles is the pricing, which some have called expensive.

How to Use and Care for the Comotomo Bottle

It is suggested you thoroughly clean the bottle before first use. Try your best to wash hands before bottle assembly. If the bottle is heated, always test the milk for the right temperature before giving it to your baby.

Like we suggested before, the use of a microwave to heat up your baby’s bottle will strip the milk of all its nutrients, so try to use other methods like boiling water.

After each feeding, it is recommended you take the bottle apart and wash each part thoroughly. Try not to use any abrasive cleaning agent or any other type of solvents. Mild soap will probably do fine!

The most sensitive part of the Comotomo baby feeding bottle is the anti-colic vent. Never use a cleaning brush or other objects on this delicate part, for it might damage it permanently.

If the baby bottle retains any type of odor, simply boiling it for five to six minutes in a pot with a little bit of baking soda should take away the smell. It is suggested you always air dry the baby bottle from Comotomo in a well-ventilated area of your home.

Is the Comotomo Bottle Right for Your Baby?

From now on, when you hear the question what is the best baby bottle? The name Comotomo should instantly come to mind, for it is one of the good baby bottles for breastfed babies any mom can use to introduce normal feeding with a bottle.

This is the baby bottle closest to breast feel, and if you go by price alone you might miss out on the fabulous features it comes with. Hopefully, in this Comotomo bottle review, the facts presented got you to give this product the right attention that it deserves.

The thousands of moms that called it one of the best baby bottles for breastfed babies cannot all be wrong, and you can read some of the feedbacks on Amazon.com.