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Body Beast Review

“You woke up one morning and decided to do something about the poor state of your physique, so you decided to check out if the Body Beast workout program is for you. It comprises of weight lifting reps you can do at home and can help with muscle growth. Before we get to the details of this Body Beast Workout evaluation, you should know that the setup of the program makes it beginner friendly. But expect to do the daily exercises if you want a better physique, for the results you experience will be based on what you put into it”

It is quite a phenomenon how the home DVD workout industry is now generating billions of dollars in sales on a yearly basis. If Americans are spending all this money on well-choreographed exercise steps that can help anyone get ripped in a few months, how come most of us are getting fatter?

I have no doubt that the beast mode pre-workouts will help you gain a new physique, but the biggest hindrance will be the mindset of the individual. Can you do the simple and detailed steps found in the Body Beast exercising program and lose weight? Yes, you can!

But before you push the buy now button, you should give thought to the type of person you are. I have a good friend who owns about six different types of home workout DVDs and yet he gains more pounds by the minute and refuses to watch the DVDs or do the repetitive workout routines.

Who Can Benefit from the Body Beast Workout?

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I will get to the merit of the exercises found in this program, but it is quite appropriate to get you in the right frame of mind just so you realize what it entails. The body beast workouts will work for the following type of individuals:

1 – If you can watch an exercise program and follow the simple directions. If you can try your best to generate the same moves as shown, this DVD workout program called Body Beast will work for you.

2 – Are you a go-getter or do you find that you need encouragement from others to take steps to better your life in general? Most people will lie when it comes to answering this question, but it’s your money and you can spend it as you see fit.

This program requires you get up and do exercises on a daily basis, and since it will be in the comfort of your home you have to get into the habit of enjoying your solitude. Can you do that?

3 – How do you deal with the pain that can come from exercising? Your body will go through an adjustment period when you first begin the workout routines, but the pains you feel will subside if you continue with the steps on a daily basis.

Can you stick to a workout routine that can create initial pains but will be beneficial for your healthy growth?

4 – Everything in life that helps or create havoc in our life involves repetition in one form or another. Rarely do you get success in life by just doing something once? Those that have success in life are those that stick to the repetition regardless of the initial setbacks and pains.

Can you stick with the program knowing full well the incredible results on its way to you?

What exactly is Body Beast?

What exactly is Body Beast?

This weight loss program is made by the same company that created P90X, Insanity, Focus T25, Hip Hop Abs, body beast, and many others. Beachbody products now bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on a yearly basis, and the trainers responsible for creating the various programs get a cut of that amount.

Body Beast was created by a guy named Sagi Kalev, and it is designed to help one develop core muscle growth, provided the weight lifting and repetitive steps are done on a regular basis. The author claims the program can help one burn fat and create a more defined physique in just 90-days.

The exercising steps found in the body beast program are derived from the unique combination of extreme workouts, nutrition guide, and the suggested use of an advanced supplement called beast creature creatine, which is also reviewed towards the bottom of this article.

Another excellent fact about this workout DVD program is that you do not need to join a gym nor do you need to hire a trainer to witness a fabulous transformation of your entire physique. You will need a set of small dumbbells to create the ripped physique within just a few months.

The dynamic set training found in this program comprises of 12 different workouts to help increase resistance, tempo, volume and also build power. The daily efforts you put forward will not be wasted, for you will experience lean muscle mass gain.

You also get a detailed guide to the right nutrition to enhance your fitness results. The eating plan that comes with the body beast is designed to help you eliminate the unwanted fat from your diet, while the rest of the calories you intake will help you carve lean muscle mass that will be the envy of all those you know.

Brief Bio of the Creator of the Body Beast Workout Program

Brief Bio of the Creator of the Body Beast Workout Program

Mr. Sagi Kalev was born in Israel and now resides in America to further his quest for fitness glory. He won the Mr. Israel contest twice and worked as a world class fitness model for many years before developing the workout routines found in the Body Beast.

Do not fool yourself into thinking you will become ripped like the author in just ninety days. Good muscle growth is a slow and deliberate process, especially in the beginning stages.

The repetitive exercising steps created by Sagi Kalev are all well planned and should help everyone including beginners, experience faster weight loss as the new physique is been developed.

The Body Beast Workout

This conditioning system from Beachbody products is definitely capable of helping you develop a leaner muscle mass in just ninety days. Keep in mind that the workouts can be improved upon after you get accustomed to the repetition on a daily basis.

You might choose to increase certain steps while reducing others. If you’re a beginner it is crucial you stick to the outline of the body beast workout schedule to get your body acclimated with the rigors of the steps.

Also, you should witness an increase in the amount of testosterone produced by your body. This is the key hormone in the development of leaner muscle mass in human beings.

Let’s look at the most notable Body Beast workouts found in this program:

1 – To help build your chest and triceps – These set of workouts are designed to train the muscles found in the chest and triceps of your body. This section is about 49-minutes long and will help increase strength, while also creating the right definition for a newer physique.

2 – To help build your shoulders – The deltoids exercises will help define the way your shoulders will eventually look. The reps last about 38-minutes and will help you create a new upper body for the ultimate physique women would adore.

3 – To help your legs get stronger – The reps found in this section are designed to get rid of fat, build-up the muscles, while also toning them. It last about 38-minutes and focuses on your hamstrings, calves, quads, and glutes, which are muscles groups found in your butt area.

4 – To help your back and biceps – The way your backside looks is key to a more defined physique, and the exercising steps found in this section will work your biceps, traps, rhomboids, and lats.

The pulling and curling required by the fitness steps in this DVD video will help you create a more defined backside, which people will marvel at if you happen to wear a tee-shirt or take your shirt off.

5 – To help build stronger arms – This section of the DVD is made up of force sets, progressive sets, and super sets, all uniquely combined to help increase the look of your triceps and biceps.

Other Workouts from the Body Beast Home Workout DVD

There are other repetitive fitness workouts designed to work individual muscle groups as you progress into the program schedules. The key thing to remember from this body beast review is that consistency yields better results over time.

Body Beast Nutrition Guide

You get a detailed nutrition plan one can use to enhance the results from doing the repetitive exercises from the Body Beast DVD daily. While the diet might look basic to most folks, the main aim of the creators of the body beast nutrition guide is to increase the consumption of the right calories, while discouraging the bad ones.

As you get into this program you’ll find that your eating habits will change, and the body beast meal plan ensures it is for the betterment of your developing awesome physique. The foods found in the body beast diet are not set in stone, feel free to alter them to suit your lifestyle.

What Equipment do you need for Body Beast?

Some might call the DVD misleading by not including the body beast equipment needed to get the same results heavily marketed on TV. The most vital equipment needed for body beast workouts include dumbbells, barbells, weights, EZ curl bar, and an adjustable weight bench.

If you find yourself short on cash, you can still get absolutely stunning fitness results from just using adjustable dumbbells and a flat bench.

Beast Creature Creatine

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The creators of body beast created a creatine supplement to help you get through the beginner phase jitters that might cause many people to simply stop doing the daily exercises.

When you consider that you’ve neglected the muscles in your body for a very long time, it takes the right nutrition and supplements to get them responding the right way to the type of fitness workouts found in this home DVD workout program.

The Beast sports nutrition creature creatine complex supplement comes in a powdered form, and it is formulated to dissolve quickly. The fast acting ingredients used to make this supplement goes to work by boosting your endurance and it will also stimulate lean body mass.

It is the right type of creatine formula for the exercising steps found in the body beast. This quick dissolving powder creatine can help fuel your muscle growth, give you added strength as you train, and accelerate your recovery afterward.

The manufacturer of this creatine supplement claims only high purity ingredient were used and you should not experience any discomforts like intestinal pain and bloating. The inclusion of vanadium citrate guarantees the ingredients will be directly absorbed by the muscle cells where it is needed the most.

Just a word of caution to beginners new to taking creatine supplements, go slow in the quantity used on a daily basis. I would even recommend you use less than the amount recommended by the manufacturer, just to allow your body to adapt to the increased energy it can generate.

What is Included in the Body Beast DVD Workout

The base kit includes 12 workout setups in 4 DVDs.

A book called the Book of the Beast, which includes a detailed fitness guide and a comprehensive eating plan.

You also get a detailed training schedule you can use to get the most incredible results from your body beast workouts.

Does the Body Beast Home Workout Program Work?

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Let’s just say it comes with all the right fitness exercising steps you can use to not only burn fat but also create a newer, better physique. Unfortunately, the program would not just give you the weight loss results you seek without your participation.

But if you’re dedicated and perform the recommended exercises on a daily basis, you should start to see amazing results within a couple of months. Go easy at the beginning, and ramp up your daily reps as your body gets acquainted with doing this type of workouts on a regular basis.