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The Top 5 Wheatgrass Powder Brands with Outstanding Value

The newest topic of discussion among health enthusiasts centers around the exploding popularity of wheatgrass, either in juice or powdered form. Some have even gone as far as to call it one of the top superfoods of the decade.

What do you think about benefits of wheatgrass powder? As a fitness trainer, I have seen my fair share of ingredients that promise to induce faster weight loss or reduce stomach fat.

Over the years I have consumed my fair share of wheatgrass, which means I am in a good position to explain what it can do for your health. Will you automatically become thinner from consuming wheatgrass powder, probably not, based on what I know about weight loss causes?

To get some of the nutrients present in wheatgrass you either have to get fresh wheat grass or use the powdered version. Most of your urban health food stores now carry different varieties of wheatgrass, and the way you use it is really up to your imagination.

Fresh wheat grass must be consumed right away as it comes with a short shelf life. If this is your first time trying out wheatgrass, the powdered form might be the ideal way to go. The powered version is derived from grass that has been dried and dehydrated.

It is reasonable to assume that few of the nutritional contents would be lost during production from wet, fresh grass to powdered wheatgrass. Powered wheatgrass is easier to use and will last much longer. You can add it to just about anything you consume or drink on a daily basis.

In this post, I will be focused on helping you determine what brand makes the best wheatgrass powder you can buy online for less. Before I get to the benefits that can be derived from using powdered wheatgrass in your smoothie, I have one more point to make.

Regardless of what you might have read in other wheatgrass powder reviews online, I will also touch upon the potential side effects that might occur if you consume too much of it within a short period of time.

Wheatgrass Powder Reviews

There are dozens of brands in this niche market and all have claims of being the most optimal product. I have included the brands that I have either used in the past or know someone that uses it on a regular basis.

The top wheatgrass in powdered form that comes with value for the money can be found among the following brands:

1 – Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Dr. Berg's Nutritionals Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder Review

This was the first wheatgrass I ever tasted and it was delicious, to say the least. When I say delicious I don’t mean sweet, but certainly nutritious. I still use this product at least once a year to clean out the impurities that might be present inside my internal organs.

I will assume when you name a product after yourself it must deliver great results. The creator of this brand is actually a Doctor and rumor has that he still maintains his private practice in the city of Alexandria, in the state of Virginia.

In my opinion, this is one of the most highly regarded organic wheatgrass powder you’ll find online, period. It is free of genetically modified organisms and also gluten free. Do take a few minutes and read the included instructions once you get your package.

The highly qualified chiropractor claims he invented a unique way of drying the fresh wheat grass, which he named freeze drying method. Just add it to your juice or smoothies and you’ll be getting all the known benefits attributed to fresh wheatgrass, buy in powdered form.

2 – Pure Synergy Organics Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Pure Synergy Organics Wheat Grass Juice Powder Review

Another organic wheatgrass powder brand that is making significant inroads in this niche market is the product from Pure Synergy. It is certified organic and can be added to filtered water since it comes with a vibrant, fresh taste.

The way you use this wheatgrass from Pure Synergy Organics is up to you, but I would suggest you put it into your juice or smoothie to better assimilate all the nutrients. The wheat grass used to make this product is grown and harvested in the USA.

This is another manufacturer that claims to have developed a patented system of drying the leaves to ensure all the nutrients are retained in the powdered form. It is certified organic by the USDA, and completely free of GMOs.

This wheatgrass powder is also free of preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners. The final step in the manufacturing process is the batch testing method to ensure each lot is free of any gluten materials.

Known Wheatgrass Powder Benefits

The debate about the benefits of using wheatgrass powder can become a blog post by itself, which means clarity is called for, and additional resources are included for those that want to know more. Wheatgrass powder can either come in a container or in capsule form.

My preference has always been for the powdered wheatgrass in a container simply because what I will be consuming will be visible. The most popular and believable benefits you can get from powdered wheatgrass include:

It Can Help Clear Out Your Skin

As you know, what appears on your skin’s exterior can be traced to the condition of your internal organs. It is possible to use the wheatgrass powder to exfoliate dead skin cells. A good friend uses the powder to make a paste by adding honey. She then adds a little bit of water and the thick paste is rubbed onto her facial skin.

You can imagine my shock the first time I saw her with the paste on her face, it was all green and dried up. I tried it once and I can say the wheatgrass with honey paste will tighten up your skin muscles. You should rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Instead of her using mud face mask to exfoliate her skin, this is what she uses. Truth be told, her skin looks amazing and always has a glow to it. She uses this beauty regimen with the wheatgrass power at least once a week.

Will I attribute her flawless glowing skin to the wheatgrass powdered paste, probably not, since I know she also stays away from most intoxicants, eats sensibly, and she exercises a few times every week.

It Can Help Correct Aging Signs

The claim that consumption of wheatgrass will help correct the aging signs should be taken with a grain of salt, which means proceed with common sense. This natural ingredient is rich in Chlorophyll, a substance that is powerful enough to keep free radicals in check.

It Can Help Induce Faster Digestion

One of the most important benefits of consuming wheatgrass is the fact that it can induce faster elimination of internal toxins. Something in this stuff will make you visit the bathroom more than you’ll care to admit publicly.

The need to poop and pee will even be greater if you’re dealing with obesity issues. Here is an excellent article that goes into further details into how wheat grass can help enhance the functioning of your digestive system.

Can Wheatgrass Help With Weight Loss?

The claim that wheatgrass can help one lose weight faster should be considered partially true for several reasons. Weight gain occurs over a long period of time and I am yet to find a substance that will make you thinner right away, or overnight.

It is true that the faster metabolism induced by the wheatgrass can lead to the loss of a few pounds, some of which might be considered water weight.

So, it is reasonable to assume that wheatgrass powder added to your smoothie will help you lose a few pounds, but do not be surprised if you gain it all back unless you make significant changes to what you eat, and also find the time to exercise on a regular basis.

3 – Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder Review


Another very popular brand is the Amazing Grass organic wheatgrass powder. Most of the health-related products made by this company have excellent feedbacks including this one.

It is fully certified organic by the USDA, and the powder is made using only whole leaf wheat grass. This wheatgrass powder is free of any GMO, and also gluten free. This is the item my lady friend uses to make her facial mask paste.

It is available for purchase in six different sizes and can be added to your juices or smoothies to ensure you assimilate all the included nutrients in the wheatgrass powder from Amazing Grace.

4 – Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder Review

This is a brand that is here to stay, and might even try to dominate several of the organic niche markets. The wheatgrass juice powder from Terrasoul Superfoods is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, and completely free of GMOs.

The manufacturer claim it comes in concentrated form and will help your internal organ get rid of the impurities much faster. You can add this wheatgrass to your smoothies or juices to get the most benefits. The wheatgrass used to make this product is grown in the state of Utah in the USA.

It is far better to add fruits and vegetables to your smoothie rather than packaged juices from the supermarket. Since it is concentrated, you do not have to use a lot to taste the flavor and benefit from all the included nutrients found in naturally grown wheatgrass.

Other Benefits

You can read about other benefits of wheatgrass powder from this detailed post. The paste that my good friend uses to get flawless skin can also be used to reduce breakout as a result of acne.

Since wheatgrass powder will help increase your need to urinate and poop, it is fair to assume some of the impurities inside your organs will be heading for the exit as soon as possible.

Cleansing out impurities from your organs will strengthen your immune system, while also increasing your energy level.

Organic Wheatgrass Side Effects

Since wheatgrass contains high levels of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll, using it all the time can lead to natural disruption of the functioning of your most important organs.

You should not be dependent on wheatgrass to induce a faster bowel movement, which is a process that should occur naturally.

Being that I work at a very busy professional gym, I have seen my fair share of members that consume wheatgrass powder several times on a weekly basis.

So, it is safe to say that any side effect you might experience from the substance will be influenced by what you eat on a daily basis and the type of physical activities you participate in.

5 – Nurtured by Nature Foods Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Nurtured by Nature Foods Premium Organic Wheatgrass Powder Review


This is definitely a brand with an awesome sounding name. The organic wheatgrass powder from Nurtured by Nature Foods can be called premium due to the type of ingredients used.

The wheatgrass used is grown in the United States of America and completely free of genetically modified organisms.

This product is also free of soy, dairy, or gluten ingredients. Some of the current users through feedbacks said it is probably the most friendly wheatgrass powder for vegans.

A gym buddy of mine uses this product, and you should see his glowing skin tone for you to understand what this product can do for your health if used the right way.

The nurtured by nature foods premium organic wheatgrass powder contains nutrients like folic acid, potassium, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, plus vitamins C and A.

Your purchase entitles you to a full money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the product.