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Best Ways to Extend The Life Of Your Razor Blades

You might consider razor blades as cheap, but there are many ways to prolong the life of your disposable razor blades.

The pennies you save from been able to use the same blades multiple times can add up to extra money over a period of time.

Also, you would be helping the environment by disposing off less used blades.

I don’t know about you, but I try to save every dime I can. While you might need to shave on a daily basis, you don’t have to throw away the blades used on a daily basis.

Regardless of how sharp your blades are, the sharpness would only last long if you follow certain maintenance tips that I would point out in this article.

5 Tricks to Keep Razor Blades Sharp

1 – Always Keep it Dry

While this tip comes from common sense, most people forget to completely dry out wet blades, before putting them back in storage.

Water creates rust, and your shiny new blades would become rusted if not wiped clean after every shaving process. how to sharpen razor blades

Best Ways to Dry Blades

One of the most effective methods involves using a hair dryer. You simply turn the hair dryer on, and point it at the blades for quick and effective drying.

If you have strong lungs, you can vigorously blow air on the wet blade. Most times, this simple trip would get the job done right.

As a last resort, just grab a clean towel and rub the water off the blade. Be gentle as you do this, as you don’t want to break it, or cut yourself.

2 – Use Baby or Almond Oil

After drying the shaving blade, you can add a protective layer of oil, either almond or baby oil will do just fine. The oil acts as a prolong sharpening agent, and will help keep the sharpness intact.

If you have the necessary setup, you can leave the blades submerged in a small bowl with oil, just like you see at your local professional barber shop.

Wiping the used blades with a splash of vinegar, is also an easy way to remove any remaining mineral residue that might help dull the sharpness.

3 – Apply Alcohol as Your Cleaning Agent

While alcohol might not help to preserve the sharpness of your blades, it does have the power to disinfect the blades. You need this crucial step if you’re prone to getting nicks, bumps, or you have very sensitive skin.

4 – Keep Razor Blades Sharp With Jeans

This is famously referred to as the jeans trick method! If you have any old pair of jeans, simply run the washed blade up and down a few times, to remove the excess water. You need to continue this process until the blade is completely dry, and probably shiny.

The fibers of your jeans have sharpening powers, that works wonders on blades. Be careful with your strokes, as the blade can become very sharp in due time. Slow and steady, should be your motto with this sharpening method.

5 – Where You Store Them Matters

You should always store your new and used blades in a dry place that generates no moisture. Your bathroom cabinet might not be the best place, especially if you have multiple residents.

Warm showers create moisture, and that might affect the condition of your blades negatively. If the bathroom is your best storage place, make sure they’re in a sealed closed container.

How to Dispose of Used Blades

While you can prolong the sharpness of your blades, eventually you’ll need to change them. How you dispose off used blades makes the world of a difference to the environment, not to talk about the safety issues involved.

Nowadays, most blades can be recycled! If you have little ones at home living with you, be sure to wrap the used blades in several layers of tissue paper as a safety precaution.

Just because you think the blades are now dull, they can still cut skin if touched inadvertently.

My favorite method that has worked for me is to wrap the used blades in tissue paper and then place them inside a used open can that needs recycling.

Been inside a used can adds an extra layer of protection, against someone accidentally touching the used blades.