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Elite Vacuum Cleaners to Use if You Have Hardwood Floors

The only way to preserve your hardwood floor is to keep it clean and free of nasty germs and pet hairs. Apart from a wood floor cleaner solution, you also need the power of a sturdy hardwood floor vacuum to get the shining results you expect. We found many leading vacuum cleaner brands for hardwood floors, and the products with the greatest performance results are evaluated below

Review of the Finest Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaners

I remember my first try at finding the most efficient hardwood floor vacuum for my new home. The blog posting I discovered was filled with unwanted details about the different types of vacuum cleaners when all I wanted was a product that can be used to remove germs, pet hairs, and other nasty environmental elements.

Initially, I ended up investing in the wrong product, simply because it was on sale during the holiday shopping season.

This review of the top hardwood floor vacuum cleaners will not be about the brands on sale, but the products with the right features to give you the ability to get your wood flooring spotlessly clean.

The ultimate wood floor vacuum should not be difficult to operate, neither should it be cumbersome or too heavy to carry around while vacuuming your floors.

While I cannot guarantee you that the hardwood vacuums listed below are the cheapest you can buy online, I have no doubt they’re among the most efficient brands you can use to keep your wood floor superbly clean.

Do not be like me, for I wasted money on a product that was not only difficult to operate, the design was not as advertised, and it gave me headaches instead of a cleaner wood floor. My personal experience will not only save you money but time as well.

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit down, and let’s discover some of the foremost hardwood floor vacuum cleaners you can find on Amazon.com.

Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

While trying to decide what vacuum for wood floors to include in this article, I had to eliminate many comparable brands to come up with a short list of the premier hardwood floor vacuums one can buy online.

If you want to explore other brands with merit, clicking the images or the links underneath will take you to the page to do your own comparison shopping.

I have not considered if any of the vacuums reviewed will be on sale this black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas shopping season, as the aim was to bring you a reliable vacuum cleaner you can use to maintain your wood floor without any performance issues.

You can find your own elite vacuum cleaner for wood floors with incredible performance metrics from the units reviewed below:

1 – Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Review aa5AZXSDAFR56

The model number for the Bissell PowerEdge hard floor vacuum cleaner is either 81L2A or 81L2T. You cannot question the durability of this brand, for they’ve been around for decades with different types of vacuum products, including this one specifically designed for use on hard floors.

I found the V-shape design to be quite intriguing as it allows the user to reach unusual corners with ease. It is also a clever way to push all the dirt to the center of the vacuum where the suction power is concentrated, which leads to the faster elimination of debris from your hardwood floor.


This is probably one of the cheapest hardwood floor vacuum cleaners you’re going to find from a high-end brand with such impressive features. The V-shape design means it will be easier to reach dirt in tight places and along the edges.

The dirt cup can be removed easily and emptied to resume vacuuming of your hardwood floors.

The power cord is about 20-feet long, which means you can use it to reach wider areas of your living space before switching AC outlets.

The suction technology deployed in this unit is quite powerful and makes it easier for the vacuum to pick up the shedding from your pet’s fur.

The swivel head of the Bissell PowerEdge wood floor vacuum is matched by a lightweight design. It weighs less than eight pounds, which means it can be handled quite easily by almost everyone including middle age kids.


Despite the thousands of positive opinions from current users, there were few gripes from unhappy buyers of the Bissell wood vacuum cleaner.

The lack of any attachments might lead to limitations in the reach of the vacuum despite the V-shape design.

Some users complained the cord is too short at 20-feet, but you can always get a cheap extension cord to solve that problem.

The cup that holds the debris might be too small for those with larger dwellings or multiple pets that shed hairs on a daily basis.

Bottom Line:

The above video gives a perfect demonstration of what you can do with the Bissell hardwood floor vacuum in your home. With this vacuum, you’ll not have to use any dustpan and broom to pick up little debris on your wood floor.

The design of this vacuum is just right, and it has all the right features for you to keep your hard floors clean. Most important of all, the pricing of this wood floor vacuum makes it affordable for most households in America.

This wood floor vacuum is protected by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

2 – Dirt Devil SD20505 Reviews

Dirt Devil SD20505 Reviews


Almost all Americans are familiar with the Dirt Devil brand name. The Dirt Devil SD20505 is even lighter than the Bissell PowerEdge since it weighs less than seven pounds, which means better handling capabilities.

The Dirt Devil brand name can trace its roots back to 1905 from the creation of a vacuum cleaner by a man named Phillip A. Geier. Some have called it the premier standard by which other stick bagless hardwood floor vacuum cleaners are judged.


The powerful suction of the Dirt Devil wood floor vacuum is made possible by the use of a 10 Amp Motor, which means most of your floor dirt will be quickly sucked into the holding canister of the vacuum.

The low profile nozzle design means that it can reach tight corners to remove food droppings and pet hairs.

This product uses the latest Cyclonic filtration method to keep the dust and dirt out of your living space.

The lightweight design of the corded stick vacuum is enhanced by the bagless convenience. Apart from the Dirt Devil sd20505 manual that is detailed and comprehensive, you also get a two-year limited warranty to cover any factory defects.


While the suction for this wood floor vacuum is strong and powerful, the lack of attachments limits what it can do for any hard flooring.

Few users complained the vacuum is quite loud while in operation. Few of the current users wished the twenty-foot cord was longer.

Bottom Line:

This vacuum for wood floors is blessed with a very powerful suction mechanism that is able to remove dirt quickly from your hardwood floors. Once your delivery package arrives, this device for cleaning hardwood floors can be assembled quickly in just a few minutes.

Despite few complaints, most of the users said the motor is quiet while it is in operation. The wheels for pushing it around your home are sturdy, and the 20-feet cord allows you to clean your entire living space unless you reside in a mansion.

Why Wood Floors for Your Home?

When I was searching for a home to invest in, the ones with wood flooring appealed more to me than the ones with regular carpeting. Maybe it was because I grew up in a home with wood flooring or my horrible experience in a dorm room with plush carpeting?

Unless you have lived in a home with both types of flooring materials you might not appreciate the advantages a wood floor might come with. Below, are some of the benefits you can expect if your residence is blessed to have wood floors?

A – Not only are real wood floors aesthetically pleasing, they’re also much easier to keep clean as compared to regular carpeting. That is why some of the top vacuums for hardwood floors will be lighter and easier to use around your home.

B – Real Hardwood floors are not as friendly to bacteria like carpeting. Even if you vacuum your plush carpeting on a regular basis, it will still remain dirty simply because it is made of chemical fibers that germs and other environmental element love.

C – Carpets are notorious for housing dust mites, allergens, and other bacteria that will impact the health of the occupants negatively. Not to talk about the odors that accumulate on your carpet over time if you have indoor pets at your home.

D – Wood floors might cost more initially, but your investment would be recouped due to their longevity. A properly installed wood flooring has the potential to last forever if maintained and cleaned the right way. It is not uncommon to find older homes with wood flooring installed over 100 hundred years ago.

E – If you want your home to fetch a higher price from buyers, change the flooring from carpet to wood. If you have any doubt about the allure of hardwood floors to get you a higher price just ask a competent real estate agent in your area. It is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home.

F – Most people are not even aware that a vacuum for wood floors will cost your less money as compared to vacuums designed to be used on regular carpeting.

3 – Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum

Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum Review


If you’re looking for a vacuum that could handle both carpets and hardwood floors, the Shark Rotator powered lift-away truepet NV752 might just be the right brand for you. The accessories from this multi-floor cleaning tool cannot be compared with the other brands reviewed above.

This total floor care vacuum cleaner from Shark Rotator can do so much, from handling the needs of plush carpeting to taking care of the most expensive wood floors. The shark NV752 is comparable to what you’ll get from a Dyson vacuum cleaner.


The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV752 is available for purchase in four different versions from just the vacuum with the normal accessories to those with expanded features and accessories.

From feedbacks found online, the NV752 stands out for being able to reach dirt in every nook and corners of your home, since it comes with all the right attachments and accessories.

You can use it in an upright mode or a power lift mode, depending on the type of floor you’re cleaning.

This multi-floor total vacuum cleaner comes with the right accessories and attachments to make cleaning your upholstery, pillows, blinds, and other hanging household stuff easy.

Not only will this cleaning tool extract dust and dirt, it is also capable of removing allergens that might be present on your floors.

Apart from the dynamic swivel steering, there are LED lights to make navigating dark corners not as dreadful as it used to be.


This vacuum weighs about 27.7 pounds, which might be too much to carry when cleaning the stairs or other hard to reach places in your home.

The biggest con might be the pricing, which is on the expensive side of things, but you can use this vacuum to do so much.

Shark Rotator NV752 Review Video

This is one of the most detailed videos I have ever seen for a vacuum cleaner that can handle all types of floors. After watching the video, you just might click the image or the link to get your own shark rotator powered lift away NV752 vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line:

Despite all the impressive features, this product might not be appropriate for everyone. If you have pets and have a combination of carpeting and hardwood flooring in your home, this might be the floor care machine you want to invest your dollars in.

Not only will the suction power remove all the dirt quickly and efficiently, the embedded HEPA filter is capable of trapping the vacuumed dust and allergens. Not only does it have an on/off switch, there is also a unique cleaning mode for the hardwood floor and carpet.

Most Important Features When Searching for the Leading Wood Floor Vacuum

The wood floor vacuum you choose to buy should be the one that delivers better permanence metrics. Please, do not base your buying decision on price alone, for some of the cheaply made brands are not worth the asking price, even if it is heavily discounted during the holiday shopping season.

Being aware of the following features will allow you to navigate wisely the promotional noise from the manufacturer. Pay particular attention to these factors if you want to end up with the greatest vacuum for hardwood floors.

Awareness of the Brand

It takes many years to establish a reputation for outputting reliable hardwood floor vacuum cleaners, and you should not take that lightly, as you shift through the product offering from different manufacturers.

The vacuum cleaner you select for your wood flooring should at least be from a manufacturer that has stood the test of time. This is not the type of product you want to invest in a newly created brand unless you have money to waste.

The Noise from the Wood Floor Vacuum

A well-made hardwood floor vacuum will be lighter than the one for carpet, which means it should be less noisy when in use.

Some of the manufacturers will list the noise level of the wood vacuum, while others would not. Reading a few of the feedbacks from current users is one of the ways to determine if the wood floor vacuum will be quiet during use.

Filtration Methods

The efficiency of a wood floor vacuum can be measured in how well it collects dirt and stores it before disposal. Most of the top brands will come with a canister to hold the dirt, which means not costly vacuum bags to purchase on a regular basis.

In selecting the vacuums found in this evaluation, I actually went to local stores to try them out. Do not just rely on the words of the manufacturer that the wood vacuum will suction off dirt efficiently, read some of the feedbacks from regular users before making your buying decision.

Do You Want Corded or Cordless Wood Floor Vacuum?

While both will have pros and cons, a better alternative will be to get a vacuum that can be used both ways. Yes, it might cost you more, but the mobility features will allow you to reach and clean every nook and corner of your wood flooring.

My personal preference for any cleaning utility tool is corded power connection. You can always invest in an extension cord to allow the hardwood vacuum to reach every inch of your living space.

If you opt for one that uses battery technology, be mindful of how long a full charge would last, and check if it has power depletion when not in use.

Warranty Terms

Do keep in mind that the warranty for your hardwood floor vacuum is only valid if the manufacturer remains in business, which is why it is essential to pick brands to invest in, carefully. One year is the minimum warranty period for most hardwood vacuum cleaners, but there are many brands with longer periods.

A worthy brand will have a website that is filled with consumer-friendly resources. When a company takes the time to create online owner’s manual, how to videos, and other usage tips, you can bet they plan to stick around for many years to come.

Current User Feedbacks

Even after reading this post, it will be wise on your part to invest a few minutes and peruse the opinions of users before pushing the buy now button.

I am aware that no product is without a few disgruntled users, but the majority of the users of the brand you have in mind should at least love the performance of the hardwood vacuum.

Most consumers ignore this part because they’re in a rush, but it might save you from investing in a potential bad product.

4 – Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Review aa5123qwer57

If you ever have the opportunity, I urge you to try a Dyson vacuum cleaner on your rugs to see the difference in the cleaning power. Based on the opinions of critics and consumers I can assure the hype assigned to this product is justified.

The multi-floor upright vacuum from Dyson is worth its weight in gold because it is that good. In my opinion, it is better performance wise than the Shark Rotator NV752, which is also an excellent multi-floor cleaning tool.

You can tell the worth of a vacuum cleaner by seeing what the used ones sell for on eBay or Craigslist. You won’t find too many used ones for sale online simply because people hold on to them or pass them on to their kids as family heirlooms.

I have friends with Dyson vacuum cleaners going back eight years or more, and most are still performing admirably. You might misjudge the vacuum from Dyson by just looking at it, but it packs awesome suction power and can be used to get your floors clean in a short period of time.


Apart from the cleaner head that is designed to be self-adjusting, the suction power is sealed onto the floor surface during function so that all the dirt and debris are removed. This Dyson vacuum is designed for use on different types of flooring and comes protected by a five-year limited warranty.

At first, you might be wondering where all the attachments are, but the hose and wand that you need to reach higher surfaces are part of the design and can be released in one smooth motion. With these tools, you’ll find it easier to clean your blinds, drapes, and under the furniture.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners that only focuses the filtration system on the bags, this one is designed to protect the entire machine from the vacuumed dust. The included HEPA filtration system is able to trap the vacuumed bacteria and allergens right inside the machine.

This upright vacuum from Dyson will steer easily with just a little push, and the bin containing all the dirt can be emptied with just a push of a quick release button. The Dyson ball multi-floor manual for the vacuuming action is as detailed as can be.


This biggest issues with the Dyson 206900-01 vacuum cleaner might be the pricing, which some might call very high, but do remember that you get what you pay for in life. It is highly unlikely to pay very little for a high-end product that can clean different type of floors.

Bottom Line:

Again, despite the detailed Dyson ball multi-floor instructions on how to get the most use out of the device, it would only make sense to you if you can afford it.

The sheer brilliance of the design and functionality cannot be adequately explained with words, for you have to see it in action to understand why most owners of the Dyson vacuum cleaner are happy with the product.

5 – Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review aa1FGDH5789

The Shark Navigator professional vacuum cleaner is another great floor cleaning product from this company. It is an upright vacuum cleaner with a canister that is detachable to extend the reach of this tool.

It is lightweight, and you get two microfiber pads that can help remove more dirt from hard floors.


The unit is completely sealed from the trapped dust so it does not blow back into your living space, while the HEPA filter will keep all the allergens and dust trapped inside.

It comes with a special attachment for cleaning hardwood floors, which means any remaining dust will be swept away by the microfiber pad.

This is a complete vacuum system for handling all type of floors, and you can reach deeper into your living quarters due to the 30-feet cord.

This vacuum unit has swivel steering and special attachments to get to the nooks and corners so that you can remove the pet hairs that might be hiding in those hard to reach areas of your dwelling.


A user called it top heavy and said it could easily be knocked over by kids within the vicinity.

Bottom Line:

If you can afford it, get yourself the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum for it will last you many years. This unit is a worthy alternative and can be used to keep your wood floor and carpet clean.