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The Evaluation of Toxic-Free Teether Products

One of the hardest things a new mom will have to figure out is how to calm a growing baby with new teeth forming. You better have one of the infant teethers reviewed in this article if you want to rest easy at night or during the day. Most of the teething products found in the marketplace where not available in the 70s.

I remember my mom confessing she used to give me a plastic spoon for me to chew on, and if that did not work, she dabbled her middle finger in a rye whiskey and rubbed it on my gums, which ultimately knocked me out.

Thank God I turned out okay, but some of the things she confessed to doing while I was a little baby can get a mom jail time if it ever got out.

Signs of a Teething Baby

Signs of a Teething Baby

If you’re a new mom, it is a given fact that your baby will be developing or growing teeth much faster than you know, so you should be on the lookout for some of the signs. Some babies will go through the teething process with neither much fuss nor sickness.

When to give a teether to your baby is after you witness the manifestation of many teething symptoms that makes you feel like pulling your hair out, because your baby is not feeling well. Some of the symptoms that indicate your baby might be teething are:

1 – One of the most visible sign is the appearance of a tooth right below the gum line.

2 – If you notice that your baby’s gum appear to be unusually swollen.

3 – If your baby is excessively drooling.

4 – If your playful baby is now very cranky, irritable, and very annoyed at anything you try to do to calm him or her down.

5 РIf your baby is rubbing her ears or face excessively as if trying to fight off a nasty itch.

6 – If your baby refuses to eat and just turns away during feeding time.

7 – If your baby refuses to take a nap or the sleeping hours becomes shorter and shorter.

8 – Finally, the most obvious sign your baby is really teething is the need to suck and bite everything in sight. Careful attention will reveal the biting is an attempt to soothe the severe gum pain.

How to Choose the Right Teether

What is the Best Teether for Baby? AA3ZXSDFCVG

It is better to seek out BPA-free teethers and those made of materials not containing PVC or Phthalate.

While most of the non-toxic teethers will be made out of rubber, it should not pose any health hazards to your little one’s development.

The teething product must not only offer comfort to your baby, it must also not be small enough to be swallowed. That is why it is not safe to buy one with several moving parts attached together unless it is used under watchful supervision.

As a parent, if your gut feeling tells you your baby might choke on the teether, discard it right away and look for other brands. You must develop that motherly instinct, for it will serve you right most of the time.

Above all else, you want the right type of teether that is not only safe and made from non-toxic materials but also capable of soothing the sore gums making your baby cranky or irritable.

What is the Best Teether for Baby?

I wish there is a magic wand to give you the right teether that would work for your baby. This is one product you might have to try several brands before finding the right one to occupy your baby’s time and make him or her quiet down with no more fussing.

There are dozens of teething product brands and all with claims of being among the best baby teethers. I have used my experience of raising several kids to select the products found in this review, but let the needs of your baby be your ultimate guide.

The teether for 3-month-old that worked flawlessly for your girlfriend might not be the right one for your kid. Apart from my many years of dealing with infants, I considered the feedbacks of current users. The teethers that can help your baby rest easy are:

1 – Vulli Giraffe Teether

Vulli Giraffe Teether Reviews

Whether you’re a mom looking for the best teether for 4-month-old or other age, the Vulli giraffe teether would probably be among the most recommended brands. It has been around for many years and you can read about the thousands of feedbacks from current users on Amazon.com.

From all the Vulli Sophie the giraffe teether reviews one can find online this product is made from Phthalates and BPA free materials. Your baby will be able to chew various parts of the odd looking giraffe, which will not only help with teething problems but also aid in the development of the proper hand, eye, coordination movements.

Sophie the giraffe Vulli teether is made from 100% natural rubber, which also includes food paint that’s susceptible to fading over time. The manufacturer claims each Sophie la giraffe teething toy is individually painted, which makes each Vulli teether unique in many ways.

For comparable pricing for the Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether, clicking on the above image will take you to the giant retailer with an established reputation for fair dealing and handling of customer expectations the right way.

2 – Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

Nuby Icybite Teething Keys Review AA3ASDFG

The next good baby teething product on the list is called Nuby Icybite teething keys. From the feedbacks from some of the current users that bought the product, it provides a safe and gentle way for your baby to teethe.

Most reported it is capable of comforting and soothing the gums and teeth of most infants. Since it is a multi-faceted teether, your little one will be learning about hand coordination, and which part of the Icybite Teething Keys deliver the most soothing results.

The Nuby Icybite hard/soft teething keys have easy grip design, which makes it suitable for the little hands of a growing infant. It is recommended for babies three months or older. The use of PurIce technology helps give the teether gentle cooling, and it is also free of BPA.

3 – Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether AA3ASDFERT456

Another popular baby teething product is called Baby banana infant training toothbrush and teether. The design itself mimics the look of a regular toothbrush and it is one of the ideal ways to let your baby get acquainted with holding a toothbrush.

The manufacturer claims this teether is safer than your regular type of plastic toothbrushes. This teething product from Baby banana is dishwasher safe and also freezer friendly.

There are thousands of positive feedbacks about this teether and the one you get will be manufactured either in the USA or Taiwan.

4 – Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Comotomo is a brand we’re quite familiar with from the detailed reviewed we did on their line of baby feeding bottles. The Comotomo baby teether is made out of medical grade silicone that is both hygienic and soft.

It has a non-choking design style and will fit the little fingers of a growing infant. The baby teether from Comotomo is quite easy to keep clean, and it is made from BPA free materials. You will also not find any phthalate or PVC materials in this baby teether brand.

5 – Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush

Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush

While this is similar to the baby banana teether reviewed above, the design style is quite different. While it is made by the same company, this unit has a noticeable handle that most babies can hold on to.

The baby banana teething toothbrush is free of toxins, lead, latex, and phthalate. You’ll also not find any traces of BPA in this teether from the baby banana. It is made from a flexible material, which means fewer chances of mouth injury from occurring.

Some of the feedbacks gave it high marks for having soft bristles, which will gently massage the sore teething gums of a fussy baby This product is available in three different colors.

Teething Necklace

A teething necklace that’s made out of Baltic Amber is designed to provide true natural relief for sore gums and other teething pains. You should note that the amber teething necklace for babies is not meant for chewing and should only be used by your baby under direct parental supervision.

A teething necklace that’s made out of Baltic Amber is supposed to release a very small amount of the Succinic acid present once the heat from the body of the wearer touches the necklace. Since Succinic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, some say it can have an analgesic effect on sore or swollen gums.

At first, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of using a Baltic Amber teething necklace, but the thousands of feedbacks from moms all over the world proved convincing. The two leading teething necklaces are:

6 – Review of the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by Baltic Wonder

Review of the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by Baltic Wonder

This teething necklace from a company called Baltic Wonder comes with anti- inflammatory properties that will help reduce drooling and the pain associated with teething. The certification included with each product claims it is a natural Baltic jewelry made from the highest quality ingredients.

The Baltic Wonder necklace is handcrafted and comes 33-centimeters long. The Baltic amber used is polished and not raw. You get a one year warranty in case you’re not completely happy with the performance of the Baltic Wonder teething necklace.

7 – Amber Crown Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Amber Crown Baltic Amber Teething Necklace AA5GHNJK

Another brand that claims to be an authentic amber teething necklace for babies is made by a company called Amber Crown. This necklace is supposed to provide timely relief of your baby’s teething pain and drooling issues.

Between every bead is a safety knot to prevent the beads from scattering all over the place should the string break. Just keep in mind, this product should only be used under close parental supervision.

The manufacturer also claims this necklace teether can stimulate the immune system of your infant, while also offering adequate protection against the negative effects of electrical devices like microwaves, computers, television, etc.

You can try the best teether for a baby necklace from Amber Crown for 100-days, and if you’re not completely satisfied you can ask for your money back with no hassle.

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