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Why a Shopping Cart Cover is Essential for Parents with Little Kids

The sight of a baby chewing on the handle of a shopping cart at our local large supermarket store sends a chill down my spine. I once told a busy mom yapping away on her cell phone that is not sanitary for her baby to be chewing on that dirty metal stuff, she looked at me with intense eyes, and said, she enjoys doing that and I have already cleaned it with the sanitary wipes freely provided by the store at the entrance.

Her attitude was like I should mind my own business because this is her baby to raise as she sees fit, but little did she know that the free sanitizer wipes will not kill all the germs transferred by customers that have touched the shopping cart.

I wanted to scream at her that a shopping cart is a good place for bacteria to go and multiply, which makes it a dangerous thing to let your little one suck on, regardless if he or she is teething or not.

As I passed her she made a snide comment to the person she was talking to on the phone, but I knew in my heart my concern for that little child with a clueless mom was genuine.

What would you have done? Have you witnessed little babies chewing on the handle of the shopping cart and said nothing to the parent? Or are you one of the negligent parents that ignore the activities of your baby once in a giant grocery store?

Regardless of how you feel about the power of germs to cause little kids all types of illnesses, you owe it to yourself to use a well-designed shopping cart cover if you’re in the habit of placing your baby inside one while picking up different food items.

A shopping cart cover should at least offer real-time protection against deadly germs present on the handles while choosing your food ingredients. Little kids are touchy, feely creatures, and do not expect them to stop sucking on nasty stuff despite all your yelling and admonition to stop.

The Best Shopping Cart Cover for Parents with Little Kids

Some of the Reasons to Use a Shopping Cart Cover

First of all, the carts are constantly outdoors collecting all the germs the atmosphere can dish out. I am yet to find a supermarket or department store that will hose them down with water and disinfectant.

People do all kinds of nasty things with their hands, and most will knowingly or unknowingly leave the germs on the shopping cart for the next unsuspecting shopper.

Just imagine you picked up a pack of chicken legs but discovered too late there is blood leaking out of it and it spilled onto the cart and the handle? What would most people do in that instance? Some will abandon the cart for the next customer, while others will simply wipe the blood away with a tissue.

The risk of E. coli and salmonella poisoning cannot be underestimated for the next customer that touches that cart, not to talk about a little baby with a weak immune system sucking on it. You see why a shopping cart cover is needed because the dangers of germs transfer to your baby is ever present and real.

Also, I would advise against using the shopping cart seats provided by the store. Not only are they not comfortable for your little one, most come with pure metal with flimsy padding. A good cover for shopping cart will have the right padding to make your baby comfortable and less fussy.

Top Shopping Cart Cover Reviews

There are dozens of brands in this niche marketplace all claiming to be the best. I have used my experience as a mom to eliminate the questionable products from this review.

The shopping cart covers listed are durable, well-designed, and highly praised by most of the current users. The number one baby shopping cart cover can be found among the brands reviewed below:

1 – Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover Review

I chose to review the Boppy shopping cart and highchair cover due to the fact that it has multiple uses. Not only can it be useful as a full coverage cover on a shopping cart, it can also be utilized on most high chairs for the ultimate germ protection for you baby.

It is available in four unique colors and comes in a single extra-large size. There is a sliding system built-in that allows you to attach your baby’s favorite toy for a peaceful quiet shopping experience.

The included safety strap will allow you to fully secure your baby while shopping. Included is a plush crinkle toy, and it is recommended for use by babies between the ages of 6 to 48 months. Best of all, this well-designed shopping cart cover from Boppy is machine washable.

2 – Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner Review

If you’re willing to spend a few dollars more, the Summer infant cushy cart cover offers a better performance metrics for the active mom or dad. Not only do you get a well-made cart cover, there is also a seat positioner that is included with your purchase.

The included seat positioner will help secure your little one safely as supposed to a cart cover without one. As your baby grows bigger the seat positioner can be removed for a more comfortable space for a fast growing kid.

There is a built-in vinyl small pocket you can use to hold your cell phone while you shop. Another feature is the two loops within the cover you can use to hold playful toys to keep your baby entertained while you shop for life necessities.

It is called a 2-in-1 cushy cart cover because it can be turned into a compact pouch that will also hold the seat positioner. You can also use this cover and seat positioner on high chairs.

The above video demonstrates how to use the cart cover from Summer infant, and how it can be easily converted to a convenient carry pouch once you’re done shopping. This product is designed to fit most shopping carts found in supermarkets and department stores.

3 – Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover Review

Infantino is another shopping cart cover manufacturer with a great reputation within this niche industry. It is called a two-in-one shopping cart cover because of what it can be used for. You find it online for sale in three unique colors.

Apart from using it to cover the germs found on shopping carts, you can also use it for the same reasons to cover a restaurant highchair. Every parent will appreciate the inclusion of two inner pockets, which can be used to hold small toys and snacks for your baby.

You also get a strap that can be used to hold your baby’s sippy cup in place, and it is also removable. After you’re done shopping, the Infantino cart cover can be folded into a compact tote bag for easy transport and storage.

Care Tips for your Shopping Cart Cover

Your shopping cart cover should be looked at as an investment in the protection of your baby from germs that might otherwise cause painful illnesses. The cart cover you chose to purchase will only last if you take good care of it. The following shopping cart care tips should help you in that regard.

Read the manufacturer’s care label – Take a few minutes of your busy schedule and read the instructions included with your shopping cart cover. The included instruction in your package will include how to set it up the right way and the steps needed to keep it clean.

Wash your shopping cart cover regularly – I make limited trips to the supermarket simply because I grow my own vegetables and have a small animal farm in my several acres backyard, but I used to wash my baby’s shopping cart cover after every trip to the department store. That might be the only way to guarantee the germs do not find a comfortable home and multiply.

4 – Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby

Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover for Baby Review

The similarity in design for some of the shopping cart covers leads me to suspect that a manufacturer might be the owner of several brands. The Lumiere shopping cover is large enough to provide complete germ protection for your baby during your shopping time.

It comes with Velcro on all the sides, which allows you to secure it to the cart, thus denying your baby the ability to sneak around and still touch the cart itself. It is uniquely designed to fit most shopping carts including those found at Target, Walmart, Costco, etc.

Within the cover design is a tiny pocket with Velcro cover you can use to hold your smartphone. This grocery cart cover from Lumiere also has a safety harness that is also adjustable for a more secure fit.

This cover is completely machine washable! When you’re done with your shopping, the cover can be rolled into a small pouch and can fit into most diaper bags.

5 – Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover Review

Another 2-in-1 shopping cart that is making in-roads in this niche industry is from Crocnfrog. It is designed to fit most standard sized shopping carts and can also be used on high chairs.

The Crocnfrog shopping cart cover is made from a silky soft fabric material and can be counted upon to protect your baby from the germs lurking on shopping carts at your favorite stores.

There are three loops you can use to hold your baby’s favorite toys. After shopping, it takes less than a minute to fold this cover into an easy to carry pouch. The entire cover material is machine washable.

6 – Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Review

What a name for a well-designed shopping cart cover? Oh, my! It is not exactly like a cover but actually set up as a baby hammock to be used on shopping carts. It comes with attached clips for securing it to the shopping cart with ease.

This cart hammock from Binxy is available for purchase in three different colors. It is capable of holding kids weighing up to 50 pounds. If you need to, it quite easy to incorporate this hammock into any infant car seating system.

This hammock for shopping carts is machine washable using cold water setting and must be laid flat to dry, which is the only right way to maintain the quality and sizing of the Binxy baby shopping cart hammock.