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Best Selling Home Exercise Bikes on Amazon

The excuses people use nowadays to justify obesity is just not viable anymore. I advised a client of mine today to be on the lookout for Amazon exercise bike deals this holiday shopping season. Why is it that most Americans find it difficult to lose weight?

Is it because most people eat too much? Is it because most have no time to go to the gym? Regardless of the reasons why obesity is the gateway to many other deadly diseases. It is linked to high blood pressure, joint pains, heart attack, just to name a few.

If you find yourself with a few pounds you would like to eliminate the first step is to get busy exercising on a daily basis. It is not how many hours you spend doing physical exercises but the consistency of your efforts that will yield greater results.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 is a perfect time to look for Amazon exercise bikes sale one can use at home. First, it is appropriate to give you good reasons why riding an indoor bike in your own home might be the easiest way for you to stay in shape.

Next, we’ll consider the different classifications of the indoor home gym bikes and some of the top brands that might be on sale this frantic holiday shopping season.

The good thing is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to get a good deal, but you do need to move fast once you find the right Amazon spin bikes for sale if that is the type you’re looking for.

Good Reasons to Buy an Indoor Exercise Bike

Indoor cycling is one of the best activities you can do on a daily basis to boost your cardiovascular health. Not only will it improve your heart health, but you can also expect significant improvement in your endurance levels.

Just spending thirty minutes or an hour on a stationary bike can lead to faster burning of calories, which means those unwanted pounds around your waist will be gone for gone in just a few months.

This low impact workout is ideal for all age groups and would make your joints stronger as compared to other exercises like running.

Regular pedaling on a spin bike or any other indoor bicycle trainer will strengthen your leg muscles. A good side benefit would be increased the ability to climb stairs without feeling any type of strain.

I firmly believe that regular indoor cycling can lead to better brain functions. When you get in shape you also improve the functioning of the major organs found in the body including the brain.

Your skin will have that natural glow as compared to the dullness that can result from carrying too much weight. An indoor exercise bike is quite easy to operate, and during this holiday shopping deals on Amazon, you just might find the one that’s right for you.

Different Types of Indoor Exercise Bikes

The types of indoor exercise bikes can be classified into three main sections upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and spin bikes. In this technological age, there are few indoor bikes one can call hybrid models since they incorporate various aspects of the three mentioned types into one viable product.

Each type will come with some benefits and may be some disadvantages. Based on the sales data for 2015, I will be reviewing the top indoor exercising bikes might also be on sale this Black Friday shopping day on Amazon.

As you consider which home gym bike would work for you, keep in mind that the main goal is to find one that can help you create faster weight loss. Consider your height, current weight, and the space you have in your living quarters before making your final selection.

The three main classification of bikes for indoor use are:

1 – Upright Bikes

If you enjoy riding outdoor bikes during the summer months, spin bikes would appeal to you since the feeling you get is almost similar. It is also popularly called spinning bikes, and it is more suited to cyclist wanting to continue bike riding indoors because of the bad weather outside.

I have both an outdoor bicycle and a spin bike for indoors, and both allows me to get the intense workout I need on a daily basis. If you enjoy riding your bicycle outdoors for long period of time, a spin bike might appeal to you.

Best Spin Exercise Bikes Amazon

Here are some of the best spin bikes one can buy on Amazon this cyber Monday shopping season, which also includes the many good deals presented on Black Friday.

1A – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike aa312WASDERCT

The first Amazon stationary bike I would urge you to be on the lookout for this Black Friday shopping day is made by Sunny Health and Fitness. This superb indoor cycling bike comes with a 40-pound flywheel.

Some have called the crank system heavy duty, but there is no doubt the chain drive mechanism is one of the smoothest you can find on a spinning bike. To ensure the rider is comfortable, both the handlebars and seating system are adjustable.

Also adjustable, are the transport wheels and resistance systems. The dimension for the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 pro indoor cycling bike is 20 x 46.5 x 48.5 inches and it only weighs about 97.2 pounds.

The SF-B901 Cycle Bike requires some assembly, but I would suggest you consider purchasing the professional assembly option unless you can follow directions and you’re handy with tools.

Proper assembly is what will determine the level of enjoyment and success you have pedaling on this indoor stationary spin bike. This spin bike is only ideal for users weighing 275 pounds or less.

1B – Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle

Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle aa5CVBN57

This is probably the most expensive spin bike you can buy online, and it is made by a company called spinning, which in my opinion is quite appropriate.

This is built like the ones you find at top gyms all across the United States of America, which means it will last a very long time when used in the comfort of your own home.

The weighted flywheel comes in at about 43 pounds, which means it will deliver the right smooth momentum with your pedaling.

Despite the claim by the manufacturer that the handlebars are placed in the right spot, it would have been nice if they came with adjustable features to suit the needs of the rider.

Even with the inclusion of four spinning DVDs with the latest workout routines, the pricing might deter some people from buying one unless it is part of the Amazon exercise bike sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days.

2 – Recumbent Bikes

If you enjoy pedaling while resting in a laid back position then a recumbent bike might appeal to you. This type of home exercise bike is popular with female fitness enthusiasts for many good reasons. A good recumbent bike will accommodate the rider’s weight by distributing it over a wider area.

The firmest support will be enabled by the user’s buttocks and backside. This slow slung position is not appropriate for everyone, but might appeal to those with back problems looking to remain active to stay in shape.

The hamstring muscles will benefit the most from riding a well-designed recumbent bike. On the other hand, you’ll not lose as much weight as compared to exercising on a spin bike on a regular basis, due to the fact that you’ll burn fewer calories.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Amazon

2A – Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike aa1ASWER4322

If you’re searching for a good recumbent exercise bike on Amazon this Black Friday be sure to be on the lookout for the Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent bike with pulse. Even critics and admirers accept the fact that this is a high quality and durable home gym bike one can use to stay in shape.

Based on the hundreds of feedbacks from existing users, most gave it high marks for being very easy to step on and off, and it has a 300 pounds user weight limitation. The Exerpeutic 900XL is protected by a three-year limited warranty that covers any potential factory defect.

If you want to experience more intense workout you can increase the resistance level to meet your needs. Embedded within this indoor recumbent bike from Exerpeutic are eight magnetic tension system levels, which means both a newbie and an experienced rider will be able to get the right intense workout.

The included LCD onboard computer system will deliver stats like the distance, time, the number of calories eliminated, and speed. This home fitness tool can also scan and monitor the user’s heart rate through the included hand pulse sensors.

The oversized seat on this Amazon recumbent exercise bike from Exerpeutic will accommodate a rider with bigger buttocks. Apart from the quiet operation of the Exerpeutic 900XL extended capacity recumbent bike, the provided transport wheels ensure you can easily move it from one location to another.

2B – Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike aa5XCVBNMUOP0

Among the Amazon Schwinn bikes found online, the 270 recumbent bike is among the top sellers. One of its greatest features is the ventilated back seat, which helps to provide the needed comfort while pedaling.

When you talk about Amazon recumbent bike this unit is bound to come up due to the fine design and high-performance metrics. The LCD technology deployed on this unit is far superior to the Exerpeutic 900XL because it can keep track of more stats.

It has a fitness goal tracking technology and can be used with Myfitnesspal App for comparison purposes. Not only does it have a USB charging port, it can also be used to transfer data seamlessly and effortlessly.

The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike on Amazon has the capability to track the fitness stats for up to four different users. There are ten different resistance levels to satisfy the training needs of both beginners and advanced indoor cyclists.

Other features include a three fan setup, transport wheels, cup holder for your water or beverage, and one of the best acoustic chamber speakers on can find on a recumbent bike for home use.

The user weight for this product is limited 300 pounds. While there is only a 90-days labor warranty, the warranty for the frame is ten years, with only two years for the mechanical parts and only one year for the electrical parts.

3 – Upright Bikes

An upright bike can be described as almost the same setup as a regular spin bike without the flywheel system. Upright indoor bikes are now very popular due to the limited floor space requirement and the fact that you can fold it up and put it away for storage after each use.

Keep in mind that this type of indoor exercise bike does not offer any type of back support, which means it will be difficult for someone with mobility issues to pedal pain-free.

While some might think best upright bikes you can buy on Amazon might be cheaper than recumbent bikes, my research shows that might not be the case all the time based on the brands and models you choose to invest your funds in.

As long as you’re able to pedal upright, the workout versatility offered by this type of indoor bike is quite good. It is also true that regular use of this type of home bike will deliver faster weight loss due to the fact that you’ll be burning more calories from the pedaling actions.

Best Upright Bikes on Amazon

3A – Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike aa31112222322

You’ll find several best upright bikes on Amazon from Exerpeutic simply because consumers love what they can do to help one lose weight and stay in shape in the comfort of your own home.

The compact design is enhanced by the included folding features, which means it can be kept away out of sight when not in use.

The Exerpeutic magnetic upright bike is designed for someone weighing 300 pounds or less. I like the fact that the seat is large enough to accommodate most buttocks sizes. The heart rate is kept in check with a hand pulse monitor.

It has eight levels of resistance setting you can use to help determine how tough you want your workout to be. It is actually a good upright bike that is friendly to both a newbie and advanced indoor fitness enthusiast.

The LCD display technology is able to keep track of time, distance, the calories burned, scan, speed, and also heart rate monitor. The warranty period for this upright bike from Exerpeutic is only for one year.

3B – Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike aa5CVZSAD3

The Exerpeutic 500 XLS upright bike is a better version of the model reviewed above and built to handle users weighing 400 pounds or less. I would encourage you to get one with the mat, and if you think you cannot put one together safely, purchase the option for installation with your delivery.

It is the right installation that will determine the durability of the bike when in use. It has a heavy duty steel frame, which allows it to perform admirably even with obese individuals trying to lose those extra pounds.

If you get the specially designed floor mat, your floor would be protected even if used on wood floors. Just remember that the unit that comes with a floor mat cost a little bit more.

The large seat is just as comfortable as the model reviewed above, and the number of resistance levels is also the same. You get a one-year limited warranty to cover any potential factory defects.

From my humble experience of having tested hundreds of home gym equipment, I believe the Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS foldable upright bike is definitely a unit worth investing your money in if it is on sale this Black Friday Amazon exercise bike sale.