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Is it true What They Said About Ping Pong Table?

If you want to create better bonding with your kids get a ping pong table for your home. Not only is it a good physical activity the whole family can use to stay in shape, it is also a better alternative to your kids getting immersed into social media noise on the internet. We look at the physical and health benefits of playing table tennis with the examination of the premier brands for both indoors and outdoors

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Table in the World

Go to any public park in America today and the families you find pretending to spend quality time together are all busy doing silly things on social media. Not only is obesity growing at an alarming rate in this country, but the social skill of our youths is falling short of expectations.

If you want to get more quality time with your kids, get yourself a ping pong table and teach everyone how to play the game. It is easy to learn, fun to play, and an excellent physical activity to get rid of excess calories.

Texting and messaging so-called friends on Facebook retards the thinking faculty of our youth, and all you have to do is listen to some of their conversations to know what I am talking about.

Before we get into some of the exciting physical and health benefits offered by this activity, a brief history of the game is appropriate.

Ping Pong Table Reviews

To make it easier to follow the various table tennis tables recommended in this evaluation, I have divided the products into indoor and outdoor models. The classification of ping pong tables is up to the manufacturer and might be because of the type of materials used.

Most outdoor tables will have waterproof features to help protect it from the elements and enhance longevity. I have found that indoor ping pong tables have a better ball bounce, although it might not be noticeable to the average player.

Outdoor ping pong tables tend to be sturdier and more resilient, due to the additional materials used. You should not get too deep into the intense debate about indoor vs outdoor ping pong tables merit, as both can be counted upon to help you have fun while playing the game.

I have used my vast experience playing this game to select the ping pong tables with better design and performance metrics. Although, outdoor table tennis games can be influenced by the wind or pesky flying insects.

Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

1 – Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table Review aa5ASDFCVD324

When it comes to finding a sturdy ping pong table you can use inside, this product from Killerspin comes to mind. The world-class design makes it the toughest ping pong table for any game competition. Not only is the performance of this table tennis table extraordinary, the look itself might make you decide to get one today.

Features of the Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table

The frame itself is made out of heavy duty steel, which makes it ideal for Olympic-style competition games.

This table tennis table is easy to set up and take apart and has a bolt-lock system to keep both halves securely connected.

The surface of this product for playing table tennis is made out of medium density fiberboard, which allows the white ball to bounce in a consistent manner without thought of dead spots or warping.

Despite being a new upstart, this company is fully determined to play a significant role in this niche market through their approach to growing the game of table tennis in the United States. To grow the sales of this brand some of the elite players of the game have endorsed this brand.

Like everything with supreme high quality, the price of this item will discourage many from pushing the buy now button, but it is the best indoor ping pong table based on features and performance. This table tennis table from Killerspin is protected by a one-year limited warranty.

Brief History of Ping Pong

Most people might think this popular game originated in China, but the British first introduced it to the world. While there are disputes how the game progressed to the way it is played today, the first table tennis game can be traced all the way back to the days of Queen Elizabeth in the Victorian England era.

From available historical artifacts, we do know that it was a game reserved and enjoyed by the upper class of society in those days. It was one of the favorite games of the elites of society in the 1800s and was played after dinner as a parlor game.

Despite the rising popularity of the game and the fact that millions of people all over the world enjoy all the benefits it can deliver, it only became a fully recognized game in the Olympics in 1988. Now, it is one of the most watched games at every Olympic celebration with numerous event categories.

Ping pong is a game that is suitable for all ages. Not only is it fun, it can also be made competitive with score keeping to find out who’s getting better at hitting the small ball back and forth with accuracy.

It is a game that can be played by two or four people. It has certain similarities to the game of long tennis, although on a smaller court.

2 – Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Review

This is the ultimate brand that dominates this niche market. When the USA Table Tennis Association holds any tournament the ping pong table used is made by this company. I like the fact that they make models for both indoor and outdoor use.

Features Found in the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

The surface of this table for playing the game of table tennis is made out of medium density fiberboard, which helps to create an even ball balance during games. It is the sturdy design that allows the ball to bounce in a consistent manner.

The compact design of this ping pong table is made possible by the separate folding halves, which ensures it is easy to fold up, after playing several game sets.

Each half of the table tennis table from Joola uses locking devices and casters to hold the folded table securely during transport. Both the table for playing ping pong and the included net set are approved by the USATT.

The inclusion of this brand into this table tennis table evaluations can be traced to the affordability of the different models. This unit will appeal to the needs of a beginner to the game of table tennis and has all the right features for whole family fun and should last many decades with the right care.

Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

After many years of playing table tennis in my youth and as an adult, I have come to appreciate the benefits I got from the many hours I spent playing the game.

Playing table tennis helps to stimulate the power of your brain to react quickly to situations, not to talk about the immense improvement to hand-eye coordination movement of dedicated players.

Before we get to the buying guide features for the premier table tennis table, let’s examine some of the health benefits of playing ping pong on a regular basis.

It is Good for the Brain

If you want to know why Ping-Pong is good for your brain, go to any well-run retirement home for senior citizens and you’re bound to find at least one or more ping pong tables to help build newer neurons in old age folks.

The positive link between table tennis and better brain health is too obvious to deny any longer. It is true that every new activity you engage in creates newer brain cells, which ultimately leads to better brain activity and memory.

It would be a shame to wait till you’re old to start enjoying this pleasurable physical activity you can now do with everyone in your family.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Your dedication to hit the small white plastic ball and make it hit the table on the opposite side helps to improve your hand-eye coordination in more ways than one. You should know that digital devices diminish the mental capacity of the brain, which leads to poorer hand-eye coordination.

You can give your kids a greater advantage in life by introducing them to table tennis and all its positive attributes. Not only will this game give your youngster the ability to develop a better tactical strategy in life activities, his or her mental alertness and concentration would also get a significant boost.

Not only is playing table tennis a perfect weight loss exercise, the mental acuity of regular participants will be positively impacted.

Table Tennis Can Help You Burn Calories

When you play the game of ping pong with the seriousness that it deserves, you’ll also be eliminating excess calories during the process, which leads to faster weight loss or staying in shape. The game of table tennis engages most of your key muscle groups, thus making them stronger.

When you play against an experienced ping pong player, you’ll have to use all your body parts to react quickly to the bouncing white plastic ball. The agility and fastness of the players during a table tennis game is always fun to watch, and it is even better if you’re one of the players.

Can Help Your Joints

Ask any medical doctor, he or she would confess that the number one cause of joint pain is the lack of the right type of activity on a regular basis.

You need a multitude of physical activities to keep your joints in healthy. Playing table tennis on a regular basis happens to be an ideal sport to participate in if you want to develop healthier joints.

Do not be fooled into buying the most expensive joint pain medication, for until you get rid of the excess weight causing the pain, the symptoms will persist.

This fun game can be played both indoors or outdoors and your leg joints will be happy you decided to get involved in an activity that can help them get stronger and healthier with each stroke of the ping pong ball.

It is a Great Way to Meet New Friends

Sitting on your computer and befriending someone on social media sites is not a good way to meet new people. A game of table tennis will allow you to get off your comfort zone and interact with real human beings, not computer beings.

The importance of table tennis in creating better social interaction and friendship cannot be underestimated. Not only will you be burning calories and improving the functioning of your brain cells, you just might meet people that could become lifelong friends.

The social benefits of playing table tennis are real and can be realized by anyone with a dedication to this activity on a regular basis.

3 – Stiga Advantage T8580W Table Tennis Table

Stiga Advantage T8580W Table Tennis Table Review

The table tennis table called Stiga Advantage T8580W is among the best brands you can find in this niche market. It is made ready for all types of competition and can be used indoors in both your office or at home.

It is delivered to your doorstep 95% pre-assembled, and it will only take a few minutes to get it ready for play for the whole family. It is certainly one of the top-notch ping pong table brands one can find on Amazon.com.

To ensure durability during play and setup, there are lockable casters to ensure stability and each half of this tennis table can be rolled to the storage location with ease.

Disadvantages of Playing Table Tennis

I will be lying to you if I cannot come up with few disadvantages from playing ping pong on a regular basis. You do not have to ask how table tennis helps your body. Some of the benefits from this type of physical activity can be found above.

The only disadvantage I can come up with is the occasional bruise that might happen to the various parts of your body, especially if you’re aggressive in chasing that elusive small white ball.

I have lost count of the many bruises to the shin area of my leg from chasing the ball too fast and colliding with different types of objects.

Those with obesity issues should start the game slow at first, as it can lead to loss of breath as you get more proficient in hitting that small plastic white ball.

Just like any other physical activity, there are the initial aches and pains when you first start playing table tennis regularly, but most should subside as your body is conditioned to accept the terms of the game.

Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

The most important aspect of a table tennis table for outdoor play is the ability to withstand the nasty environmental elements that can cause rust and warping if it is not adequately protected with the right features.

Ping pong tables designed for outdoor use will be bulkier and you probably can use it indoors with no problem at all. Here are some of the most outstanding outdoor ping pong tables one can buy online with quick delivery methods.

4 – Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table aa5NBMBNMHKL

This model is just like the indoor ping pong table from the same company, although with better protection against the outdoor elements. This is a lightweight mobile ping pong table with affordable pricing.

The steel tube frame along with a surface that is made out of aluminum and plastic composite materials give this table tennis table the ability to withstand the weather elements or the occasional chipping that is common with intense competitive games.

The Joola Nova ping pong table is able to keep corrosion at bay and the surface will not buckle or be twisted from dampness or heat. It has legs that are self-folding, and the leg levelers can be easily adjusted.

5 – Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga is another brand you’ll find with many products in this nice market. Just like the indoor model from the same company this outdoor version is just as durable.

The Stiga Vapor ping pong table is designed to withstand the outdoor elements from the environment, including the ability to resist warping.

The included net cover and clamp set should help ensure this tennis table is not twisted or bent due to cold, heat or dampness.

To help the table resist rust better, the metal undercarriage is powder-coated. The frame itself is supported with steel legs and levelers.

Included in the design of the Stiga outdoor table tennis table -vapor is an anti-tilting feature, which leads to better bouncing from the small, fast-moving ball.

This tennis table will be delivered to your doorstep 90% pre-assembled, and the rest you can finish up in just a few minutes. The Stiga Vapor ping pong table is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Important Features When Choosing a Table Tennis Table

With the growth in popularity of this game comes the process of selecting the most durable brand for your home. A ping pong table can either be built for use indoors or outdoors, and a few of the high-end models can be used both ways.

Choose Your Playing Space

The key to choosing a durable brand is to determine where the table tennis table will be located before pushing the buy now button. Take the precise measurement of your available space to get a better sense of how the ping pong table will fit.

Buying one and trying to figure out the ideal location to place it might lead to frustration and disappointment if it does not fit properly or fits tightly without enough room for the players to engage in hitting the small ball.

To get the most fun from the activity, it is suggested you have at least five feet extra space behind each end of the tennis table, and at least three feet open space to each side of the table.

While growing up, we had one in the basement, which was later moved to the backyard of our home as the neighborhood kids made stops on weekends to play the game.

Ease of Assembly

Since this product for physical activity would be delivered to your home, the ease of assembly of the ping pong table should not be discounted. A well-designed ping pong table will come with a detailed diagram of what goes where, which removes any guesswork out of the equation.

Perusing some of the feedbacks from current users of the table tennis table should give you the right info if the brand is easy to assemble or not.

The Price of the Ping Pong Table

If this is your first intro into this enjoyable physical activity, buying a high-end model might not be price wise. The tennis table we grew up with lasted over twenty years, but it was a very high-quality brand.

Regardless of the point of view expressed in this ping pong table evaluation you probably will buy what you can afford, which is the right thing to do. But do not settle for a cheaper brand with poor design metrics.

The various products listed in this article have good feedbacks from existing users and the various manufacturers all have excellent industry-wide reputations.

What about the Brand

A solid ping pong table manufacturer is worth its weight in gold. The brand should at least have a website with customer friendly information about the table and detailed assembly instructions. I have seen a few products with how to videos, which is a sign of an excellent brand.

Feedbacks from Real Users

The few minutes you spend perusing through the experiences of the current users of the product will give you greater insight into its performance.

No ping pong table is without a few disgruntled users, but most of the purchasers should give it high ratings for it to be worth your time and money.

6 – Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table

Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Review


Another top unit when it comes to table tennis tables is made by a firm called Kettler. Not only is the table weatherproof, you also get a cover to protect it from the outdoor elements.

I also like the fact that two rackets and six orange playing balls are included to get you started right away once your ping pong table arrives.

The underside of this product has several features to help keep contraction and expansion that might be caused by the weather at bay.

The Kettler Top Star XL has a smooth playing surface that is also imprinted with the required tournament lines, which means it can be used to play competitive games with exact scorekeeping.

Why let your open outdoor space go to waste when you can have more friendly family fun by installing this Kettler weatherproof table tennis table in your backyard?

It is just as durable as the indoor ping pong tables reviewed above and will last many years if cared for the right way.

Maintenance Tips for Your Ping Pong Table

Your investment in table tennis table will be a good one if you take the time to keep the following maintenance tips in mind. The were derived from my own personal experience, but you should give preference to the usage and care tips provided by the manufacturer.

A – Try not to place any object on the ping pong table regardless of how strong you think it might be. Using it as a resting place for other goods or things will weaken the table structure in due time.

To help maintain this policy within your household, the table tennis table should be folded and kept in a secure place when not in use.

B – It is not wise to eat on the table, even if it is just a simple sandwich. Because once you allow eating on the table it will invite drinking, and before you know it, drops of fluid will slowly ruin the perfect surface.

The policy should be no placing of food or any liquid drinks on the table regardless if it is in a sealed container or not.

C – Occasionally, wipe off dust and dirt from the surface of the ping pong table. Also, any type of fluid should be immediately wiped off to prevent corrosion or rust from occurring.

D – If you choose to purchase one designed for indoor use, do not be tempted to use it outdoors as the environmental elements will destroy it within a few years.

Outdoor ping pong tables have the right protection against the weather elements, and you probably can use one indoors with no problem at all.

E – Please do not allow anyone to use the table for anything else but for hitting the small white ball. Sitting on the table will slowly damage the frame or cause it to buckle. It is not the appropriate place to change your baby’s diaper either.

Table Tennis Racket and Ball Set

Except for one of the outdoor ping pong table that comes with rackets and the needed playing ball, all the others will require you get your own playing set. Table tennis rackets vary in quality based on your experience as a player.

The more you understand and enjoy playing ping pong the quicker you’ll realize how crucial it is to have a reliable table tennis paddle, which might make hitting the ball easier and more effective, especially if you like to stroke.

The tennis racket and ball set reviewed below have all the needed tools to help you start playing the game once your ping pong table arrives.

MightySpin Table Tennis Rackets & Balls Set

MightySpin Table Tennis Rackets & Balls Set aa5XSCDAFRET56

In this set, you get four paddles, six playing balls, and a carrying case, which you can also use as the storage case for the accessories. While the rackets are not the top of the line, they’re good enough for beginners and intermediate players of ping pong.

The handle for the paddle is made out of poplar wood, while the hitting surface contains 100% natural rubber, which provides an added advantage when returning strokes.

This complete table tennis paddles and playing balls set can be used effectively by both kids and adults alike. It is the right set to use on the best ping pong table you choose to buy today!