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The Bike Helmet Brands Perfectly Designed for Mountain Biking

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed riding bicycles through different types of terrain. I have lost count of the number of times I fell and came home with severe bruises. I do not have to tell you why you need a mountain bike helmet when riding outdoors, but my recent accident might make you think twice before riding without one.

If you reside in Atlanta, Georgia there is a place called Silver Comet Trail and it is one of the outstanding places to enjoy your mountain bike. The trail itself is over 61 miles long and goes from Smyrna, Georgia all the way to Anniston, Alabama.

While enjoying the afternoon weather riding my mountain bike my attention was diverted by a cute lady that was changing her clothes next to a big tree. That quick glance almost cost me my life, as I smashed into the trunk of a big tree and nearly fell into the steep embankment below.

My expensive mountain bike was completed twisted and probably beyond repair and I sustained multiple injuries to different body parts. Luckily, I was wearing my full head mountain bike helmet and it probably was the only thing that prevented the huge tree from turning my head into a tomato paste.

Most fatalities in bicycle accidents can be traced to riders wearing poorly designed helmets or none at all. Bruises and broken bones can be healed, but head injuries can lead to permanent disability or death, which is why I plead with you to never go bike riding without putting on a helmet.

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet While Biking

What is the Best Bike Helmet for Mountain Biking

Regardless of how you look at it, the advantages that can be listed for wearing a mountain bike helmet far outweigh any disadvantages you might come up with. Do not let concerns about the comfort or styling of the helmet prevent you from investing in a brand that is well made.

Some of the pertinent reasons to wear a bike helmet anytime you’re riding are:

One of the major benefits of wearing a helmet while biking is the safety it provides. The increased safety you feel when you put one on your head is real. Do bicycle helmets prevent head injury? From my recent bike accident, I can assure you it is capable of fully protecting your head, especially in direct collision impacts.

If you want to know why you should wear a bike helmet, just look at the yearly statistics on bicycle accidents and the numbers would scare you into never riding without one, ever again. Most head trauma injuries are sustained by riders not wearing this head protecting device.

Growing number of towns and municipalities all over America are now making it mandatory for bike riders to always wear a helmet while riding on city roads or parks, which in my opinion is a good thing, and should save some lives.

After looking at the overwhelming bicycle helmet safety statistics, this is one measure people against big government overreach should take a back seat and consider the merits of such a law rather than the intrusion into personal liberty and rights.

Disadvantages of Wearing Helmet

I recently challenged a friend of mine who dislikes any type of government regulations to come up with disadvantages of wearing a bicycle helmet, and the following cons are what she came up with.

It is not one of the most comfortable bicycle accessories to wear while riding outdoors. Depending on the design, the bike helmet might lack proper airflow, which might make your entire head sweat, especially during the hot summer months.

The design for a mountain bike helmet will not make it into any fashion style magazine. Some riders might consider wearing one as an intrusion into their desire and need to present the coolest image to the world, but the safety that it provide overrules all that vanity claim.

If you’re still asking – why are bike helmets important? Do you want to increase your perception of looking fabulous to the general public, or be protected from head on collision accidents that might split your skull wide open?

Choose wisely my friend, for you should always wear a bike helmet every time you go out riding. Vanity is fleeting, adjustable, and can be repaired, while you might not have a second chance to redo safety.

Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews

The marketplace for mountain bike helmets is like a swamp that is infested with poorly designed products, which means some of the highly touted bike helmets might not deliver the full head protection expected by riders.

The technology of a bike helmet is always evolving and the newer helmets come with better protection for the rider of any type of mountain bike. It is unfortunate, but one cannot deny the fact that poorly designed bicycle helmets are cheaper than the brands that can provide adequate protection.

You should base your buying decision on the performance metrics of the helmet and not the price. It is far better to spend a little bit more money and get the one that delivers overall full head protection than to buy one that will perform badly in any head-on collision accident while riding your mountain bike outdoors.

The products found in this article can enable full head protection, which means your chances of sustaining head injuries are minimized. The top rated mountain bike helmets one can buy online are:

1 – Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Wearing a helmet while riding your mountain bike is like having insurance on your automobile just in case of an accident. Giro is one of the major brands with dozens of bike helmets in this niche market. The Giro Hex mountain bike helmet is available in eleven colors and four different sizes.

The Giro Hex features make it suitable for use on all bike riding terrains, including a marathon. This helmet is made out of polycarbonate shell materials with the latest in EPS liner design for the interior. It is designed to fit most head sizes and comes with about 21 air flow vents.

If you’re looking for a helmet that offers rugged design style with durability, the Giro Hex is worthy of your attention. Not only does it provide the right type of coverage for mountain bike riders, the ventilation system removes head sweating from the issues to contend with while riding outdoors.

2 – Bell Super 2 Helmet

Bell Super 2 Helmet Review

Another sturdy helmet you can wear while riding your mountain bike is made by an outfit called Bell. The Super 2 mountain bike helmet can be purchased in eleven different colors with three sizes to choose from.

If you enjoy using a camera to record your riding exploits the integrated camera mount can easily be broken away in the case of a head-on collision. There are twenty-three air flow vents embedded within the Bell Super 2 Bike Helmet to ensure riding comfort during the hot summer months.

This is one of the top mountain bike helmets one can buy online and it weighs less than one pound. Apart from the use of Polycarbonate Shell materials to ensure the durability of the Bell Super 2 Helmet, there is also a tag fit system to help with comfortable fitting for all head sizes.

3 – Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet Review

The next product in this mountain bike helmet reviews is from a company called Fox Racing. The Fox Head Transition Helmet is available for purchase in three sizes and six different colors. It has about eleven venting ports, which helps to increase airflow while riding.

If you’re looking for a brand that comes with breathability, the Fox Transition Hard Shell Bike Helmet will not disappoint. The outer shell is made out of ABS plastic and the inner liner is made out of EPS foam materials.

If you want to feel the effect of a full head protection from a helmet this is the right one to consider purchasing. It is uniquely designed to offer easy fit for most head sizes.

4 – Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Demon Podium Full Face Helmet is one of the most sought-after bike accessories online, based on discussions on bike forums and blogs dedicated to outdoor activities. The inner liner is made out of EPS foam, which makes it possible for the helmet from Demon to fit most head sizes.

It is one of the few mountain bike helmets with certification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Demon helmet is made out of polycarbonate shell and comes with 13 airflow vents to enhance your wearing comfort, especially during days with hot temperature and humidity.

The Demon podium full face mountain bicycle helmet is available for purchase in two colors and five different sizes. Another great feature is the liner inside the helmet, which is removable and washable.

5 – Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Helmet Review

This is the type of mountain bike helmet that would get you stares from fellow bike riders due to the old fashion design look. Trust me, some of the intense stares will be borne out of envy and jealousy. The Triple Eight certified helmet size chart includes three choices with eleven different colors to select from.

The way the triple eight helmet sizing is made to accommodate most head sizes is one of the most important features. It is one of the most outstanding dual certified helmets one can purchase at that price range.

Unlike other brands, the liner for the helmet from Triple eight is made out of Polystyrene. I also like the fact that this helmet can be used for either skating or bike riding. Not only does it offer a great fit, the carefully embedded ventilation holes allows easy airflow to benefit the wearer.

Which is the Best Mountain Bike Helmet for You?

Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews


That would depend on your head size, financial constraints, and the design style you would like to wear during your outdoor bike riding. The highly rated mountain bike helmets presented in this post can offer the right type of head protection, and some can be purchased for less than $100.

The upkeep for your helmet will depend on the recommended cleaning steps included in the owner’ manual. If you do decide to share your helmet be mindful that bacteria and germs can also be transferred.

Head lice are probably the most visible nuisance that can be easily transferred from one wearer to the next. I prefer to keep my bike helmet for my own personal use, due to the sizing adjustment requirements, which might be distorted if used by someone else.

If you like to film your riding adventures with the latest GoPro camera, you should select a brand like the Bell Super 2 Helmet with the right type of design to accommodate the attachments.

Just like you strive to bring your smartphone along, your mountain bike helmet should never be left at home if you want to ride safely. You can now find the best helmet for mountain biking for less than $100, which mean affordability issues should not deter you from using this essential head protection accessory.