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The Far Infrared Sauna Brands With Value on the Market

For those that have the means and extra discretionary income, investing in a far infrared sauna is a good move that can also deliver many benefits if utilized on a regular basis. My last visit to a sauna bath house was during a visit to a friend’s wedding in New York City. Not only did the bride and her girlfriends sweat, we all felt rejuvenated afterward.

Most people talk about far infrared sauna weight loss as if it will happen by magic. A well-designed sauna will make you sweat, which can be considered an effective way to eliminate some of the toxins resting in the internal organs.

Is it possible to experience tremendous weight loss from just using an infrared sauna? Probably not, but you’ll lose a few pounds if done on a regular basis. Now, it can be debated if sweating can make one lose weight permanently.

If you live in a small town and just don’t have the time to visit a sauna bath house, you can buy one of the top infrared saunas listed in this article, which means you can get all the benefits right in your own home.

Before examining each product in detail, let’s examine some of the known sauna benefits.

Infrared Sauna Reviews

In my opinion, even the most durable infrared sauna on the market can be used safely in your own home with the right installation. Your investment in this product will enhance your health over the long haul.

I have selected the premier brands with the most promising features and positive feedbacks from current users. The saunas listed can deliver far greater mental and physical health benefits than most people realize.

When used the right way, a far infrared sauna can regenerate your cells on a cellular level to make you look younger with glowing skin. Do keep in mind that the full benefits of using a sauna can only be realized when coupled with a sensible dieting and regular exercising.

5 of the Leading saunas on the market are:

1 – JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna aa5ASXZDE2314

This is an infrared sauna that uses 7 Carbon fiber heaters to generate the heat within the cabin. This sauna brand is ETL approved, which means it was tested by an independent organization and it meets or exceeds all applicable published standards.

This brand has several infrared saunas for sale online, but this unit has been called one of the best performing saunas for home. Now, let’s examine some of its features.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Sauna Features

It has a built-in auxiliary control system with two premium quality speakers.

It comes with state of the art digital control system, which you can use to set the temperature inside the cabin and how long you want to spend inside.

The use of Canadian hemlock wood gives it a higher quality in both appearance and comfort. The manufacturer claims no chemicals were added to the woods, so you should expect no allergic reaction during use.

To ensure that the heat produced by the carbon fiber far infrared heaters remains inside, the walls of the cabin features double insulation. This is also the design feature that keeps heat insulation and expansion in check.

Some of the current users claimed it was easy to install one. The dimension for the JNH Lifestyles sauna is 47.3 x 75 x 39.5 inches, and it weighs only 250 pounds.

The interior is equipped with LED lighting system, which is noted for longevity. It would have been nice if the product came with a longer warranty, but the five-year coverage by the manufacturer is not that bad.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Before discussing the benefits of infrared sauna it is vital to dispel some of the rumors presented online that sauna use might not be safe. While there are some precautionary steps to take while using far infrared saunas, the practice itself is safe and healthy for most individuals.

If you visit any large hospital in the United States of America you’ll find that they regularly use far infrared heat as the preferred means to keep newborns and even premature babies warm and protected from the cold weather elements.

It will Help You Detoxify

The therapy of detoxification is growing in popularity on a daily basis. It is a fact that some of the toxins within your internal organs will be eliminated when you sweat.

While some might debate the quantity or amount of toxins that sweating can eliminate, most will agree that induced profuse sweating will do a better job of removing toxins from the human body.

It May Help With Endurance

Another far infrared sauna benefit that’s widely discussed is the increased endurance levels that it might foster in regular users. Studies have shown that regular use of infrared saunas will increase the blood volume, which is required for more stamina especially in sporting activities.

Other Benefits

Another benefit that is attributed to the use of a far infrared sauna is the reduction in cold symptoms after several uses. It might be safe to say that common cold will be gone if you muster the courage to use it while exhibiting the sickness symptoms.

As far as the talk about infrared sauna weight loss is concerned, the pounds you do lose will be mostly water weight. Do not believe everything you read from industry sponsored publications.

Do not suspend common sense as you analysis the benefits attributed to using a hot sauna a couple of times every week.

2 – Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna from Radiant Saunas

Two-Person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna from Radiant Saunas


This next infrared sauna with 6 carbon heaters is from a company called Radiant Saunas. Like the brand reviewed above, this manufacturer has several units under its belt. The dimension for this sauna is 49 x 39 x 75 inches and weighs about 354 pounds.

Features of the Radiant Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna

It is designed to use 120-volts with 15-amp of power. The six carbon heaters are able to out up to 1725 watts of heat.

This sauna is constructed using high-quality Hemlock wood and uses a buckle assembly system to make it easier to set one up in your own home.

The impressive stereo sound system includes authentic built-in speakers that can output radio music or news. Within the cabin of the sauna is the latest CD player technology with MP3 connection.

The included LED control panels are coupled with scratch resistant features. It is also possible to get some type of privacy because of the tinted tempered glass door.

Another reason to consider buying this sauna is the seven-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. The Hemlock deluxe infrared sauna from Radiant Saunas comes with the following certifications ISO 9001, RoHS, CETL and European Conformity (CE).

Potential Dangers of Using Too Much Sauna

Like everything else that can help the body remain healthy, there are potential side effects that should not be ignored, especially for those with certain medical conditions.

So, before you buy infrared sauna on the market online, pay careful attention to some of the dangers listed below. Some of the problems that might occur from sauna use are:

Burns to Your Skin

It is the heat that helps you to sweat while inside of a far infrared sauna, which means you can burn your skin if you touch the wrong part of the enclosure. If you’re used to dealing with the potential burn dangers posed by a radiator then you should do just find inside of a sauna.

Sometimes the inside of the sauna might get too hot to bare, which means it is time to get out and get some fresh air before you experience hot air burns, and that can be fatal without prompt medical attention.

Pregnancy and Reproductive Effects

During the early or late stages of any pregnancy, it is wise to stay away from using any type of sauna. There are still ongoing studies trying to establish the link between sauna use and fetal or embryonic abnormalities.

It might be wise to err on the side of caution and avoid sauna use during pregnancy. Another widely circulated danger from too much sauna use is that it may affect the production of male sperm eggs.

While I am yet to find any definitive study that proves sauna use can reduce sperm count, it might be wise to reduce usage if you’re trying to make your wife or lady pregnant.

Other Concerns

I would advise you seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional if you’re suffering from any health condition, especially those dealing with your respiratory organs.

Asthmatic patients or those with known allergic reaction to extreme changes in temperature should definitely stay away from using any type of far infrared saunas.

A medical doctor that is a personal friend of mine also chimed in with the claim that too much heat can have an adverse effect on the membrane tissues located in your eyes.

He also insisted one should be careful not to spend too much time in a hot sauna as it can irritate the throat and nasal passages.

It is not uncommon for those with sensitive skin to experience itching and rashes in different parts of the body from too much sauna use.

3 – JNH Lifestyles Freedom Far-Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles Freedom Far-Infrared Sauna Review aa5ASD32890

This is another fine infrared sauna from JNH. It is larger than the first unit reviewed above and large enough to hold about four people. If you base your buying decision on the reputation of the manufacturer alone, this sauna from JNH should be given your undivided attention.

Features of the JNH Lifestyles Freedom Far-Infrared Sauna

This unit comes with eight heater panels, which means it is capable of producing more than enough heat for the users to experience and feel the known and listed benefits one can get from participating in this activity.

It has a double layered wood timber insulation, which translates into better retention of the heat inside of the cabin.

To get the most out of the two premium speakers there is a built-in auxiliary control system.

The included digital technology allows the occupants to easily control the temperature and the duration of time spent inside.

The JNH cost more than the smaller unit from the same company. While it is filled with all the right features to ensure you get all the benefits from using an indoor sauna, ensure you have the required space for the product. It is covered by a five-year limited warranty just like the smaller version.

Main Differences between Far Infrared Saunas Versus Traditional Saunas

While both are capable of making you sweat after just a few minutes inside of one, the mechanism used to make the heat is quite different between regular sauna vs infrared sauna.

In a traditional sauna bathhouse, huge rocks are made very hot and then water is splashed on them to disperse the heat within the room. On the other hand, infrared saunas are designed to use technology to heat the body directly.

If you’ve experienced both, the regular sauna would feel like someone poured hot water on your body, while the infrared sauna would feel like your body is heating up from the inside.

Traditional saunas have the potential to exhibit much higher temperatures when compared to any infrared sauna on the market.

Traditional saunas can be costly to build and install, while you can buy a portable infrared sauna and use it in your own home. Regular saunas are commonly found in spas and therapeutic environments.

I have used both, and my preference will be for a traditional sauna, but a high-end far infrared sauna will do just fine if installed and utilized the right way.

It is also true that you’re able to regulate the temperature in a far infrared sauna than the regular ones with multiple clientele. If you have the means to have a regular sauna installed at your home that disadvantage becomes a non-issue.

While the cost of a decent far infrared saunas is still high and out of reach of many Americans, they’re gaining in popularity as manufacturers come out with safer units that offer comfort, efficiency, and ease of use factors.

4 – Dynamic Venice Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Venice Far Infrared Sauna Review


The number four product is made by a firm called Dynamic, which is also an appropriate name for a health related tool that can help one remove internal impurities from the internal organs.

The manufacturer claims the use of reforested Canadian hemlock wood is a way of helping mother earth heal from the massive pollution caused by humans on a global scale.

The Features within the Dynamic Venice Far Infrared Sauna

The sauna walls are made using very thick wood planks for both the interior and exterior, which means the created heat will be retained within the cabin for much longer periods.

Apart from the six heating panels, there is also a food heater, which is probably one of the leading brands with this type of a setup. The manufacturer claims the heat that is created is evenly distributed to enable the most therapeutic benefits.

Within the cabin of the Dynamic Venice infrared sauna is an MP3 connection system for your digital devices.

I also liked the use of bronze tempered glass on the door to ensure adequate privacy while enjoying the heat inside the sauna.

While it has good features that can help deliver all the infrared sauna health benefits, this product weighs about 400 pounds, which is quite heavy. I would suggest you consider adding the installation option if it is offered during your purchase.

There is a unique color lighting system inside of the sauna, and the manufacturer claims it is capable of using the colors to adjust the body vibrations of the users in the most positive ways. The far infrared sauna from Dynamic saunas is only recommended for indoor use only.

Buying Guide Factors for Infrared Saunas

While there are portable infrared saunas one can buy for a less than three hundred bucks, the stand alone units that require installation will require an investment of at least one thousand dollars or more.

You stand a better chance of purchasing a good brand if you pay close attention to the following factors during your search:

You want a unit that is not only durable but will last for many years to come. Durability can be measured in the design metrics, the type of materials that it is made out of, ease of installation, and how easy it is to master the features.

Even the cheapest far infrared sauna should make you comfortable while you’re inside of it. If you get any uncomfortable feeling the first time you utilize the product, please promptly return it and ask for your money back

Pay close attention to the length and terms of the warranty. That is why it is essential to buy from only reputable manufacturers that will be around to honor any warranty claims.

Finally, it is essential you take the time to read a few of the feedbacks provided by current users of the sauna. Reading the opinion of even the most highly rated infrared sauna would at least give you the confidence that the product will perform as advertised.

5 – BetterLife BL6109 1-2 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna

BetterLife BL6109 1-2 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna aa5123qwer57

The name itself is quite appropriate for an infrared sauna that is making in-roads on Amazon. With eight heating panels, you probably can get the inside of the sauna as hot as that of a bath house or spa with traditional sauna set up.

The powerful heating panels mean this product can be used by anyone to realize better skin tone, enhance blood circulation, while also removing impurities and internal organ toxins.

Features of the BetterLife Infrared Sauna

With the dimension measuring 40 x 36″ x 77″, it will safely accommodate up to two people.

The auxiliary connection features MP3 inputs you can use to power up your digital devices.

Despite the impressive features found within the BetterLife BL6109 carbon infrared sauna, the warranty terms is not what we expected. The heating panels and electronics are covered for 7-years, the wood gets 3-years coverage, while the warranty coverage on the radio is only one-year.

We sent an email to the manufacturer to determine why the radio is not considered part of the electronics, and we’ll update this post once we get a reply.

It would have been the perfect product to recommend as the best infrared sauna, but the uneven warranty terms will not make that a reality. It is still an excellent far infrared sauna if you can get past the warranty issue.