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How to Make Your House Smell Good

It is not a question if you’ll ever need a good air freshener inside your home or office, but when. If you reside inside of a building made out of man-made materials, foul air will be an occasional or constant occurrence.

The source of your indoor odor might be as simple as someone passing gas, spoiled food rotting inside your garbage container, smelly shoes, pet urine or feces, dirty clothes, tobacco stench, etc.

A friend of mine is a heavy smoker and his home smells like a tobacco factory, but to him, it smells okay because he’s using one of the air fresheners to remove smoke.

Just to be fair, not all stenches inside of a living space will be detected by the occupants. I am sure you have one or two friends with homes with bad odors, but they seem not to have the rights nostrils to sniff it out.

Just like with everything else, odors can become an acquired taste. Some are convinced that simply spraying heavily scented mist in the air will eliminate the odors, while others will go to extreme lengths to deploy the latest home air freshener system.

While most air freshener brands will do a good job at removing the indoor odors present at your home, it is your duty to find and eliminate the source of the odors, which is needed if you want a natural smelling environment.

Types of Indoor Air Freshener for Home

There are dozens of different products one can use to eliminate odors inside the living quarters, but some are more effective than others. Before you purchase any product you should know that the right scent can affect your mood either positively or negatively.

I kid you not, for it is quite possible for a home with the smell of fresh life flowers or freshly baked cookies to alter your mood as you enter it. I have collected a wide range of home air fresheners and after a brief description for each, one or two products will be reviewed.

1 – Scented Candles

Best Natural Scented Candles

Scented candles might make any room smell right, but the safety concerns should not be ignored. They come in different shapes or sizes, and the aroma can range from mild to a heavy scent.

Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a scented candle to remove odors from your home.


Can be quite affordable. I have even seen scented candles at discount stores that smelled fabulous.

Easy to deploy and use. What could be easier than striking a match to light the wick of the candle, be it in a container or stand-alone design?

The scents can be powerful, and you will start to smell the fragrances right away.


Can be quite dangerous to use at home or the office. Many homes have been destroyed from poorly lit or unattended scented candles. If you’re not the careful type, this is not the type of product to use to remove odors from your home.

The cheaper brands might smell okay, but some are made from toxic ingredients that might impact your health negatively over time.

Bottom Line:

Scented candles can be effective at removing odors from your home but you have to be careful how you utilize it. First of all, I will urge you to stay away from the brands found in the discount stores.

The regulation of this industry is lax or non-existent, so it is up to you to do your own due diligence, as far as product safety is concerned. Get a scented candle that comes in a container as they’re safer to burn.

Just because the candle is available for sale does not mean it was tested and found to be made from toxic free ingredients. If you insist on using scented candles as your favorite indoor air freshener, you should go with products made from natural ingredients only.

Natural Scented Candles

1A – One Fur All Pet House Candle

One Fur All Pet House Candle Review


For those of you that have pets within your living quarters, this scented candle from One Fur all, and will do a perfect job at removing the odors.

The included powerful odor neutralizer in the wax makes it effective at doing away with different types of odors within your home.

It is available for purchase in 12 different scents, and all are made using natural soy wax. Even the wick used inside this candle is made from 100% cotton materials.

Since this candle is not made with any petroleum based ingredients, you’ll not see any black soot or smoke, as it refreshes the air inside your house.

Reading from the product label, this scented container candle is also free of paraffin and will not cause any allergic reaction. It is uniquely formulated to burn for about 70 hours, which is quite a long time for a scented candle of this size.

I am sure you’ll find other uses for the jar since it is made of glass and looks so beautiful. The One Fur All pet house candle is made in the United States of America

1B – Aqua Elegante Luxury Scented Candle

Aqua Elegante Luxury Scented Candle Review

The Aqua Elegante luxury scented candle is also made from 100% natural soy wax, and the only thing you’ll be wishing for is the addition of more fragrances. As of the date of this posting, the only available scent is called Vanilla bourbon.

The manufacturer claims the scent is formulated to output a delightful aroma that will also pique your senses. Truth be told, I got this product as a gift from a friend of mine during the holidays, and I burn it occasionally because I will hate for it to be finished.

I know this candle gives out a pleasant aroma and the packaging is just appropriate for a scented candle, but the pricing is just as high as the brand reviewed above.

If you want to know how natural wax scented candle should burn or smell like, get this product. It is an all-natural air freshener that is formulated to effectively neutralize any odors indoors.

2 – Natural Air Freshener Spray

Best Natural Air Freshener Spray

Air fresheners that are designed to spray out the scents into your living space can be just as effective as using scented candles, but their use is slowly declining due to environmental laws and needs.

The fragrance inside the can consist of just about any type of chemicals. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using one to eliminate odors.


It is probably the fastest acting product to use when seeking to remove odors quickly. Bad, smelly farts that can be traced to the cheesecake you ate a few hours ago can be neutralized instantly, using an air freshener spray that comes in a closed container.

Price wise, it is just as cheap as the scented candles with dozens of brands competing to dominate this niche marketplace.


Even an air freshener spray will not last that long. You can guess, but you’ll never know when the ingredients inside the closed container will run out.

Environmentally, conscious individuals hate this type of air freshener, due to the parts that are hard to dispose and degrade.

Before you settle on a brand you have to test it for allergic reactions. You never know what type of chemicals are used, and it is safe to assume, some of them might be toxic.

Bottom Line:

If you choose to get an air freshener that comes as a spray, go with products made using mostly natural ingredients. It is practically impossible to test for the ingredients list unless you have the right equipment.

Using a natural air freshener spray should be reserved for emergency situations when you need to get rid of odors quickly, and effectively. The top air freshener spray brands that I have used in the past are:

Natural Air Freshener Spray

2A – Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray

Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray Review

While this product is available in many fragrances, I found the tropical lemon scent to be the most effective and fast acting against odors.

The manufacturer claims it is made from natural and pure citrus oils, which means the scent will last longer than other regular air freshener sprays.

If you want a freshener spray that will remove odor upon contact, this product will do a fine job. Rather than masking the odors, it is able to eliminate it immediately.

2B – Blue Magic NA221 Pure Citrus Lemon Air Freshener

Blue Magic NA221 Pure Citrus Lemon Air Freshener Review

The Blue Magic air freshener is available for purchase in three distinct scents. I tried the fresh lemon scent and found it to be effective at removing bad smells instantly, and permanently.

It is formulated from natural ingredients to remove the odors. The manufacturer claims it contains no man-made chemicals in its formulation.

I also like the fact that it comes in a non-aerosol container and made without the use of any man-made artificial chemicals or perfumes.

3 – Air Fresheners that you Can Plug into Electrical Outlets

Air Fresheners that you Can Plug into Electrical Outlets

Another popular type of air fresheners is the ones that can be plugged into an electrical outlet. From using some of the most popular brands, I can tell you they’re effective and capable of neutralizing all the odors within your living space.

Based on some of the publications I looked through at my public library, plug-in air fresheners were first introduced by Glade, a division of the S. C. Johnson and Son group of companies.

Like everything that is beloved by the buying public, there are dozens of brands competing in this niche market. The main advantages and disadvantages are:


Despite the simple design of this type of air freshener, most of the top rated brands will quickly remove the annoying odors from any room in your home once it is plug into an electric outlet.

It is probably the most famous, set it up, and leave alone, type of air freshener one can buy at an affordable price.

Regardless of the type of scent, you’re looking for you will find it with this type of air fresheners.


Despite the low fire hazards, I will not encourage anyone to plug one in while you’re away. Even thou it is designed to use very little electricity, you still need to exercise caution while using one.

The biggest mistake most homeowner’s make is that they replace the natural fresh air with a plug-in air freshener.

If you constantly have air freshener within your living space, you need to investigate the cause of the nasty smelling odor and try to get rid of it permanently.

Bottom Line:

From what I have gathered, it is not healthy to constantly breathe in the air infused with oil or chemicals from any type of air freshener, including this one. All are designed to emit a continuous scent.

While this would do a great job at removing odors from your home, my fear is that most would make that smell permanent. The widely talked about plug-in air fresheners health risk should not be ignored.

Natural smelling air is still the ideal air to breathe on a daily basis. If you can discipline yourself to use it sparingly, air fresheners that function using electrical current will do an excellent job eliminating odors both at home and at the office.

Plug-In Air Freshener Brands

3A – Hamilton Beach True Air Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator

Hamilton Beach True Air Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator Review

If you do not want to be infused with the essence of the scents you can use this odor eliminator. It is designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet in any room you want to remove odors from.

The Hamilton Beach true air plug mount odor eliminator will also refresh the air in the same room as the bad smell is removed. You have the option of using it with a scent cartridge or not.

This air freshener is designed to plug into a regular 110-volt outlet. The on and off switch makes it quite easy to use. It is designed to use a replacement filter with an indicator light that will let you know if it needs replacement or not.

3B – Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Air Freshener

Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Air Freshener Review

Glade air fresheners can be considered the giant manufacturer of all types of bad smell neutralizing products one can buy online. It is one of the premier air freshener plug-in brands. The design is simple and easy to use.

It is available in four scents and each of the fragrance I have found to be long lasting and mood altering. If you leave it plugged into the outlet 24/7 on low setting, it will last about 30 days.

When searching for other plug-in air freshener reviews, the biggest attribute of this air freshener is the essence of the essential oils used to make this product.

This is the ideal plug-in air freshener I would encourage anyone to use in any room in your home including the bathroom, living room, etc.

4 – Other Odor Eliminators

I wish I could bring you all the available air fresheners one can use either at home or at the office. You can explore all the other brands by clicking on the links found below the images.

Below are two more products one can use to remove odors from any location be it small or large.

4A – Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odor Eliminator Gel

Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odor Eliminator Gel Review


I had to look for other products one can use easily, without the need to use many moving parts. This air freshener from Fresh Wave is made from non-toxic ingredients, which means they’re safe to use around humans, pets, and will not impact the environment negatively.

It is simply a gel that will dissipate over time and will work fine when used in any part of your home including the basement. If you want a product that is made from all natural properties, this one will certainly do a fine job of removing all the nasty smell from your living quarters.

4B – Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Crystals

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Crystals Review

This is another excellent product from the same company and comes in the form of crystals. It is also environmentally safe for humans and pets alike. It is made from only using natural ingredients, and will make any room you put it into smell better over time.

The manufacturer claims there are no harsh chemicals or heavy perfumes included in this product. Even the label used on the packaging is printed on recycled paper. Odors will be gone as soon as you use this air freshener within your living quarter.

The Dangers of Air Freshener

The toxicity of air fresheners is an on-going debate among many scientists. Despite all the many ways air fresheners can remove odors from any room, the fear of allergic reaction and toxicity from the ingredients used cannot be denied.

If you’re using air fresheners made to function using scents you must utilize it sparingly. If you constantly breathe in the smell of different fragrances, it might affect your lungs negatively over time. Air fresheners should not be used to replace the need to have cleaner natural air from the atmosphere around you.

The above video will open your eyes to some of the bad things attributed to using air fresheners on a daily basis. Remember that using it sparingly will not impact your health negatively, but daily use will create health havoc that can manifest over time.

Use your common sense as you decide to get your own air freshener, but the most important decision is to use odor removing products occasionally within your home.

Good Alternatives to Using Air Fresheners

There are many alternatives one can deploy before buying any type of air freshener. The tips below will open your imagination to other viable solutions you can deploy before investing in an odor elimination product.

Eliminate the Cause of the Odor

Unless you’re smelling a nasty fart from yourself or someone inside your residence, your first step is to find the source of the odor and try to eliminate it. It is the first key step before you rush out and buy any odor removing products.

If the stench inside your home is from having indoor pets, then you have a decision to make as to the needs of your pet and yours. Pets are just like little babies because they need love and care. You must be a clean freak to have pets living in your home.

You cannot replace the odors caused by the pets by filling your home with all types of air fresheners as that will negatively impact your health. Nothing can replace the need for clean, refreshing air indoors. So, your first step is to seek out the cause of the odor and remove it, to stop the bad smell.

Open Your Windows Regularly

It would behoove you to open your windows on a regular basis and let in the fresh air from the outside environment into your home. If you’re afraid to open the windows in your home to the outside air, then you need to examine the type of life you’re living.

Open your windows on a regular basis to let in the fresh air found in the surrounding environment. If you’re afraid of nasty, pesky insects coming in with the fresh air, use a windscreen to keep those little buggers out of your home.

Keep Your Home Clean

Develop the habit of keeping your home pristine clean by developing the habit of cleaning up as you go. Keeping a very clean home is a way to remove odors from your home on a permanent basis. It is a fact that odors follow dirt whether you agree with it or not.

It is a simple fact that if you want your home to smell fresh and nice, you need to start removing the odor-causing habits that are creating the odors in the first place.

Get Yourself Several Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are capable of outputting oxygen into your living space. I have found that indoor plants can also contribute to better cleaner air inside your home. The more plants you have in your living quarters the better.

Do not think you can have too many plants inside your home, simply because the air in your environment will be altered positively, to benefit your health in profound ways.

Replace Your Carpet with Wood Floors

Another way to remove odors from your home is to remove the rug or carpets from your home and get a natural wood floor, which is much easier to maintain and keep clean. Rugs are notorious for holding and hiding germs that not only can affect your health, but also cause odors.

Wood floors might be considered expensive but they can last almost forever if cared for the right way. It is also true that the right natural wood floor will enhance the value of your home when it is time to sell it.

I am sure you can find your own home air freshener system within this review, but just remember to use it sparingly, rather than as a permanent replacement for the need to let in cleaner, fresher air, from the outside of your home.