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The Foremost Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

The allure of hardwood flooring cannot be disputed, for a home with wood floors usually, sells for more money than one with regular carpeting. The wood floor in your home should be looked at as an investment that requires the right maintenance to always have that natural shine.

This hardwood floor cleaner analysis will not be about scrubbing mops you can use with the cleaning solution. The wood floor cleaner solutions reviewed can be used with a mopping system that uses microfiber pad to get your hardwood floor looking clean and smelling fresh.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Evaluation

1 – Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray aa1AS190890

Ask any hardwood floor installer and you would hear that the Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray is the brand preferred by those with one of the most expensive wood floorings on earth. In my opinion, it is the number one hardwood floor cleaner, period.

The unique formulation for this spray means it can be used to remove all types of grime, dirt, and dust left behind by your tough wood vacuum cleaner.

The Bona wood floor cleaner has received the GREENGUARD Gold certification, which means it was rigorously tested and found to meet or exceed the established chemical emissions standards.

Based on this independent third party testing, this cleaner for wood floors from Bona will not impact indoor air quality negatively. Not only is it safe to use on all types of wood floors, it is also formulated to dry fast, with no residue left behind.

This solution for getting your hardwood floor clean and shining requires no dilution since it comes to you ready to use. All you need is the right type of hardwood mopping system, and just spray to get your wood floor looking like brand new.

This product for shining wood floors is safe for the occupants of the dwelling, the floors, and the environment. The non-toxic formula Bona hardwood floor cleaner is made in the United States of America.

2 – Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner


Another hardwood floor cleaner product that is just as popular as the Bona cleaner is the Weiman hardwood floor cleaner. The manufacturer claims regular use will not only protect your wood floor but also give it that natural shine just like when it was first installed.

The wood floor cleaner solution from Weiman is powerful enough to do away with smudges, grime, dirt, and dust. This wood floor cleaner is biodegradable and eco-friendly, which means it is non-toxic and will not adversely affect the health of people or pets residing in the residence.

Since it contains no harsh chemicals, phosphates, volatile organic compounds, or ammonia, your kids and indoor pets should enjoy playing on your shining wood floor without fear of any toxicity.

This product can also be used on marble and ceramic tiles, including other types of hard flooring, found in millions of homes in America today. It is uniquely formulated to give your wood floor a streak-free shine that would last a very long time.

3 – Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner


Unlike the two best hardwood floor cleaning products reviewed above, the next one on our list comes in a 64-ounce container, which means you’ll need to have a spray bottle or other means of outputting the solution for a cleaner floor.

While it is uniquely formulated to work well on most hard floor surfaces, you get the most outstanding results when it is used on hardwood and laminate floors. The ideal way to use it is to spray and wipe with a sturdy mop.

This is a ready-to-use wood floor cleaner, and the manufacturer claims it can remove dirt and grime, all without leaving any streak or film. Please, do read the usage instructions carefully, as it is suggested you do not pour the Bruce hardwood cleaner solution directly on the floor.

4 – Method Wood Floor Cleaner

Method Wood Floor Cleaner


The company behind the Method wood floor cleaner was founded in 2000 and has made tremendous strides not only in the number of products manufactured but in the incredible positive receptions from consumers all over the world.

In this digital age of instant gratification, formulating the right type of home and personal care products can be challenging, to say the least. The manufacturer claims this hardwood floor cleaner will remove dirt and grime without negatively impacting the health of people or pets.

The ingredients used in this product are naturally derived and totally biodegradable, which should make any diehard environmentalist happy. If you’re looking for the most effective eco-friendly wood floor cleaner solution this brand is certainly worth looking at.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

There are many do-it-yourself home formulations to create a viable cleaning solution for wood floors, but most would do more damage than good over the long run. If you clean with water and soap, your wood floor will be worn out by the harsh chemicals within a short period of time.

Forget all the stuff you’ve heard about how vinegar and water can get your wood floors clean and shining, but it will also leave it looking dull and needing a recoat after a few years.

Implement the following steps to get your hardwood floors looking like new all the time:

A – Try your utmost to clean and wipe off spills of any kind immediately. Every minute you wait creates not only more work but also more damage to the wood.

B – To help minimize dirt and grime use an effective doormat that is capable of collecting all the elements before they come in contact with your hardwood floor.

C – If you must use area rugs, make sure they’re made from breathable materials to negate the problem of moisture entrapment. Runners should also be made from the same type of material, but also get one with slip-resistant features.

D – Your hardwood floor would soon be damaged if your pets have long nails. Just like you enjoy manicure and pedicure, get one for your pets on a regular basis that is if you want to preserve the high-quality look of your wood flooring.

E – Some shoes are not meant to be used on a hardwood floor, so it is up to you to police the type of shoes worn on your wood floor.

F – Depending on your furniture legs, you should consider getting residential floor protectors to minimize damage from the movement of the furniture.

G – Rolling heavy furniture or appliances over your hardwood floor will cause damage unless the right protection is used. Wood floors can buckle or become uneven if the load is too heavy.

H – Try to protect your hardwood floors from too much contact with direct sunlight.

I – When you use a vacuum cleaner on your wood floor be sure to only use a softer brush that will not scratch.

5 – Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner


A friend of mine that installs wood floors for a living claim this product from Black Diamond is one of the hardwood floor cleaners one can purchase online. He claims, it has the ability to leave any wood or laminate floor clean and shining, all without creating dulling residue or streaks.

He further stated this solution will not dry out the wood when used on a regular basis due to its unique formulation. It comes to you pre-mixed and ready to use.

The manufacturer claims this is a non-toxic wood floor cleaner that’s powerful enough to get rid of oil, beverage spills, dirt, food residue, and other contaminants on your wood floor.

The eco-friendly and biodegradable formulation of this product makes it safe to use around people and pets, which means no toxicity issues to worry about.

It is just as effective as the other brands evaluated above and will not cause any adverse allergic reaction on those that come in contact with it.

6 – Rejuvenate Restorer RJ32F Floor Finish

Rejuvenate Restorer RJ32F Floor Finish Reviews


The name alone makes it a wood floor cleaner that’s worthy of consideration. The Rejuvenate wood floor restorer is able to fill in scratches as it cleans and shines with just one application.

The manufacturer even claims it is formulated to offer complete protection against ultra-violet light and water damage.

While it is formulated for all types of hard floors, my friend that installs hard floors for a living said it is better suited for use by professionals since it requires thorough buffing to get the most out of the product.

He claims without the right professional buffer, you might experience wax build up over time. He’s an expert on the installation and maintenance of hard surfaces including wood floors, so you better have a hardwood floor buffer if you choose to go with this brand.

7 – Minwax Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Minwax Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review


While this brand is the leading manufacturer when it comes to interior wood stains, it is not the most environmentally friendly one. This brand can trace its root back to 1904.

This solution will do an excellent job of keeping your wood floor clean and free of dirt and grime, but should not be used on hardwood floors that are shellacked, oiled, waxed, or unfinished.

The Minwax floor cleaner is better suited for use on laminates, pre-finished flooring, and other types of hardwood flooring. My wood floor expert claims this brand is also better suited for use by professionals due to the many usage instructions and contradictions.

He claims if all you want is to shine and keep your hardwood floor clean, some of the brands reviewed above are easier to deploy and can create the results you expect.

8 – Quick Shine 1207-00027U Hardwood Floor Luster

Quick Shine 1207-00027U Hardwood Floor Luster aa51ASDAFGTR5

This is probably the name I would have chosen for a product that can be used to leave any wood floor clean and shining. The manufacturer claims it is not only safe around kids and pets, but also friendly to the environment.

It is recommended you use this product with a mop to get the cleanest and shiniest wood floor. While it is formulated to be human-friendly, it is not to be ingested internally, neither should you let it come in contact with eyes.

This is one of the best hardwood floor cleaning products any homeowner can use to get their wood floor to naturally shine without the expense of restoration work.

The Quick Shine hardwood floor cleaner works better when used alone, and should not be mixed with other cleaning chemicals.