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The Hand Creams Capable of Counteracting the Effects of Aging

The two most neglected part of the body when it comes to beauty treatments are the feet and hands. The feet get neglected because due to the need to cover them with socks, pantyhose, or other types of materials, while the hands get neglected from lack of care.

Have you looked closely at your hands, lately? While most people pay attention to the needs of the face, it is the hands that display the first signs of aging in most adults, simply because the skin found on the back of human hands tend to be thinner than the ones covering your face.

Thinner skin means it is more fragile and more susceptible to the degrading power of the sun, detergents, cold weather, home cleaning solvents, and other environmental elements. Even when you look at someone with an obesity problem, their hands will look skinnier because it contains little to no fat.

Before you rush out and invest in a rough hands treatment cream, it might help to know what cause aging hands and some of the most effective prevention tips to keep them looking youthful and soft, regardless of your age.

Within this article, you’ll find products to help you deal with the effects of cold winter weather, dry skin, and patchy crackly hand skin. I have also included few tips on what to do if you want your hands to remain soft and youthful-looking despite your aging facial skin.

Best Hand Cream

Hand Cream Reviews – The Brands for Dry Skin and Aging Hands

To be clear, I make no distinction in the use of the words cream or lotion to describe a beauty product both men and women can use to get great and beautiful looking hands. Bear in mind that both creams and lotions can be water-based or oil-based, but the most significant factor is how they’re formulated.

The way your hands look says a lot about your beauty, and any woman that think guys do not pay attention to such things will be in for a surprise. A friend of mine recently went on a date and reported the handsome gentleman stopped flirting with her once he saw her hands.

She has flaky and scaly skin on her hands and she had refused to use the most effective hand cream to help make it look softer and beautiful.

Will you wait before you start paying attention to the look of your hands or will you invest in a hand cream that probably will cost you less than what some people spend on breakfast on a daily basis?

From my life experience and research, the hand cream to use for winter or aging hands can be found among the products reviewed below:

1 – L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream Review

I am sure you’re familiar with all the things attributed to Shea butter as far as beauty is concerned. It is among the main ingredients found in this natural hand cream from L’Occitane.

People usually invest in this beauty brand because of the high-quality, but the pricing will deter those that are used to hand creams made for the masses.

Other active ingredients used to make this hand cream balm include almond extracts, honey, and coconut oil. All the ingredients are carefully blended, which means the formula will help make your hands softer and smoother if used on a daily basis.

While the natural ingredients used in this product is sourced from several countries around the world, the formulation and blending are done in the countryside of Southern France, where L’Occitane is based.

Just like Germany is known for making some of the most desirable automobiles, France is notorious for making some of the highest quality beauty products, like this natural hand cream.

L’Occitane Hand Cream Review Video

From what you can see in the video above, this is a hand cream that is not too greasy, but will provide the skin around your hands the right moisturizing properties to make them softer and younger looking?

It is certainly one of the well-formulated hand creams one can use to counter the effects of cold winter and aging hands. Some have called it the hand cream to use for aging hands, but the L’Occitane hand cream price might make it hard for many people to enjoy all the skin beauty benefits it can deliver.

Some of the Reasons for Aging Dry Hands

The term dry hands will also refer to the skin around the hands that appear crackly, scaly, or just plain ugly, due to long-term neglect. Before you can know the right steps to correct dry hand skin, it helps to understand what causes the skin around the hands to degenerate faster than other body parts.

Some of the most prominent reasons for early aging dry hands are:

Too much exposure to the sun. This powerful environmental agent can degrade the skin around your hands faster than you know it. The degradation effect of too much sunshine on your hands will be subtle, but accumulative.

Faster aging dry hands due to genetics. Unfortunately, DNA plays a significant role in how fast your hands will age. It is true that freckles and age spots can be inherited from your parents.

Just like with your facial skin, you can delay the aging look of the skin around the hands with some proactive beauty treatments, but you might not be able to completely stop the emergence of scaly varicose vein looking skin within your hands if it runs within your parents.

I have come to believe that certain prescription medications might have an adverse effect on how your hands look. It is not uncommon for powerful medications to stimulate the faster thinning of the skin around the hands, which ultimately makes them look wrinkly.

Your daily contact with harsh chemicals. Pay attention to the type of detergents you’re using to wash your dishes, for some are powerful enough to strip crucial nutrients from the skin around your hands.

Again, the negative effects of any strong dishwashing detergent will be subtle but will accumulate the more you use it on a daily basis.

Smoking of any kind will degrade the look of the skin around your hands. Not only is smoking bad for your internal organs, it is one of nastiest habits to cause aging hands faster than you know it.

Not only will the cigarette and weed ingredients impact the look of your hands, also any youthful appearance you might have enjoyed will soon be gone for good, regardless of your efforts to deploy a hand lotion for dry skin you can buy online.

2 – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream Review

The one thing you’ll notice about all these hand creams or lotions with the ability to help repair or cure crackly or wrinkly skin is the fact they always come in a smaller tube. Why is that, I asked one manufacturer rep? He looked at me and said, sometimes the ingredients are very expensive to procure and formulate.

The Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream is available in four different sizes and four formulation styles, which include fast absorbing, original, fragrance-free, and daily repair. This review will be about the formula fast-absorbing hand cream.

One thing we all know about Norway is that it is a very cold climate and it makes sense to use a hand cream that was perfected in that country 35 years ago. If your wrinkled hand can be traced to the cold weather, this cream from Neutrogena will help repair and bring it back to youthful life.

Even among skin care bloggers, this beauty product is lightweight, fast absorbing, and non-greasy. It is the ultimate hand cream to cure skin dryness, cracking, chapping and dry cuticles.

While the company claims it should be used all throughout the day, I mostly use mine at night right before bedtime. I have other lesser expensive brands that I use during the day if my hands appear dry.

As you look at what your hand needs the most, you should select the right Neutrogena Norwegian formula to make it softer, smoother, and be looking beautiful.

Aging Hands Prevention Tips

The skin around your hands will respond positively to certain beauty treatments, even more so than your facial skin. The faster you implement the following tips into your daily routine, the quicker your hands will look more youthful and softer thus delaying aging.

Be mindful of the type of detergents you’re using. Most detergents for washing dishes or clothes will contain harsh chemicals that can remove dirt, but some can also strip away the vital nutrients needed by the skin around the hands to remain youthful looking.

If you care to know, any investment you make in any brand of natural dishwashing soap will pay major dividends as far as skin care is concerned.

Pay attention to the sun and cold weather elements. During the hot summer months make an effort to keep your hands moisturized and keep it out of the way of direct sunlight, especially if you have pale white skin. Same is true when it comes to the winter months.

A pair of winter gloves should be worn when the weather gets too cold. Cold weather will not only dry out the skin around your hands faster, it can also make them look wrinkly and unattractive.

One of the most effective ways to guarantee youthful looking hand skin is to invest in a brand of hand lotion or cream with the right ingredients to keep your hands looking beautiful. The hand cream with value can be found among the beauty products reviewed in this article.

3 – Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream Review

Depending on how you pronounce the name, this brand usually elicits laughter if the name is called out the wrong way. While this post will be about the Almond Milk Beeswax formula, there are other formulas from the same company.

The Burt’s Bees almond and milk hand cream is made using cold press manufacturing technique, which is one of the ways to get all the natural nutrients from the ingredients used. Using this hand cream everyday will restore moisture and make it look lively again.

The formulation include vitamin E, which means it is effective when trying to revitalize dry skin on the hands. I have used this in the past and it has an almond scent, which I find attracts people to you in weird ways. I remember getting guys telling me I smell lovely, or like their favorite snack.

It is one of the hand creams with the ability to cure skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is made with good natural ingredients and does not contain any phthalates or parabens.

4 – Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream

Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream Reviews

Another hand cream with all the right ingredients to give life back to wrinkled skin is the Cerave therapeutic hand cream. Among all the beauty creams I use for my skin, this brand happens to occupy a special place, because of the way it is formulated.

Not only will it provide the right barrier to protect your skin against the environmental elements, the formulation is also non-irritating. This hand cream is free of alcohol and fragrance. This cream can be used on skin that is crackly and heavily wrinkled.

The manufacturer claims the formulation was created with consultation with dermatologists. This is one of the top 10 hand creams to have inside your bag and can be applied during the day to help control the harmful allergens and irritants that reside within the environment.