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The Most Affordable Eyelash Growth Serum Brands for Women

The most annoying aspect of looking in the mirror every morning is the realization that your eyelashes are not long enough to complement your beautiful face. What is a girl to do? You can run towards cosmetics surgery if you have the disposable financial means, or you can use one of the lash growth products found in this eyelash serum reviews.

Why worry yourself to death if you inherited shorter and thinner eyelashes from your parents? Unlike decades ago, there are now well-made lash growth products that really work without any side effects.

Keep in mind that the right lengthening product for your eyelashes will take the time to do its job the right way. Why do you want to keep wearing those false eyelashes when you know it can easily fall apart and cause your date to bolt out the door scared for his life?

The high-level treatment products for eyelash growth that used to be reserved for the wealthy and celebrities, can now be purchased over the counter or through the online links found in this article.

What Causes Eyelash Loss?

At a recent gathering of the girls from my social circle, the conversation came up as to the reasons why eyelashes can fall off or become shorter. The reasons for your eyelash loss can be attributed to age, stress living, or medical reasons.

The reasons your eyelashes appear thinner and sparsely growing might be attributed to the emotional turmoil in your life during your break up with your last boyfriend.

I soon discovered that women are not interested in what caused the lack of eyelash growth, just the right solutions with absolute right treatment products.

Most women are not even aware that eyelashes do shed just like the hair on your head. So, unless you’re eating the right nutrition to naturally grow new ones, you’ll be needing a serum that’s specifically formulated to aid in the growth of newer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes.

The Best Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews AA5ASQWERT

The Way Eyelash Serum is supposed to Work

Before we get to the best eyelash growth serum, it is quite right to determine how the ingredients are supposed to make your eyelashes grow. Most of the eyelash growing products will be made from organic and natural ingredients (at least the ones reviewed in this article).

Once you apply the serum to your eyelash it is supposed to penetrate the hair follicles to make them grow thicker and longer. The growth process is stimulated when the serum bombards the eyelash hair follicles with the right type of nutrition and hydration.

An eyelash grower will also be able to provide the necessary protection from environmental pollution so that the eyelash growth process is not interrupted prematurely or negatively affected. Few of the eyelash growth serums evaluated can also make your lashes look more elastic and shinier.

The Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews

Keep in mind that the best eyelash growth serum is the one that works fastest for you. I would be lying if I told you all beauty products are appropriate for everyone. It is quite common to run across eyelash growth serums that will work for your girlfriend and not for you.

Why might you ask? I have used my fair share of beauty treatment products including eyelash growth serums and the main reason can be some of us react differently to certain ingredients.

I can assure that the serums for growing new eyelashes found in this critique are highly rated by most of the current users. Clicking on any of the images will take you to the product’s page where you can read about the feedbacks from some of the current customers.

Unlike the hair on your head, eyelashes tend to grow very slow, so give any growth serum you utilize time to stimulate the newer hair follicles. The 7 top best eyelash grower brands are:

1 – M2lashes Eyelash Activating Serum

M2lashes Eyelash Activating Serum


Some have called this brand the most powerful eyelash growth serum for women seeking a fuller, shinier, and more vibrant lash. M2Beaute is the manufacturer of this product and it claims it was tested by a dermatologist before being sold to the public.

The M2 Lashes eyelash serum is formulated to be applied to a dry and cleansed eyelid skin. The rate of absorption will be negatively impacted if all the makeup residues are not completely removed before application. This product is backed by a full money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

This M2 lashes eyelash conditioner is also able to improve and extend the density of the newly created eyelashes. While it is capable of enabling the growth of stronger and thicker eyelashes, you might not see noticeable improvement until after six weeks of regular daily use.

Not only will the longer wait time for growth of new eyelashes discourage some women from trying the product, the pricing is also on the expensive side. It is marketed as a luxury beauty product for the growth of fuller and shinier eyelashes, and it is quite a suitable alternative to getting surgery.

M2Beaute claims this product is made from risk-free ingredients and comes with no known negative side effects. It is suggested you use the growth serum right before bedtime, for the most spectacular growth of stronger and fuller eyelashes within just a few weeks.

2 – Neulash Lash Enhancer Serum

Neulash Lash Enhancer Serum


While the name for this product is odd sounding, the Neulash eyelash conditioner is praised for helping to enable the growth of healthier and fuller looking lashes. The formulation contains peptides, plant extracts, and vitamins, which means it is capable of also protecting and hydrating your eyelashes.

Despite the luxury packaging, this product is priced higher than the M2lashes eyelash activating serum. Might the higher pricing be because the Neulash Eyelash Serum contains ingredients that can moisturize the eyelid skin and eyelashes?

Due to the powerful nature of the ingredients found in this eyelash growth serum, it is suggested women breastfeeding consult a medical doctor before use. Also, if you’re visiting with any eye doctor get prior permission before using this product.

Based on the feedbacks from some of the current users of the Neulash lash enhancer serum, it will not only hydrate your eyelashes but also make the newer growth appear fuller and stronger, which means they’ll last longer than lashes not regenerated with this treatment solution.

3 – Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum

Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews AA5HGJYU

If you consider spending over one hundred dollars pricey for an eyelash growth product, this serum from Uptown Cosmeceuticals should appeal to you. Do not let the reasonable pricing of this lash serum deter you from giving it the attention it deserves.

I for one can testify that higher pricing doesn’t always equal reliable beauty product. Uptown Cosmeceuticals lash serum contains stem cell culture extract, which is one of the key ingredients responsible for the appearance of new growth, while also making them look thicker.

Based on the data collected for this article and other Uptown eyelash growth serum reviews found online, this product is non-irritating and was tested by a dermatologist before being sold.

Why walk around with fake eyelash extensions when this serum can help you grow fuller lashes in just a few weeks? Most of all, your purchase comes with a full money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

4 – C’est La Vie Premium Eyelash Serum

C'est La Vie Premium Eyelash Serum Review


I bet you cannot say the name of this eyelash growth serum several times in a row? It is an eyelash serum brand that is advertised has containing three proteins to help stimulate longer, stronger and fuller eyelashes.

While still awaiting our inquiry to find out if this brand is a French made product, the name itself is an indication that it probably has a French origin. In French, the name C’est La Vie translates into “that’s life”.

The ingredients found in this formula will not only stimulate the growth of newer eyelashes, but they will appear nourished, and fully moisturized as well. This product can also be used to grow eyebrow hairs.

While some might see results within a few weeks of using this enhancing serum, it is suggested you wait at least 4-8 weeks for more convincing results to become apparent.

It was quite surprising that the C’est La Vie eyelash serum is priced so low, which makes it the among the high-quality eyelash growth serum for the money with value.

5 – Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum

Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum


Now, this is what I call an appropriate name for a growth serum that can enhance the production of newer and fuller eyelashes. The Majestic Pure Eyelash growth serum was tested in a clinical lab, and also by dermatologists. It can also be used to grow fuller eyebrows.

It is the key eyelash growth serum to use if you’re tired of dealing with fake eyebrows and eyelash extensions. It is guaranteed to improve the overall condition of your eyelashes as it stimulates new growth.

This brand is also reasonably priced, which makes it one of the cheapest eyelash growth serums one can buy online. Do not let the low price full you, for the feedbacks from most of the current users lean mostly towards the positive.

6 – New York Biology Eyelash Growth Serum

New York Biology Eyelash Growth Serum


This is another eyelash enhancement serum from a company called New York Biology. It is tested for allergy and irritation, including the test conducted by leading a dermatologist for the manufacturer. It is made in the United States of America in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility.

When you apply this growth serum daily to your eyelashes, you should start seeing improvement in as little as two weeks, based on the lab test conducted by the manufacturer.

Is this brand the ultimate product to use for the growth of fuller eyelashes? It is certainly one of the top brands, but I can say from all the data I looked at that this is the best eyelash growth product with a made in the USA label.

7 – Organyc Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Organyc Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum AA1ASDFRE34

The last product in this eyelash growth serum reviews is from an outfit called Organyc. It is marketed as a high potency growth serum that can be used for both the eyelash and eyebrow.

It is formulated to help with the growth of thicker eyelashes that will also appear stronger, fuller, and longer. It contains Keratin protein and will penetrate the eyelash hair follicles to start thickening and lengthening them.

It is suggested you remove any contact lenses before applying this growth serum right before bedtime. This is a hypo-allergenic product, which means it will not cause any irritation or irritation when used the right way.

Which Eyelash Growth Serum Brand is Right for You?

I wish I had a magic wand to give you the ultimate eyelash growth serum, but any of the brands found in this review will deliver good results, based on the phenomenal feedbacks from current users. Do your best to remove all makeup and false eyelash extensions before applying the growth serum.

Eyelashes are notoriously slow at growing, so you have to give the serum time to bring out the newer hair follicles. It is better to apply the serum daily right before bedtime until you’re satisfied with the appearance of the newer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes.